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Tommy Tucker The Six Card Repeat Mystery four repetitions, using the Glide false count
1933 Expert Manipulative Magic 18
Unknown Repeat Six Card Trick Outline
1935 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation") 8
Elmer Applegit The Story of One Card Pete with rhyming patter
1939 The Magic Annual for 1938 and 1939 34
Eddie Joseph The Repeat Six Card Trick with just six cards, three phases where seemingly three cards are put in a hat
1939 Strictly Magic 8
Purvis W. Miller Poker Hand Repeat Trick six card repeat with poker presentation
Variations 1939 More Card Manipulations (Issue 2) 33
Francis Carlyle Eleven Card Trick brief
1940 More Card Manipulations (Issue 3) 17
Ken The Uncanny 6 Card Repeat Presentation politically incorrect
1941 The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 129) 746
John Booth Repeat Card Mystery five card repeat
1943/27 Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 3 223
Unknown Repeat Card Mystery six cards
1943/27 Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 3 227
Unknown "One From Six" Repeat Card Mystery
1943/27 Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 3 230
Al Keene, Edward Marlo Super Count Routine long combination
Variations 1947 Marlo In Spades 47
Samuel Berland Six Card Repeat Mystery using cards glued together with rubber cement at edge
1954/27 Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 6 75
"Senator" Clark Crandall One Hand Six Card Repeat funny presentation, credit to Roy Benson?
Related to 1954/27 Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 6 78
Senor Maldo Six Card Mystery
1954/27 Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 6 70
Edward Marlo Count Cop for Small Packets routine for eleven-card-trick, two handlings
1956 Action Palm 9
Dai Vernon The Six-Card Repeat Mystery using addition from sleeve
Related to 1957 The Dai Vernon Book of Magic 163
Edward Marlo Six Card Repeat Climax
1957 The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 346) 209
Jochen Zmeck Ein neuer Sechskartentrick partial rough-smooth
1962 Enzyklopädie der Rauh-Glatt-Kartentricks - Teil II 16
Eugene Gloye Six Repeat using cards with stamps
1964 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1963-64) 17
Allessandro Six Card Repeat children Christmas presentation
1964 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1963-64) 36
Eddie Joseph My New Six Card Repeat Trick routine with handkerchief, tray and glass
1969 The Art of Eddie Joseph 15
Val Andrews Off-Beat Repeat No. 32, gag for six card repeat
1970 (ca.) The Idiot at the Card Table 12
Val Andrews For Magicians Only... No. 33, magician's gag for six card repeat, cards glued together in sleeve
1970 (ca.) The Idiot at the Card Table 12
Eric C. Lewis Das As, die Sieben und die Dame with duplicates so the cards that are thrown away are shown every time
Also published here
  • Abracadabra
July 1973 Intermagic (Vol. 1 No. 1) 16
Walter Rollins, Brother John Hamman, Nick Trost Six Cards - Three Black and Three Red Six Card Repeat type of routine
Also published here 1976 Subtle Card Magic: Part One 24
Karrell Fox Credit-Card Repeat six card repeat with credit cards
Related to 1976 Clever.... Like a Fox 122
Patrick Page, Tommy Tucker The Six Card Repeat
1976 The Big Book of Magic 84
Punx Der Alptraum four card repeat, story presentation
1977 Setzt Euch zu meinen Füssen... 44
Unknown Ein Nächtliches Abenteuer patter for six card repeat
Dec. 1978 Intermagic (Vol. 5 No. 4) 131
Edward Victor Eleven Card Trick "Retrospective"
thorough description, originally from Willane's "Methods for Miracles" series (1952/1953)
Related toVariations 1979 The Chronicles (Issue 14) 1200
Patrick Page Kartenwanderung in die Tasche twelve cards up the sleeve to pocket, with six card repeat sequence
Also published here
  • Routine Manipulations Finale, Lewis Ganson
Aug. 1979 Intermagic (Vol. 6 No. 2) 53
Patrick Page Patrick Page's "Cards to Pocket" twelve cards up the sleeve to pocket, with six card repeat sequence, no palming method
