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Unknown Newspaper Cuttings Turned into Pale Ale paper cuttings in glass covered with handkerchief, transforms into beer
Related to 1890 More Magic 359
Unknown Die Bonbondüte paper cone rolled, marked by spectator and filled with confetti, confetti changes into sweets
Jan. 1895 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 1 No. 1) 5
Unknown Als Entrée zu empfehlen one glove shrinks and one becomes bigger, then a clear box with confetti is shown, confetti changes into flowers
Jan. 1896 Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 1 No. 5) 73
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Kunstfärberei glass casket with white paper confetti, confetti changes color a few times, apparatus
Related to July 1896 Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 1 No. 11) 167
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Kunstfärberei patter to the effect
Related to Aug. 1896 Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 1 No. 12) 188
Camill Bihler Tuch- und Papierschnitzel-Kunststück paper cuttings vanish from glass, handkerchief changes into paper cuttings in paper tube and back
Also published here Sep. 1896 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 2 No. 9) 141
Professor Bellonie Die moderne Blumenfabrikation tissue paper torn and transformed into spring flowers
Mar. 1897 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 3 No. 3) 42
Professor Bellonie Die behexten Papierschnitzel confetti changes into egg, then a small bird appears in glass of confetti and egg when covered
Related to Sep. 1898 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 4 No. 9) 138
Professor Bellonie Die behexten Papierschnitzel second part, method
Related to Oct. 1898 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 4 No. 10) 150
J. Marcellin Die Verwandlung der Gummibälle in Papierschnitzel rubber balls change into confetti, fake balls
Related to Dec. 1898 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 4 No. 12) 185
J. Marcellin Die Verwandlung der Gummibälle in Papierschnitzel second part of explanation
Related to Jan. 1899 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 5 No. 1) 9
Unknown Der verschwindende Teufelskopf No. 4, six devils depicted on illustration, head of one vanishes, can be moved on invisible threads similar to moving pip cards
1900 Der Amateurzauberer 118
Carl Willmann Das Kleieglas grain or confetti in glass transforms into something else (eggs, candy, ...), insert
Variations July 1900 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 6 No. 7) 107
Arthur Toskana Unschuld und Liebe, Hoffnung und Trauer white confetti in glass container change color multiple times
Also published here
  • upcoming book "Poesie und Zauberstab" (Arthur Toskana)
Dec. 1900 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 6 No. 12) 186
Camill Bihler A Handkerchief Transformed into Paper Shavings paper cuttings vanish from glass, handkerchief changes into paper cuttings in paper tube and back
Also published here 1903 Later Magic 323
Maurice Garland The Paper-Tearing Trick, with Colour Change
1903 Later Magic 483
Carl Willmann Der Zauberkünstler als Cafétier confetti put in coffee jug changes to coffee, in another jug into milk, coffee in a cup changes back to confetti
Related toVariations June 1903 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 9 No. 6) 87
Stanley Collins The Spider pips of card vanish and appear on paper, pip eating spider
Related to 1915 Original Magical Creations 67
Edward Bagshawe Vice Versa blue silk is put into red paper tube and then rolled up in some paper, when unwrapped the tube is blue and silk is read
1924 Exclusive Problems in Magic 24
Oswald Rae A Visible Coffee Tranistion conical glass filled with confetti, changes to hot coffee
1926 Between Ourselves 57
Unknown Finale deck thrown in audience becomes shower of colored tissue butterflies
1936 Card Manipulations (Issue 5) 163
Peter Warlock Satan's Scissors red and white tissue paper transforms into cut-out image of chosen card
1939 The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 57) 405
