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Paul LePaul There It Is! visual thing, drawing on Dover Reprint..., for credit information see references
Related toVariationsAlso published here Expert Card Technique 167
Al Baker The Cut and Restored Necktie using change bag
Variations The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Magical Ways and Means) 267
Otis Manning The Ghost of a Chance billet switching box, Q&A
Related toVariations The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 137) 781
Edward Marlo Torn Deck Mystery deck is torn in quarters which are mixed in hat, performer locates four pieces of selection without looking
Related toAlso published here Deck Deception 10
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue Bathing Beauties four queens, one in hat three in glass of water, the one in hat vanishes, then all from glass, then all back in hat, using step gaff and clear celluloid card
Related to Prepared Cards and Accessories 3
Franklin V. Taylor Peek Deck
Related toVariations The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 25) 103
George Boston Boston's Stabbed Card stripper deck
Variations Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 3 291
Arthur H. Buckley, Karrell Fox, Dai Vernon The Chivalrous Kings and The Four Ladies Experiment No. 36 - four duplicates, one set in case
Inspired by Card Control 203
Karrell Fox Apparently Placing Cards in Box
Card Control 204
Karrell Fox Jam Auction one dollar bill to five dollar bill, then five transforms into a dime
The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 163) 656
Karrell Fox Loaded Dice loaded dice gag, die explodes
The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 163) 657
Karrell Fox Sucker!! buddha papers joke for magician's
The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 166) 665
Karrell Fox The Question Is...
Related to Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 5 96
Karrell Fox Tip
The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 168) 674
Karrell Fox, Roy Kissell The Topsy Turvy Coins five coins alternated heads up/tails up arrange to all heads up
Modern Coin Magic 81
Karrell Fox Rubber Pencil rubber pencil gag using Herpick's Phantom Pencil
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1953) 43
Karrell Fox Impromptu Zombie floating roll, fork
The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 301) 3
Jay Marshall The Birdcage on Gen Grant's Money Maker, George Coon's Stir Crazy, Chicago convention, Karrell Fox, Bob Orben, Senator Crandall, a nailwriter gag by Dr. Stanley Jaks
The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 309) 36
Karrell Fox They're All Aces - Take a Card any card ideas and gags
  • Old Money (bill with beard)
  • Bedroom Eyes (beds on glasses)
  • Genii Weenie (hot dog from Aladin lamp)
  • Bounced (rubber check joke)
  • Candelabra (original way to light three matches on a matchbook)
  • Nose Nonsense (spoon on nose gag)
  • Fan Fun (fan gag)
The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 311) 42
Richard Himber, Karrell Fox Candlerama ideas for Himber's Eternal Light, candle relighting itself
  • Directions for Himber's Eternal Light
  • Light Race
  • Liberace
  • Happy Birthday
  • Flight of Light
  • Candle and Match Combination
  • Truth Candle
  • Karrell Fox
The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 312) 49
Jay Marshall The Birdcage on marriage of Jay Marshall and Frances Ireland, Silhouette of Francis Ireland by Dai Vernon, Dr. Stanley Jaks, Bob Hummer, Fred Keating, The American Magician, Jay Palmer, Karrell Fox, Lloyd Jones, Frank Chapman
Related to The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 313) 56
Donald "Monk" Watson Karrell Fox
Kornfidentially Yours iv
Karrell Fox Kornfidentially
Kornfidentially Yours iii
Karrell Fox Where's the Bunny? handkerchief with rabbit printed on it vanishes from bag an appears in hat but without image, instead real rabbit is found in hat
Kornfidentially Yours 1
Karrell Fox Vernon, the Educated Rabbit rabbit finds selection
Kornfidentially Yours 2
Karrell Fox For Goodness Snakes fake snakes from flowers, joke
Kornfidentially Yours 4
Karrell Fox One Man's Opinion picture of a man transforms, flap
Kornfidentially Yours 5
Karrell Fox Pop-Up Banana banana joke, after taking a bite, banana pops back in original form
Kornfidentially Yours 6
Karrell Fox Shoot it with a Knife gun with a blade, gag for rope tricks
Kornfidentially Yours 7
Karrell Fox Gold Medal Flower medal on lapel turns into flowers
Kornfidentially Yours 7
Karrell Fox Popeye Glasses gag glasses , fake eyes attached to springs
Kornfidentially Yours 9
Karrell Fox Micro-Phoney microphone stand that wobbles, and splashes water in performer's face
Kornfidentially Yours 10
Karrell Fox Top Secret convincer for salt shaker through table
Kornfidentially Yours 11
Karrell Fox That's a Hot One coin vanishes and appears in a folded tissue paper which is to small for the coin, flash paper
Kornfidentially Yours 12
Karrell Fox A Sure Bet joke, coin transforms into match
Kornfidentially Yours 13
Karrell Fox That's the Spirit living / dead test, paper with living person bounces on table
Kornfidentially Yours 13
Karrell Fox A Striking Interlude jokes with exploding match, chainsmoker and getting hump on back because of smoking Camel
Kornfidentially Yours 14