Also published here 1981 Patrick Page's Cards to Pocket 2
Jim Ryan The Ten Card Trick version of Victor's eleven card trick
1981 Jim Ryan Close-Up: Classic Card Routines 12
Jim Ryan The Six Card Trick six card repeat for close-up
1981 Jim Ryan Close-Up: Classic Card Routines 16
John Ramsay Six Card Repeat with a hat, cards vanish in the end
1982 The Ramsay Finale 51
Derek Dingle The Derek Dingle Fabulous Jumping Card Trick
Variations 1982 The Complete Works of Derek Dingle 216
"Magic" Christian Stelzel My 6 Card Repeat with spectator putting three cards in pocket, do as i do presentation
Variations 1983 Lecture Magic 10
Stephen Tucker Finding new strength six card repeat, finale with only one card left (revealed to be selection)
1984 The Card-Mad-gic of Stephen Tucker 41
Jerry Sadowitz 007 And Counting Four Aces Repeat, climax change into Kings and Queens, Queens back to Aces and Queens to wallet
1984 Contemporary Card Magic 6
Edward Marlo Olram's Count Routine "Olram's Famous Ten Card Trick"
1984 Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 302
David Williamson The Famous Three Card Trick "Der Berühmte Drei-Karten-Trick"
three card version of Victor plot
Also published here 1984 For Your Eyes Only 19
David Williamson The Famous Three Card Trick three card version of Victor plot
Related toAlso published here 1984 Striking Magic 16
Edward Marlo The Vanishing Five
1985 The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 4) 27
Meir Yedid Quadruplic-Ace-tion Quick-Three-Way - Six Card Repeat - combo
Variations Aug. 1986 Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 9 No. 8) 1237
Edward Marlo Six Card Trick six card repeat for close-up
1987 Special Effects 59
Edward Marlo Gad-About Aces four Aces shown, named one vanishes and is taken from pocket, repeated, then five Aces shown and one put in pocket, repeat
VariationsAlso published here
  • The New Tops, Dec. 1963
1988 M.I.N.T. — Volume I 32
David Williamson The Famous 3-Card Trick three card version of Victor plot
VariationsAlso published here 1989 Williamson's Wonders 67
Bill Wisch Six Card Repeat Count
1989 Kaleidoscope 41
Jon Racherbaumer Homing Kings four-card repeat with four Kings, last card changes into selection
Inspired by 1990 Cardfixes 56
Doug Edwards Six-Card Royal Four Card Repeat with Royal Flush kicker
VariationsAlso published here May 1990 Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 13 No. 5) 1784
Steven Hamilton Six Card Repeat Climax last cards produced with backhand production
1991 Profile (Issue 4) 6
Alex Elmsley Five-Card Sam five Card Repeat with rhyming patter
1991 The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley — Volume 1 247
Arturo de Ascanio Siempre Cuatro - Acerca de un Juego de Li-Chang six card repeat with four cards, cards are always fanned
Also published here
  • "CEDAM" 1966. P. 636.
1992 La Magia de Ascanio — Vol. 4 44
Unknown Credit Card Repeat with pocket cards and paper credit cards
1992 Magic with Credit Cards 16
Karrell Fox Credit Card Repeat Ideas
Related to 1992 Magic with Credit Cards 21
Patrick Page Karten in die Tasche zaubern twelve cards up the sleeve to pocket, with six card repeat sequence, no palming method
Also published here 1993 Lecture Patrick Page 18
Muneo Yokoi Five or Six Six Card Repeat, ending with 6 cards arranged in the shape of a sock (Not six, but socks)
1993 Volum 5 Lecture Note 5
Meir Yedid Quadruplic-Ace-Tion II Quick-Three-Way & Six Card Repeat combination with selection
Inspired by 1994 Magical Wishes 82
Karl Fulves 6-Card Conceit card location presentation for six card repeat
Related to 1995 Underworld (Issue 2) 25
Karl Fulves 6-Card Repeat & Oil & Water effect combination, posed as problem
1995 The Fine Print (Issue 2) 32
Jim Krenz The Amazing Ten Card Trick eight phases
Inspired by 1995 The Trapdoor — Volume Three (Issue 59) 1128
Paul Harris Classic Eleven Card Trick elaborated routine for Victor's plot
1996 The Art of Astonishment — Book 1 (Issue Misc. Pieces of Paul) 233
Eric Mead The Incredible Mystery of the 10th Card routine for Victor's eleven Card Trick