Sid Lorraine Magical Business Card quick transformation effect as card is given out
1939 The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 63) 444
Fred Robert Fred Robert's Famous Moth Trick cigarette paper changes to living moth / butterfly
Also published here 1939 Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 2 No. 3) 1
Dr. Edward G. Ervin In Reverse! cig papers change color
1940 Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 2 No. 12) 4
Paul Morris Lady in Red picture of a dressed lady is folded, clothes removed and she is seen undressed on the picture
1942 The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 11) 42
Eddie Joseph The Colorful Transformation coins put in hand change into paper with funny message, then changes into confetti (hidden in egg container) or a lemon
1942 Coin and Money Magic 92
Tom Sellers The Patriotic Vial mini blendo with tissue paper inside small bottle
1943 Magical Mixture 20
Milbourne Christopher Paper Money crumpled piece of newspaper changes in a dollar bill
1943 The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 35) 145
Bob Hanko Confetti Spaghetti confetti turns into a multicolored paper band
1943 The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 48) 197
Jean Hugard The Patriotic Tissues three red, blue and white paper balls are put in three bags with the same colors, they rearrange themselves, so in each bag is on ball of each color, then they change into flowers with the corresponding colors
Nov. 1944 Hugard's Magic Monthly — Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 2 No. 6) 79
Dell O'Dell Mystic Sewing Machine paper to panties
1945 My Best 259
Hen Fetsch Airplane Gag milk vanishes in paper cone, then cone is torn into pieces and changes into paper plane
1946 Milk Pitcher Magic 26
Hen Fetsch Mandy Andy picture is formed to cone, milk vanishes inside and picture transforms
1946 Milk Pitcher Magic 29
Billy McComb William's Ice Cream Production cup filled with confetti changes into ice cream
1947 The First Book of William 14
H. Levenson Stage Size out to Lunch Trick picture transformation, signed on both sides, with clipboard
1948 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1948) 7
Robert Brinkman Stage Version of the Multiplying Rabbits cardboard rabbit routine, covered with bags
1948 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1948) 33
Bert Douglas A Humorous Introduction jumbo business card, transformation of sides and message
1949 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1949) 15
Gerald Kosky Color-I-Tus on perceiving reality, colored dots on a cards change, coin seems to be made from rubber
Inspired by
  • Nixon's Chinese Coin Mistery
1951 The Phoenix 201 — 250 (Issue 243) 970
Dr. William E. Belanger Belanger's Atom Smasher paper with an atom drawn on it, is torn and restored, drawing changes in the process
1951 The Phoenix 201 — 250 (Issue 245) 981
James Upchurch A Spooky Spots Finish method to hand out Spooky Spots board
1951 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1951) 2
Lane Bateman Idea for Mr. Skunk Trick black and white paper changes to skunk, inside a bag
1957 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1957) 10
Everett Lyda Dots a Dandy Presentation using Dots-A-Dandy, spots on cardboard change colors
1961 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1961) 20
Don Tanner The India Rope Trick using a card box, rope trick presented with illustrations on cards
1962 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1962) 50
Don Tanner Spirit Cut Ups paper placed in card box, cut out design appears of chosen ESP symbol
1962 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1962) 51
Unknown Creation of Life cigarette paper turns into butterfly / moth
Also published here 1963 Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig 139
Jay Weiler Picture Cake Production pictures of flour, eggs, ... transform into picture of cake
May 1966 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 1 No. 7) 34
Ali Bongo Snowstorm in Pongolia three pieces of paper pushed into a tube, performer mimes to cut them with scissors and confetti come out
Related to 1966 The Bongo Book 8