Karrell Fox A Bill Collector three bills under handkerchief, performer apparently folds them quickly into a ring, bird and bowtie, fourth bill is pushed in fist ans changes into a bill folded like an umbrella
Kornfidentially Yours 15
Karrell Fox Fox's Unfathomable Coin Vanish gag article to vanish a coin
Kornfidentially Yours 16
Karrell Fox Light's Out card to lightbulb, missing corner matches
Kornfidentially Yours 18
Karrell Fox A Falsie
Kornfidentially Yours 19
Karrell Fox Foxy Aces four aces rise from fan
Kornfidentially Yours 19
Karrell Fox Add-On while scooping aces up, loading three cards underneath, Ovette / Kelley move
Kornfidentially Yours 19
Karrell Fox Fan-Tizy rosette made from deck and fastened to lapel
Kornfidentially Yours 21
Karrell Fox Foxy Riffle off-beat in the hands riffle shuffle
Kornfidentially Yours 21
Karrell Fox A Direct Stab
Kornfidentially Yours 23
Karrell Fox E-Z Card in Wallet Card Index Wallet
Also published here Kornfidentially Yours 24
Karrell Fox Kickeroo Kard card shoots from deck, similar movement as One Hand Top Palm
Kornfidentially Yours 25
Karrell Fox Short and Snappy miniature card on glasses, gag
Kornfidentially Yours 26
Karrell Fox Sociable Queen whispering queen, spectator divines card
Kornfidentially Yours 27
Karrell Fox This Will Kill You! joke, wrong card found, off stage with spectator and pistol shot can be heard
Kornfidentially Yours 28
Karrell Fox Korny Kwickies
Kornfidentially Yours 29
Karrell Fox Selected Shorts pun with shorts
Kornfidentially Yours 29
Karrell Fox It Smells spring raccoon gag, filled with powder
Kornfidentially Yours 29
Karrell Fox Not Good, but Loud exploding table idea
Kornfidentially Yours 29
Karrell Fox A Highlight gag with light
Kornfidentially Yours 30
Karrell Fox An Old Yarn yarn hanging from lapel, pulled for long time, one sock is missing
Kornfidentially Yours 30
Karrell Fox Guillotine Bit
Kornfidentially Yours 30
Karrell Fox Color-Changing Knife Finih big ans small one
Kornfidentially Yours 30
Karrell Fox Axe Gag cut the cards too, throwing axe at spectator
Kornfidentially Yours 30
Karrell Fox Let's Rehearse piano roll gag
Kornfidentially Yours 30
Karrell Fox "Neversharp" Pencil giant pencil gag
Kornfidentially Yours 31
Karrell Fox Celebrities pun
Kornfidentially Yours 31
Karrell Fox Shirt Gag arrow is removed from shirt, gag
Kornfidentially Yours 31
Karrell Fox A "Tin-Spot" bill repeat gag, bill thrown on floor makes loud noice
Kornfidentially Yours 31
Karrell Fox A Pair of Bloomers spring flowers from production box, gag
Kornfidentially Yours 32
Karrell Fox One for the "Magi-Ministers" wiggly snake in Walsh cane
Kornfidentially Yours 32
Karrell Fox Wet Cigar cigar gag
Kornfidentially Yours 32
Karrell Fox Multilated Tie multilated handkerchief with tie
Kornfidentially Yours 32
Karrell Fox It's a Date idea for Bathing Beauty
Related to Kornfidentially Yours 32
Karrell Fox Especially for "Dell" linking rings with bangles
Kornfidentially Yours 32
Karrell Fox Hyp Happy gag with hammer
Kornfidentially Yours 33
Karrell Fox Basket Bits gag for Snake Basket
Related to Kornfidentially Yours 33
Karrell Fox Milk Pitcher for kids shows, with De-Muth Milk Appearing Bottle
Kornfidentially Yours 33
Karrell Fox Dove Pan dead chicken joke, feathers
Kornfidentially Yours 34
Karrell Fox 20th Century Silks using Eddie Joseph's Hank Gun
Kornfidentially Yours 35
Karrell Fox Lota Bowl routine structure
Kornfidentially Yours 35
Karrell Fox A Handy Opener jumbo glove appears
Kornfidentially Yours 36
Karrell Fox Tie-Riffic bow tie changes into long tie
Kornfidentially Yours 37
Karrell Fox Eh?!! gag script for stage, with stooge
Kornfidentially Yours 37
Karrell Fox The Watchwinder twelve gags with a watchwinder gimmick
Kornfidentially Yours 39
Karrell Fox Off the Record gag bit with sounds, spring duck falls on stage at the end
Kornfidentially Yours 41
Karrell Fox A Kornsilk Production humorous printings for big silks
Related toVariations Kornfidentially Yours 42
Karrell Fox The Adam Smasher hat changes into miniature hats
Kornfidentially Yours 44
Karrell Fox The Vendor Pitch Act gag bit, production of hot dogs, cigars, bananas etc
Kornfidentially Yours 44
Karrell Fox Cane Thru Body
Also published here
  • "Cane Thru Body" in "The Sphinx" 1948
Kornfidentially Yours 46
Norman Houghton Norman's Nonsense
  • Winding up the pack (credited to Karrell Fox)
  • sandpaper gag
Related to The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 330) 130
Jay Marshall Back Talk on Dai Vernon, Francis Carlyle, Harlan Tarbell, Senator Crandall, Harold Rice, Walker Fleming, Flemming Book Co, Revello Petee, Fred Allen, Coven, Karrell Fox, Billy Mc Caffrey, Fred Keating, Frank Joglar, Albert Goshman, Jerry Lukins, James Findlay, Sorcar, Guy Jarrett
The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 337) 159
Charlie Dietz The Question Is: Where is Your Card question mark is formed, selection is point, same a Karrell Fox Routine
Related to Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1958) 41
Frances Ireland Marshall The Year Book Album with photographs, John Platt, Bob Lotz, Ben Berger, W. Gilbert, Dorny, Jack Hazelhurst, Jimmy Trimble, Joe Berg, Johnny Jones, Rita del Gardi, Marie Dornfield, Don Alan, Channing Pollock, Johnny Paul, Paul McKamy, Bruno, Carazini, Dr. Clutterhouse, Jim Steranko, Karrell Fox, Harlan Tarbell, Perci Abbott
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1960) 64
James Steranko A Question of Time same as "The Question Is..."