Variations 1996 The Art of Astonishment — Book 2 (Issue Astonishing Friends) 291
Dan Garrett Four For Spot with four cards, ends with single card
Inspired byAlso published here
  • "CloseUp Connivery #2" Lecture Notes
1996 Top 10 5
Harvey Cohen Much Better 11-Card Trick with selection
Sep. 1997 Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 20 No. 9) 2833
Doug Edwards Six Card Royal Four card repeat, end with royal flush production and finding selection
Also published here 1997 Doug Edwards Packs a Wallop! 39
Nick Trost Seven Card Count Variation of Six Card Repeat (credit information, first appeared in The Linking Ring, February 1955)
Related toVariations 1997 The Card Magic of Nick Trost 19
Lee Asher You bet your Asher six card repeat with gambling patter, royal flush finale
1999 Lé Asher 3
Joshua Jay Six Card Repeat Six Card Repeat routine with silk production as an ending, selection is printed on the silk. Jumbo card is then produced from the silk matching the selection
1999 Magic Atlas 151
Allan Ackerman, Edward Victor The 10 Card Trick
1999 Classic Handlings 16
Harry Lorayne Can It be? four-card repeat, selection and Royal Flush finale
2001 Personal Collection 165
Don England The Three Card Repeat
2001 Don England's Paradox 18
Karl Fulves Election Themed Tricks list of effects
2001 Latter Day Secrets (Issue 5) 122
Peter Duffie, Aldo Colombini, Robin Robertson The 9 Card Trick using Killer Count
2004 Killer Koncepts 4
Peter Duffie, Aldo Colombini, Robin Robertson 5 Card Repeat using Killer Count
2004 Killer Koncepts 6
Jack Parker Victor 21 with Eleven-Card-Trick phase, Queens appear at end
2007 7-7-7 120
Fred Robinson Make Believe aces and royal flush version of Six Card Repeat, poker presentation
2009 The Magic of Fred Robinson 221
Trevor Lewis Six-Card Repeat with Do as I Do presentation
Inspired by 2009 Routines Matter 141
Joseph K. Schmidt Deadwood Hold 'Em Royal Flush finale to six card repeat, story, blank cards
  • J. K. Hartman Addition
Inspired by 2009 Prolix (Issue 6) 374
Tom Stone The Annoying Four presentation for eleven-card trick with four cards
2010 Vortex 52
Tom Stone Victorious Mead idea
Inspired by 2010 Vortex 72
Paul Romhany History brief
2011 Six Card Repeat 4
Paul Romhany Making the Cards
2011 Six Card Repeat 5
Paul Romhany Repeat with the Devil six card repeat presentation
2011 Six Card Repeat 17
Paul Romhany Bunny Repeat five card repeat presentation with rabbit images
2011 Six Card Repeat 23
Patrick Page Cards to Pocket twelve cards up the sleeve to pocket, with six card repeat sequence, no palming method
Also published here 2011 Magic Page by Page 36
Enzo Lorenzo Las 11 Cartas de Edward Victor study of Edward Victor's 11 Card routine and it's influence on the routine by José Carrol
Related to 2012 El Manuscrito (Vol. 5 No. 19) 608
Enzo Lorenzo, José Carroll Las 11 Cartas de Edward Victor (adaptación de Pepe Carrol) variation on Carrol's Eleven Card Trick
Inspired by 2012 El Manuscrito (Vol. 5 No. 19) 610
Bébel Mabillon four Aces, apparently Aces from pocket and under close-up mat are added but magician always holds four Aces, reversed six card repeat
2014 Notes de Conférence 1 14
Harry Lorayne Easier 6-Card Royal Four Card Repeat with Royal Flush kicker, simplified
Inspired by 2015 JawDroppers! 225
John Lovick, Bruce Cervon Ten-Card Red Rover with a Black Jack Kicker combo of cards to pocket, six-card repeat, homing card
Related to 2016 The Performance Pieces & Divertissements of the Famous Handsome Jack, etc. 45
Joaquín Matas El de las Tres Cartas
Inspired by 2016 A Fuego Lento — Volumen II 131
Edward Marlo Super-Counting Caper
Inspired by 2017 Facsimile (Issue 6) 15
Ignacio López Sueño en Vigilia card repeat with four Aces, at the end selection remains
2018 Sobre Magia de Cerca 49
Michael Powers Way Too Many two selections lost, three indicator cards removed, but they are four, four-card repeat phase, both selections found and four Aces show up along the way
Inspired by
  • "One Too Many" (George McBride, e-book "The Best of OSMOSIS")
2019 Tesseract 46