F.W. Lindsley, Charlie Miller Cashing A Check torn check is wrapped in paper, when light with a match it transforms into bills
1967 Charlie Miller Lecture Notes 7
Arthur Setterington Joe Smith - Hypnotist paper ball travels from pocket to under cup, the third time it changes color
1968 The Joe Smith Mysteries 6
Arthur Setterington The Amateur Gardener three cards with a pot on it come into envelopes, the first pot gets bigger, the second has now flowers inside and the third a flower as well, which grows out of the card visibly
1968 The Joe Smith Mysteries 11
Arthur Setterington Eyes Right nine on one side of a card and six on the other, then they change and finally on one side there are a lot of sixes
1968 The Joe Smith Mysteries 18
Elmer Deffenbaugh Flash Business Card printing business cards with flash paper
1969 The Art of Close-Up Magic — Volume 2 93
Patrick Page The Magic Camera camera drawn on paper turns into a humorous picture
1974 Tricks with Paper 3
Karrell Fox Nite-Cap strips of paper rolled into ball transform into paper cap, then performer is suddenly dressed in pajamas
  • Nite-Cap - Supreme (different switch)
1976 Clever.... Like a Fox 163
Rick Johnsson Holy Moses origami turtle changes into real one, using The Kick Change
1976 Practical Impossibilities 77
Paul Fox Cashing a Cheque paper transforms into bill in flash
1978 Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram 144
Larry Becker The 35 Millimiracle blank paper in film container transforms into a bill
Variations 1978 World of Super Mentalism 84
Stephen Tucker S.H.C. performer writes something on business card, performer divines word and word on business card transform/ vanishes under hand of spectator
1978 Close Up Sorcercy 15
Unknown Coffee and Milk Cups "The Kellar Cups", cups poured with confetti change into coffee and milk
1978/76 More Classic Magic with Apparatus 248
Theo "Okito" Bamberg Okito's Confetti to Silks and Livestock tube filled with confetti, confetti changes into silks
1978/76 More Classic Magic with Apparatus 258
Karl Fulves Chink-A-Slink chink-a-chink with chalk Xs or coins on photograph, posed as problem
Related to 1980 Interlocutor (Issue 43) 171
Bob Ostin Demonology signed card ends up with a burnt corner, name of card appears in a flash on tissue paper
1981 Spell-Binder (Vol. 1 No. 1) 6
Daryl Martinez Fish Schtick optical illusion with fish and bowl on two cardboard pieces becomes real
1982 Something for Everyone 13
Thomas Alan Waters Mailefactor postcard with picture of the performer is sent to spectator, when he receives the card, the picture is gone
Inspired by 1982 Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Grymwyr) 269
Mike Bornstein Simplex Money Maker piece of paper is put between two playing cards, transforms into a bill and back to blank paper
1984 More Money Magic of Mike Bornstein 28
Philip T. Goldstein, Shigeo Takagi Cash on the Corner handling for Shigeo Takagi's "Cash Card", four cardboard with plastic film attached, blank pieces of paper are inserted and they transform into bills, with torn corner kicker
1984 Lechter Notes 4
Steve Beam Expanded Autograph Hound black card with full of signatures, a magician is named and all autographs are erased except the one from the named magician
Related to 1985 The Trapdoor — Volume One (Issue 11) 184
George Jarshaur The Magic Mailbox No. 4, origami fold of three-fold "wallet" with switch/steal properties, with paper transformation application
Also published here 1985 Self-Working Paper Magic 7
Karl Fulves The Shadow No. 40, cut-out of dog head with eyes closed, put in envelope, shadow seen, eyes suddenly open and are really open when taken out
1985 Self-Working Paper Magic 73
Karl Fulves Correcting Fluid No. 77, wrong prediction on paper construction changes to correct one
1985 Self-Working Paper Magic 137
Karrell Fox "IBM Rose" red and green paper crumpled up, changes into real rose
1986 For My Next Trick... 110
Thomas Hierling Casanovas Lieblingstrick paper torn, it changes into small paper flower
Variations 1987 New Wave Close-Up 80
Philip T. Goldstein, Shigeo Takagi Cash on the Corner handling for Shigeo Takagi's "Cash Card", four cardboard with plastic film attached, blank pieces of paper are inserted and they transform into bills, with torn corner kicker