Related to Steranko on Cards 52
Karrell Fox Dedication Milton Kort & Bob Ungewitter
Comedy a la Card 4
Karrell Fox Before we start.....
Comedy a la Card 6
Karrell Fox "Hum-Bug" Prediction cardboard piece (with bug drawing on one side and prediction on other side) rides along as spread is flipped over on table
Related to Comedy a la Card 7
Karrell Fox Card in the Turban turban is made of giant card silk
Comedy a la Card 8
Karrell Fox Lost and Found matchbook as card easel, wrong card changes into selection when deck is riffled against it on easel
Related toVariations Comedy a la Card 9
Karrell Fox C-Thru Card window in card with clear plastic layer for word gag
Comedy a la Card 10
Karrell Fox Spotz Four of Hearts selected, Five of Hearts found but one Heart is cut out
Comedy a la Card 10
Karrell Fox Op-Trick-al Illusion Two of Diamonds selected, Ace of Diamonds found, but when held before the eye correctly, two Diamonds are seen, optical illusion
Comedy a la Card 11
Karrell Fox Hocus-Focus picture of chosen cards appears on napkin, photography presentation
Comedy a la Card 12
Karrell Fox 2 or 3 from 5 & 10 toy pick, shovel and egg beater as comedy props
Comedy a la Card 13
Karrell Fox Cardician Blendo three card silks with wrong cards change into large silk with selection
Variations Comedy a la Card 14
Karrell Fox Komical Cards: A "Marxed" Card picture of Groucho Marx on back of card for verbal gag, originally from New Phoenix
Related to Comedy a la Card 16
Karrell Fox The "Blushing" King King with a red face for gag
Comedy a la Card 16
Karrell Fox It's a "Scorcher" lit match held under deck to expand selection, instead it comes out with edges burnt
Comedy a la Card 16
Karrell Fox I C U C Blindfold Three of Diamonds fastened on inside of blindfold, gag
Comedy a la Card 17
Karrell Fox Card Quad-Gaglets chapter intro
Comedy a la Card 18
Karrell Fox The Magician's Helping Hand toy hand with miniature card inside
Comedy a la Card 18
Karrell Fox This Works - As a Rule name of selection on back of ruler
Comedy a la Card 19
Karrell Fox It's Done with Mirrors mirror on card, "you selected a queen"
Comedy a la Card 19
Karrell Fox The Winnah duplicate of selection attached to Liar's Medal
Comedy a la Card 20
Karrell Fox Yackit-Yak-Yoks card divined by fake teeth
Comedy a la Card 21
Karrell Fox The Constant Jumper cards jump out of deck
Comedy a la Card 22
Karrell Fox The Twitching Muscle presentation for Frank Taylor's Peek Deck
Inspired by Comedy a la Card 23
Karrell Fox, George Jason Jason's Favorite big and small valued cards are found as jumbo and miniature cards from deck in pocket
Related to Comedy a la Card 24
Karrell Fox Card in Wallet Surprise card appears on wallet, on repeat the wallet unfolds into string of cards except selection
Comedy a la Card 25
Karrell Fox Absent Minded Finish deck replaced into case and put away, yet deck remains on table as if it dropped through
Comedy a la Card 26
Karrell Fox About the Author about Karrell Fox
Comedy a la Card 27
Don Tanner The Back Room on Magi-Fest, Jay Marshall, Louis Lam, Steranko, Karrell Fox, Dai Vernon
The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 353) 242
Don Tanner The Back Room on U. F. Grant, Karrell Fox, Steranko, Bob Nelson, Louis Lam
The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 357) 258
Don Tanner The Back Room on Karrell Fox, Orville Meyer, Don Lawton, Bob Nelson, Ed Turner, Bill Larsen
The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 362) 278
Lane Bateman Grant Plus Karrell Fox routine for Grant's Dial X, divination of a number on a dial
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1961) 26
David Hoy A Nervy Switcher billet switch, bull dog clip on a dowel, one on each end but apparently only one
Related toVariations The Bold and Subtle Miracles of Dr. Faust 20
Karrell Fox Foxy Climax one ball becomes four, then all vanish, with handkerchief four ball gaff, see p. 342 for ideas by Dan Tong
The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 377) 335
Don Tanner The Back Room on Karrell Fox, Goodlette Dodson, Jimmy King
The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 389) 386
Unknown Karrell Fox with pictures
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1967-68) 3
Jay Marshall, Karrell Fox, Duke Stern, Ali Bongo, "Senator" Clark Crandall An ABC of Magicomedy Bits various comedy bits
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1967-68) 17
Philip T. Goldstein, Stewart James Ice Dice chosen values lie at chosen numbers, imaginary dice
Related toVariationsAlso published here Card Tricks for People Who Don't Do Card Tricks 7
Francis Carlyle Dots it? same as Fox's "The Question Is..."
Related to The Magic of Francis Carlyle 20
Karrell Fox Dedication
Clever.... Like a Fox 4
Frances Ireland Marshall, Jay Marshall Karrell Fox
Clever.... Like a Fox 13
Karrell Fox Introduction
Clever.... Like a Fox 27
Karrell Fox Thanx!
Clever.... Like a Fox 28
Karrell Fox The Enlarging Sponge Ball sponge ball wrapped in handkerchief, grows visibly
Clever.... Like a Fox 33
Karrell Fox The "Wiggly" Apple green balloon apple made, burst, a sponge rubber snake appears from within
Clever.... Like a Fox 35
Karrell Fox A Real "Gem" pill-watch filled with (plastic) gem stones, gag
Clever.... Like a Fox 37
Karrell Fox A "Hair-Raid" coin transforms into cotton ball, wig of George Washington presentation
Clever.... Like a Fox 38
Karrell Fox The Magic Marker performing for the same table on purpose, then marking the table with an X stamp
Clever.... Like a Fox 39
Karrell Fox "Silcopper" Coins with handkerchief
Clever.... Like a Fox 40
Karrell Fox The Dwarf's Bowling Trophy routine for S.S. Adams Ball and Vase
Clever.... Like a Fox 42
Karrell Fox A Tip! learning new routines with tape recorder
Clever.... Like a Fox 44
Karrell Fox Vanglass full glass vanishes close-up from handkerchief, reappears from sleeve
Clever.... Like a Fox 45
Karrell Fox A "Spoonerism" clings to nose, sight gag
Clever.... Like a Fox 49
Karrell Fox Pencil-tration pencil through borrowed handkerchief, two phases
Clever.... Like a Fox 51
Karrell Fox Imp-ossible
Clever.... Like a Fox 53
Karrell Fox "Rip-Off" card located behind back, then torn, pieces vanish except one piece, rest restored in deck
Related toVariations
  • Tom Mullica
Clever.... Like a Fox 59
Karrell Fox The Barbershop Shuffle presentation for Hindu shuffle
Clever.... Like a Fox 61
Karrell Fox Butterfly Shuffle flourish shuffle/cut with both hands
Clever.... Like a Fox 64
Karrell Fox "Foxy" Double hit style double lift
Clever.... Like a Fox 66
Karrell Fox About Face selection reverses in deck, with bold reverse sleight
Clever.... Like a Fox 69
Karrell Fox The "Plastrick" Bag deck in clear plastic bag, selection penetrates
Clever.... Like a Fox 70
Karrell Fox Quite a Mouthful fake tongue unrolls from mouth with mini card stuck on it
Clever.... Like a Fox 72
Karrell Fox "Clippety-Slip" card with paper clip on it thrown to table, it changes into selection, throw-change with paper clip
Clever.... Like a Fox 73
Karrell Fox "Sup-Rising" Card method to set up for plunger rise
Clever.... Like a Fox 75
Karrell Fox The Persistent Bunny bunny puppet used in card trick
Clever.... Like a Fox 79
Karrell Fox Almost, Complete Coverage gag in which the selection is the only card missing in 52-on-1 card/policy card
Clever.... Like a Fox 81
Karrell Fox The "Same to You" Card Trick three spectators chose cards, they are all the Jack of Hearts, even though the deck is all Ace of Spades
Clever.... Like a Fox 81
Karrell Fox "Mouseket-Ear" Magic mickey mouse hat, two selections pop up on the two mouse ears
Clever.... Like a Fox 83
Karrell Fox Foxy "Cardenballoon" without apparatus
Also published here Clever.... Like a Fox 85
Karrell Fox Before Your Eyes any spectator in audience can name the selection of the person on stage, jumbo card on back of writing pad for instant stooging
Clever.... Like a Fox 87
Karrell Fox A Switch on Dave Hoy's Switch using pen with two tops instead of bulldog clips
Inspired byRelated to Clever.... Like a Fox 91
Karrell Fox "Blotch-Splotch" Rorschach test presentation, ink in paper becomes a single club for Ace of Clubs
Clever.... Like a Fox 93
Karrell Fox Pseudo Psychomitrix "Pseudo Psychometry", two different presentations, see following items
Clever.... Like a Fox 95
Karrell Fox Musimentalism spectators write favourite tunes on blank cards, performer assigns them correctly
Clever.... Like a Fox 95
Karrell Fox Lipology four women kiss on blank cards, performer then kisses them two and assigns the cards correctly
Clever.... Like a Fox 96
Karrell Fox The Shifting Sands of the Sahara white sand on tablet used as presentational ploy to read answer from spectator's palm impression
Clever.... Like a Fox 97
Karrell Fox "Foxy-Loxy" keys are in envelopes
Clever.... Like a Fox 99
Karrell Fox Astro-Logical words and birth month divined with the use of cards with words and months on them
Clever.... Like a Fox 101
Karrell Fox "Simple-Sychometry" five spectators put personal item in bag, performer assigns them, bag has five sections
Clever.... Like a Fox 103
Karrell Fox The "Fulla-Schlitz" Production six beer bottles appear on thin tray under handkerchief
Inspired by
  • P&L Fish Bowl Production
Clever.... Like a Fox 107
Karrell Fox Karrell's "Bloomers" small bouquet of flowers grows
Clever.... Like a Fox 109
Karrell Fox Aw-Shoot! with comedy props
Clever.... Like a Fox 111
Karrell Fox Instant Flowers seeds put in fist, flowers appear
Clever.... Like a Fox 113
Karrell Fox Florabundance four flower bouquets appear on tray under silks
Clever.... Like a Fox 115
Karrell Fox The "Fool-eroid" Camera rabbit production from camera box, comedy routine
Clever.... Like a Fox 117