1988 Das Phil Goldstein Seminar 12
Karl Fulves Letter Perfect prediction visible under clear glass changes when glass is removed, posed as problem
1988 Interlocutor (Issue 50) 229
Michael Weber Atchoo sneezing hole in tissue
Also published here 1990 La Magie de Michael Weber 12
Roger Klause Cheque cheque changed into dollar bill, using $100.00 Bill Change
1991 Roger Klause: In Concert 65
Karrell Fox Inflation flat paper bunny in dove pan, air pumped into pan, live rabbit
1991 Goodies 115
Michael Weber Atchoo sneezing hole in tissue
Also published here 1991 Lecture Collection 7
Steve Beam Community Property bill changes into other as well as the bill on a picture
Also published here 1992 The Trapdoor — Volume Two (Issue 44) 785
Anthony Lindan Speck-Ulation dots on back of business cards change into name
1992 The Minotaur (Vol. 4 No. 2) 6
Johnny Lindholm Die Magische Serviette corner of paper towel torn off, transforms into coin, repeated twice
1993 Avantgarde Magic (Vol. 2 No. 5) 61
Anthony Lindan Rainbow Writing named color is written on business card, then writing has same color by extracting one of the primary colors of the black ink and transfer it to another business card
1993 The Minotaur (Vol. 5 No. 2) 1
Daryl Martinez Additional Ideas Suggested by Daryl for Insta-Fax Card Printer, using it to change writing on business card or transpose two cards visually
1993 The Insta-Fax Card Printer 3
Michael Stillwell The Sensational Initial Ploy blank paper card inserted in Insta-Fax Card Printer and initialed through hole in plastic, printing appears around initials
Also published here 1993 The Insta-Fax Card Printer 4
Steve Beam Community Property bill changes into other as well as the bill on a picture
Also published here 1993 Magic with No Entertainment Value II 15
Dave Oestreicher Jaelous Jack colored stickers on back and front of a playing card change color and change places
1994 The Minotaur (Vol. 6 No. 2) 5
Dan Harlan Birthday Surprise business card with a birthday cake and a burning candle drawn on it, spectator blows and drawing changes to a half-burnt and blown out candle
1995 The Minotaur (Vol. 7 No. 4) 8
Karrell Fox The Applause Sign sign on which the message changes, Tommy Windsor prop, trade show presentation
1995 Much Ado About Something 94
Christoph Borer Alcon words written on paper change color, clever switching pad
Also published here 2002 Anam Cara auf Zirkeltour 2002 7
David Berglas Turning the Clock Back different effects are performed and noted on a board, at the end, time is turned back and everything undone until the board is blank again
No. 1: Three balls, disappear and change into a pack of cards
No. 2: Four coins vanish and reappear in a glass
No. 3: Signed card vanishes and reappears in photo frame
No. 4: Arrow stops at chosen number 11
2002 The Mind & Magic of David Berglas 182
Harlan Tarbell Just Out - Elusive Color Cards four color cards change into same color selection
2003 Hofzinser Notebook 64
Antón "Mago Antón" López La Báscula scales drawn on a pad, weight of spectator is predicted on a slate and picture on pad changes
2003 La Magia Española del Siglo XX 238
Wayne Dobson The Kid's a Magician comedy paper restoration with child, child follows along with non-tear paper
2003 Dobson's Choice 2 18
Jon Allen Inner Space (Internal Switch) message put on bill changes, bill switch
Also published here 2003 Jon Allen's Lecture — The Director's Cut — The Sequel 12
Jon Allen Changing Faces (Oralgami) paper with text is folded several times and unfolded again, text is longer than paper has surfaces
Also published here 2003 Jon Allen's Lecture — The Director's Cut — The Sequel 15
David Acer Upon Receipt Receipt for $3.34 folded, produces $1 coin from it, receipt now says $2.34
2004 Random Acts of Magic 220
Tyler Wilson Post Boredom Post-It note with "TOP" and spectator's initials brings selection to top repeatedly, torn and restored note with text transformation as finale
Variations 2005 Twisting To The Acers 15
Karl Fulves Whacked "Problems"
piece of paper is crumpled and thrown on someone, it changes into snowball, posed as a problem