Karrell Fox, Edwin, Michael Hooper, Jeffery Atkins Kolor-Kamera camera shown empty, silks change color inside, card silk suggestion
Clever.... Like a Fox 119
Karrell Fox Credit-Card Repeat six card repeat with credit cards
Related to Clever.... Like a Fox 122
Karrell Fox, Roy Kissell Fox's "Rope-Tie" cut and restored necktie, accidentally cut during rope cutting
Inspired by Clever.... Like a Fox 123
Karrell Fox Fox's "Unequal-Nightmare" Ropes
Clever.... Like a Fox 125
Karrell Fox Beauty and the Least bathing beauty as stage illusion
Clever.... Like a Fox 128
Karrell Fox Tarzan Rope Trick with a "Flashy" Finish rope cut in half, knotted together, knot ignited and it burns away in a flash
Clever.... Like a Fox 135
Karrell Fox The "Creepy" Carnation lapel flower moves visibly to opposite lapel and back
Clever.... Like a Fox 136
Karrell Fox Close-Up Cumberbund storing and organising props in cummerbund
Clever.... Like a Fox 137
Karrell Fox Fox's "Hare-Straightner" hypnotizing a spring bunny, sight gag
Clever.... Like a Fox 139
Karrell Fox "Take It and Stick It" card rises from fan and up in the air where it is caught, sticks to thumb
Clever.... Like a Fox 141
Karrell Fox Magical Assets
Variations Clever.... Like a Fox 143
Karrell Fox Ball-o-matic single ball instantly becomes four balls, all attached to each other
Clever.... Like a Fox 145
Karrell Fox Pyromaniact borrowed handkerchief is torched and restored
Clever.... Like a Fox 149
Karrell Fox Silkard Production Jack Chanin's T.V. Production with cards
Clever.... Like a Fox 151
Karrell Fox Bullseye Card Trick shot on deck, selection flies out, bullet hole through selection, "Sure-Shot"
  • The Second Version (a lipstick lip print appears on card)
Clever.... Like a Fox 155
Karrell Fox H.H. Coin Catcher coin stuck to thumb
Related toVariations Clever.... Like a Fox 157
Karrell Fox The B.S. Coin Pail coin on string attached to handle of pail, string struck for sound
Variations Clever.... Like a Fox 159
Karrell Fox Nite-Cap strips of paper rolled into ball transform into paper cap, then performer is suddenly dressed in pajamas
  • Nite-Cap - Supreme (different switch)
Clever.... Like a Fox 163
Karrell Fox A School for Vent voice from little school house
Clever.... Like a Fox 171
Karrell Fox An Encore with radio
Clever.... Like a Fox 173
Karrell Fox Clip'nsnip Art rag picture, squares of felt cut and trimmed and arranged in some picture
Clever.... Like a Fox 175
Karrell Fox At the End of the Rope pieces of rope intro handkerchief, they arrange into words or a slogan
Clever.... Like a Fox 176
Karrell Fox Chalk Talk Features and Finale spectator holds easel infront of him, picture drawn on it, head completes the funny picture
Inspired by Clever.... Like a Fox 179
Karrell Fox "Sillysilk" Hats silks tied onto spectator's heads for colorful stage presence
Clever.... Like a Fox 187
Karrell Fox Fox's Holder-Holder's holders that do not have to be pinned into clothing
Clever.... Like a Fox 189
Karrell Fox Fox's "Hang-Ups" method to hang up photographs with the need of a frame
Clever.... Like a Fox 193
Karrell Fox Hot Flashes center fold in Playboy magazine with "bunny" picture gos up in flames
Clever.... Like a Fox 195
Karrell Fox Cup and Saucery gag in which the cup on a saucer almost drops on spectator but is held in place with a finger through the handle
Clever.... Like a Fox 199
Edward Marlo The Snap Change
Variations Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 158
Karrell Fox The "Signa-Tare" Card Illusion card signed on face and torn face-up into quarters, restores except for one fitting quarter
New Stars of Magic (Vol. 1 No. 8) 1
Karrell Fox Doodle Graphy word from a book, spectator doodles with eyes closed and second spectator divines thought of word from doodle
Also published here The Compleat Magick — Volume II (Issue 174) 867
Patrick Page The Page Boy Speaks... on Mike Caldwell, Phil Goldstein, Johnny Thompson, Harry Lorayne, David Roth, Karrell Fox, Darwin Ortiz, Maurice Fogel, John and Tammy Calvert
Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 9) 578
Fred Robinson Oasis on Karrell Fox, Phil Goldstein, Bob Read, Dai Vernon, Hiram Strait, Wayne Dobson
Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 12) 610
Karrell Fox The Foxy Flip
Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 1 No. 12) 133
Harry Lorayne, Karrell Fox Foxy Flip Variation
Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 1 No. 12) 134
Karrell Fox, Fred Robinson, Martin Breese, Fred Snooks Where There's Smoke
  • smoking thumb, by inhaling smoke of a match (sent in by Martin Breese)
  • smoke a matchbox
  • split a burning match to give fire
  • extinguish a match by blowing in the opposite sleeve, paper match (Karrel Fox)
  • joke, matches and water (Fred Snooks)
Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 11) 603
Eric Mason Pop pop sound with thumb tip
Related toAlso published here Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 12) 772
Karrell Fox Introduction
Another Book 5
Karrell Fox Thank You's
Another Book 6
Tommy Tucker Tucker on Fox on Karrell Fox
Another Book 17
Sid Lorraine Karrell Fox
Another Book 19
Pete Biro (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox
see also other entries with this title in this book
Also published here
  • Genii magazine
Another Book 19
Tom Mullica The Karrell I Know on Karrell Fox
Another Book 21
Jeffery Atkins (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 22
Robert Lund (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 23
Ian Adair Mr. Fox ... Mr. E ... Mr. Enthusiasm on Karrell Fox
Another Book 25
Alan Kennaugh The Man Behind the Magic on Karrell Fox
Another Book 29
Peter Warlock Karrell Fox ....
Another Book 31
Karrell Fox Finger Flinger short thimble routine, then spectator takes thimble off finger and gets the whole (sixth) finger
Another Book 35
Karrell Fox Wisdom for Wizards short thought about copying acts
Another Book 36
Karrell Fox Time Killer borrowed watch in handkerchief is pounded on table, yet comes out unharmed
Related to Another Book 37
Karrell Fox A "Ringer" performer tries to remove his finger ring, apparently it is stuck, when removed it turns out to be three inches large, gag
Another Book 39
Karrell Fox Karrell's "Trick-Key" Case for easy re-set
Another Book 41
Karrell Fox Unglued quarter put in hand, changes into circle of copper wire and the center copper layer is no longer visible at edge of quarter
Another Book 45
Karrell Fox A Couple of "Thumb"-Tips - Short & Sweet lose sugar changes to sugar cube
Another Book 47
Karrell Fox A Matter of Taste sugar put in hands of different people, some taste sugar and some salt
Another Book 48
Karrell Fox Silver Sugar marked quarter coin to sugar packet
Another Book 51
Karrell Fox The "Jewish Triple" Bowl Production three final loads, bagel, cream cheese and padlocks
Another Book 53
Karrell Fox Poka-Cola bet: getting cigarette into bottle while spectator hold coin on its mouth, penetration
Another Book 55
Karrell Fox Dissa-Pointer drawer full of matches vanishes and is produced from sleeve
Another Book 57
Karrell Fox The "Holy-Head" Match blowing a match out that is held over the head with paper matches
Another Book 61
Karrell Fox Knifty-Knot knot tied into silk in slow-motion, yet it vanishes
Another Book 63
Ken De Courcy (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell FoxAlso published here
  • Magigram
Another Book 65
Karrell Fox "Outa-Shape" Penetration plastic glass and coin penetrate table, both come out warped and distorted
Another Book 67
Karrell Fox "Musical Money" Bit bill folded once and blowed through, whistle sound
Another Book 69
Karrell Fox Karrell's Komical Kurrency Kollection gags with bills, with adaption to English bills
Also published here
  • "Karrell's Korny Bill Collection" in "Fox-Tales" column of TOPS
Another Book 71
Karrell Fox Once in a Knife-Time deck wrapped in napkin, jog
Inspired by Another Book 83
Karrell Fox Setting a Jog when placing one half on the other
Another Book 84
Karrell Fox Foldup Chance gag, folded card in spectator's hand is supposed to be named card, but it is not
Another Book 86
Karrell Fox Peek-a-Brain spectator peeks at a card and reverses it, in prediction deck the same card is shown reversed (before spectator shows his)
Related to Another Book 87
Karrell Fox F.V.M.T. "Fox Version of the Mexican Turnover"
Related to Another Book 88
Karrell Fox F.V.C.C. "Fox Version of the Curry Change"
Another Book 92
Karrell Fox Prose and Con two card transposition with rhyming patter
Another Book 96
Karrell Fox Duazidu spectator and performer have half the deck, they both select cards and they match, repeated two more times
Another Book 97
Karrell Fox Plural Card Thru Hank follow-up, whole deck penetrates handkerchief except selection
Another Book 99
Karrell Fox A "Dis-Arming" Color Change
Another Book 101
Karrell Fox The Di-Minish Finish addition for ungaffed version
Another Book 105
Karrell Fox Kornagraphic Kards two tiny cards appear from between a King and Queen
Another Book 109
Karrell Fox Guaranteed Future comedy fortune telling routine in which current date comes out, spectator gives kiss to performer
Another Book 111
Karrell Fox Thot-Dot sticker placed on unknown card, spectator names card, it has the sticker
Another Book 115
Karrell Fox A K.F. Idea on an O.M. Switch envelope as billet switching box
Inspired by Another Book 119
Karrell Fox Mentalism in Disguise images with faces with different beards, spectator selections one while performer turns his back, when performer turns back, he has the same (fake) beard in his face
Another Book 121
Karrell Fox A "Seer" at Roebucks serial number of sealed camera called out, see p. 154 for method
Another Book 123
George Blake (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 124
Karrell Fox An "Epic" Force forcing one from several coins, can be used as final choice in Mental Epic routine
Another Book 126
Karrell Fox Foxes Foney Fickle Finger fake finger for nail writing with bigger line with crayon
Another Book 128
Karrell Fox "Friday" Mentalism cards with animals shown, one selected (goldfish), the crystal ball turns out to be goldfish aquarium