2005 Latter Day Secrets (Issue 10) 428
Christoph Borer Alcon words written on paper change color, clever switching pad
Also published here 2006 Compilation 14
Jon Allen Internal Switch post-it message put on bill changes, bill switch
Also published here 2006 Switch 248
R. Paul Wilson, Jeff Ezell Gift Certificates, Coupons, Keno, Lotto, etc.
2006 Switch 290
Michel Huot Miscellaneous Non-Bill Ideas for the bill switch
  • True Romance
  • Company Merger
  • Getting the Customer
  • 52 on 1
2006 Switch 309
Kostya Kimlat Gigabyte Switch writing on piece of paper changes with bill switch, corporate presentation
2006 Switch 310
Jon Allen Oralgami paper with text is folded several times and unfolded again, text is longer than paper has surfaces
Also published here 2006 Switch 311
Patrik Kuffs Boggled letters are jumbled on piece of paper, spectator makes up a word and that word appears after bill switch technique
2006 Switch 314
Michel Huot Crossed Words incorrectly filled out cross-word puzzle changes into correctly solved one, bill switch technique
Related to
  • Stephen Tucker idea in manuscript "Flash-Cash"
2006 Switch 315
David Gripenwaldt U.I.O. i.o.u. note torn and restored with digits in wrong order
2006 Switch 316
Liam Montier The Cardless Triumph card printed face-up and down on a paper, folded and unfolded, only selection remains face up
2006 Switch 319
Jim Bergstrom Hat Trick torn & restored tissue paper, change into paper hat
  • How to Make a Hat Tear Package
  • Tips on Making Bergstrom's Bountiful Blossom
2007 Hat Trick 2
Sveroni Das Ritual mit Sternzeichen spectator's scribbling is heated up and transforms into his zodiac sign, friXion pen
2008 Heureka! 12
Slydini Paper Money torn paper pieces change into bill, thumb tip steal subtlety
2009 Prolix (Issue 6) 390
Jim Steinmeyer A Trick for Lillian origami paper put in envelope, design selected from stack of cards, paper in envelope transforms into that origami figure
2009 A Tribute to Robert Harbin 12
Roberto Giobbi The Creation of an Egg cigarette paper is blown up into real egg
2010 Secret Agenda (Issue Aug 22) 252
Bill Abbott The Boyd Mystery Complete photo transforms in buddha papers, story presentation
2010 Table Magic 25
Patrick Page, Cliff Lount Chameleon Clown clown printed on paper, clothes change color when put in envelope, sucker element
2011 Magic Page by Page 242
Don Alan "Big Deal" Switch under wallet
2011 More Power to You 139
David Acer Gift of the Magi business card with Christmas tree on back shown, presents appear on it, one is taken out of the picture and a child finds a coin in it
2011 More Power to You 171
Jon Armstrong What If? chosen card predicted, prediction then visually changes into another selection (frixion pen)
2011 The Magical Adventures of Jon Armstrong 16
Jon Armstrong I Scream, You Scream... ice cream cone drawn on business card, it melts under flame, frixion pen
2011 The Magical Adventures of Jon Armstrong 21
Christoph Borer Der Vertrag spectator signs contract, when opened up again content has changed and he gave his soul to the devil
Related to 2012 Endlose Möglichkeiten 16
Christoph Borer Die Briefverwandlung gaffed letter to change content
2012 Endlose Möglichkeiten 18
Christoph Borer Der Zetteltausch switching a letter, buddha papers variation
2012 Endlose Möglichkeiten 20
Axel Hecklau Die Schicksalsentscheidung cards are eliminated and on remains, prediction on paper transforms into selection
2013 Evolution 6
Christoph Borer Der Vertrag content of contract changes, signed by spectator
Related to 2016 21 49
Jon Allen Something Quick Picture of horse on your business card changes into a cheetah
2017 The Interrobang Lecture 3
Johnny Thompson Paper to Parakeet paper napkin formed into bird, changes into bird
Inspired by
  • "Creation of Life" (Nate Leipzig, with moth or butterfly)
2018 The Magic of Johnny Thompson (Issue 2) 253