Another Book 130
Karrell Fox Doodle-ography spectator draws doodle with pencil on paper without looking, it described a thought-of scene from a book, pencil doesn't write
Also published here Another Book 132
Karrell Fox "Theyduit" Center Tear spectator tears billet himself
Another Book 134
Graham Reed (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 137
Karrell Fox Forward and Sdrawkcab bit of business for bill serial number reading
Another Book 139
Karrell Fox Six Keys to "Hairy Head"
Another Book 140
Karrell Fox Voodoo Prophecy spectator pushed pin in voodoo doll, predicted on drawn doll
Another Book 143
Karrell Fox A Real "Live" Doll one spectator touches another one anywhere, predicted on drawn figure
Another Book 144
Karrell Fox "Daddy" one of five spectators selected (as father of a baby doll), predicted on card
Another Book 144
Billy McComb (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 145
Karrell Fox "That's What You Think!" several billets in clear box, reading
Another Book 146
Karrell Fox "Simplamental" Book Test pinky in book for riffle force
Another Book 150
Karrell Fox Mind-velope billets mixed in envelope, some held back secretly when others are dumped out
Related to Another Book 152
Charles Goodliffe Neale (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 154
Karrell Fox Straight Curves presentation to reveal a word, first straight lines drawn, then curved lines added to complete word
Another Book 155
John Braun (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 156
Karrell Fox "Pro"-Diction prediction envelope switched with newspaper
Another Book 157
Karrell Fox "X" Rated Thoughts freely selected travel brochure has an X on the back, sticky
Another Book 161
Karrell Fox Kiddin' Silks silks put all over kid when produced, then he is changed into a "rabbit" by tying silk ears
Another Book 165
Karrell Fox, Don Lawton Tee Vee Trickery square circle looks like television
Another Book 169
Waldo (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 170
Karrell Fox "A Kristmas Karrell" Christmas themed patter for children show
Another Book 173
Karrell Fox Colormixtrick performer writes the words RED, YELLOW, BLUE and GREEN with white chalk on slate, they change into colored writing
Another Book 175
Karrell Fox An attitude and an - Illusion for Kids giant Hippity Hop Rabbits as tables
Another Book 178
Bill Lainsbury (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 180
Karrell Fox A "Chanin-ized" Silk Vanish corner in thumb tip
Another Book 181
Eric Glassy (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 183
Karrell Fox Havin' a Ball sponge balls appear and are put in paper bag, also invisibly with landing sound, giant sponge ball comes out of bag
Another Book 184
Karrell Fox Wand-Two-Three gag wand routine
Another Book 186
Karrell Fox The "Summer-Time" Wand wand "changes" into fan
Another Book 186
Karrell Fox The "Venetian Wand" wand changes into latter like venetian blind
Another Book 187
Karrell Fox The "Grew-Some" Wand
Another Book 188
Karrell Fox Silken Sideshow children routine, large handkerchief with figures are held in front of children in kind of a circus freak show
Another Book 189
Jonas Sjoblom (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 193
Karrell Fox Introduction to the Introductions about MC work
Another Book 197
Karrell Fox Banner-Bit confetti thrown in empty cloth banner, name appears
Another Book 198
Karrell Fox Nova-Cane cane transforms into silk with name of next performer
Another Book 199
Karrell Fox Hand of the Caliph five cards appear at five fingertips of fake hand à la card star, spelling out name of next performer
Related to Another Book 200
Karrell Fox, Tommy Windsor Windsor/McAthy Applause Card apparently three sides on card that is turned over to read different messages
Another Book 201
Karrell Fox Code-Intro way to present name of next performer by highlighting his name on card with many letters
Another Book 202
Karrell Fox 6 Foot Surprise next performer "appears" behind large silk
Another Book 203
Karrell Fox Puppet-Intro bunny puppet introduces next performer
Another Book 204
Karrell Fox, Charlie Cheer Rope-Intro way to introduce next performer
Another Book 207
Karrell Fox First Act giant bottle opener, way to introduce first performer
Another Book 208
Karrell Fox Good News way to introduce next performer
Another Book 209
Karrell Fox It's in the Bag way to introduce next performer
Another Book 210
Karrell Fox "Sexy" Intro using playboy magazine to introduce next performer
Another Book 211
Karrell Fox Map Intro way to introduce next performer
Another Book 212
Karrell Fox Umbrella-Intro name on next performer on umbrella
Another Book 213
Karrell Fox Paper-Tear Intro way to introduce next performer
Another Book 214
Karrell Fox Handy Intro giant hand used to introduce next performer
Another Book 215
Karrell Fox Phone Intro way to introduce next performer
Another Book 217
Karrell Fox "Crystal-Clear" Intro name of next performer appears in drawn crystal ball
Another Book 218
Karrell Fox "Big-Little" Intro way to introduce next performer
Another Book 219
Terry Seabrooke (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 219
Karrell Fox "Short-Pause" Intro way to introduce the intermission, arrow signs, exit
Another Book 221
Karrell Fox "Double-Act" Intro way to introduce a double act with two giant playing cards
Another Book 222
Karrell Fox "Ducky" Intro using card duck to introduce next performers with alphabet cards
Another Book 224
Karrell Fox "T&R" Intro torn and restored paper ribbon to introduce next performer
Another Book 225
Karrell Fox "Notes"-Intro way to introduce next performer
Another Book 226
Karrell Fox "Cue" Intro way to introduce next performer
Another Book 227
Karrell Fox "Special Delivery" Intro way to introduce next performer with giant box
Another Book 229
Rick Morgan (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 230
Karrell Fox Further "Info on Intro's"
Another Book 232
Karrell Fox Shoulderope extra piece on spectator's shoulder, over the head situation
Variations Another Book 235
William G. Stickland (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 236
Karrell Fox "Bow" Bo-Kay stealing feather bouquet during bowing, also as running gag
Another Book 237
Karrell Fox Twisted Flowers splitting produced feather bouquet into two
Another Book 237
Lewis Ganson (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 239
Karrell Fox Liquahank silk wrapped up, liquid poured out of it
Another Book 241
Karrell Fox Baffling Blow-Outs party blow-outs used for Chinese Sticks type routine, tube through sleeve
Another Book 245
Karrell Fox Instant Replay - Card to Pocket last card can be seen visibly crawling over chest
Related to Another Book 249
Will Ayling (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 251
Karrell Fox On the Other Hand ideas for steel animal trap, Abbott's Daring Spring Trap, pencil snapped in two, fake hand in trap
Another Book 253
Karrell Fox Much Ado About Knotting borrowed watch tossed into knot
Another Book 255
E. Leslie May (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 257
Karrell Fox Dia-Ball-ical #124 one-to-four sequence, sponge balls
Another Book 259
Karrell Fox Dia-Ball-ical #428 four-to-eight sequence, threaded sponge balls
Another Book 261
Karrell Fox, Russel Walsh Walsh's Multiplying Golf Tees, Revisited instead of thimbles
Another Book 265
Karrell Fox Ringaround phase for thumb tie routine with large ring
Another Book 267
Bill Joy (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 269
Karrell Fox Bank Night Plus
Another Book 271
Karrell Fox King "Toots" Tablet scribblings on cardboard visible move to name or selected card
Another Book 275
Karrell Fox The Gift of the Magi invisible deck and table, spectator names a card, it is the only jumbo card in the pocket
Variations Another Book 279
Ken De Courcy Success is Simple patter for "The Gift of the Magi"
Inspired by Another Book 283
George Johnstone (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 285
Karrell Fox Elimaswitch "A 'Foxy' Routine for the Linking Finger Rings"
no switches required
Another Book 287
William Larsen (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 289
Karrell Fox Chuckle Silks funny messages on silks during silk production
Another Book 293
Billy McComb (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 293
Karrell Fox Table Talk on tables used for magic shows
Another Book 295
Karrell Fox Favoritable
Another Book 295
Karrell Fox Close-Case case for close-up magic performances
Another Book 297
Karrell Fox Hatable giant top hat table
Another Book 299
Tom Zoss (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 302
Christopher Woodward (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 302
Karrell Fox Punch-o-Rama set-up
Another Book 305
Karrell Fox P. "Nutty" Sandwich producing lots of food from lunch box, finally a peanut butter sandwich with full glass of peanut butter between the bread
Another Book 311
Karrell Fox The Great, "Broom-Schtick" Illusion gag, brushing off dust from spectator's jacket
Another Book 315
Quentin Reynolds (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 315
Herb Runge (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 320
Jesse Demaline (reviewer) What they said about "the other book" by Karrell Fox by Karrell Fox Another Book 320
Karrell Fox Gamblecture ideas for a gambling lecture
  • loaded dice gag (exploding sound)
  • baby shoes gag
  • false cuts with three colored woods
  • pseudo deck switch (nudist)
  • "bottoms" gag, pin-up girls
Another Book 317
Karrell Fox Come Forth! card appears at fourth position
Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 3 No. 9) 395
Karrell Fox Card Production cards from silk
Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 4 No. 1) 440
Karrell Fox Ballast balancing card on back of hand, thumb tip
Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 4 No. 6) 493
Michael Ammar Bravo... Karrell Fox
Encore II 45
Karrell Fox Cased Aces spectator's cards change to (are) aces when put in case