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U. F. Grant 18th Annual Magi-Fest convention program listed
Grant's Inner Circle Magazine (Vol. 1 No. 4) 11
U. F. Grant The General Says on Magi-Fest, Chri Charlton, Walter Gibson
Grant's Inner Circle Magazine (Vol. 1 No. 5 & 6) 2
Jay Marshall The Birdcage on Gen Grant's Money Maker, George Coon's Stir Crazy, Chicago convention, Karrell Fox, Bob Orben, Senator Crandall, a nailwriter gag by Dr. Stanley Jaks
The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 309) 36
Jay Marshall The Birdcage on Kirk Stiles, Audley Walsh, Carl Ballantine, Art Lyle, John Paul, Jack Chanin, Cliff Green, IBM Convention in Louisville, Vic Torsberg, Jimmy Lake, Francis Ireland, Business Cards
The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 311) 48
Jay Marshall Back Talk on the IBM convention, Abbott's Get Together, Walter Irving Scott, Dai Vernon, Ed Marlo, Jim Peterson, Tips for Card en, Paul Rosini, Prof Lowey, Senator Crandall, The Linking Ring, Jerry Andrus, Eddie Joseph
The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 339) 170
Don Tanner The Back Room on Jack Ketch, Fred Taylor, Piff Paff Poof Convention, Omar's Prophecies, Dai Vernon, New Phoenix Awards
The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 358) 262
Don Tanner The Back Room on IBM/SAM Convention, Eddie Clever, Magic Dealer Association
The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 371) 313
Don Tanner The Back Room on I.B.M. Convention in Knoxville, Mike Rogers, Robert Olson, Jay Marshall
The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 382) 358
Juan Tamariz Apendice IV: Reuniones y Congresos meetings and magic conventions
Aprenda Ud. Magia 151
Bascom Jones Magick Looks at the P.C.A.M. July 4-7, 1973 some drawings of the convention
The Compleat Magick — Volume I (Issue 79) 392
Fred Robinson IBM (British Ring) Convention 1976 on Bob Gill, Michael Florence, Bob Swadling, Doug Alker, Joe Riding, Rovi, David Carré. Geoff Ray, Walt Lees, Peter Duffie, Sonny Day, Roy Walton, Trevor Lewis, Bob Read, Ken Brooke, Pat Page, Frans Biemans
Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 2) 321
David Britland, Stuart R. Patterson Fun & Frolics in Great Yarmouth IBM convention in Great Yarmouth, Da Silva Puppet Theatre, Shaun McCree, Crisco, John Cornelius, Ali Bongo, Peter Warlock, Jack Mayes, Terry Herbert, Mike Gancia, Walt Lees, Mark Leveridge, Eddie Dawes, John Palfreyman, Peter Lane, John Salisse, Peter Kersten, Josephine, Joe Nex, Chu Chin Fu, Jan Madd & Chantal, Johnny Thompson, Jeffrey Atkins, Joe Marvel, Pierre Brahma, Jacqueline, Eddy & Company, Harry Nicholls, Frans Biemans, Tommy Wonder, Hans Van Senus, Bob Little, Roger Crosthwaite
Babel (Issue 2) 16
Geoff Maltby Pittsburgh I.B.M. Convention 1981
Babel (Issue 2) 29
Walt Lees Editorial on reports of conventions, magic as a performing art, Piet Forton
Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 6) 1052
Unknown Among the Great Unwashed "Close-up at Blackpool", convention review
Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 9) 1101
Steve Beam The Beam Guide to Attending Magic Conventions
Related to The Trapdoor — Volume One (Issue 10) 169
Terry Seabrooke The Magic Convention
Seabrooke's Book 23
Mark Vincent The New York Magic Symposium 1986 on the convention in Tokyo, Adam Fleischer, Max Maven, Curtis Kam, Jay Sankey, Maki Kitami, Bill Spooner, Gene Matsura, Tommy Wonder, David Roth, John Kennedy, Hiroshi Sawa, Jeff McBride, Lisa Menna
Gimmick (Issue 8) 14
Steven Hamilton Scotland's First Close-Up Convention convention report, Magic Bob, Mark Leveridge, Patrick Page, Gordon Bruce, Bob Read
Profile (Issue 3) 5
W. P. James Paul Brignall's Second Close Up and Comedy Convention convention report
Profile (Issue 9) 4
Arturo de Ascanio Impresiones Magicas Turisticas y Gastronomicas de un Viaje a Austria. Congreso de Graz - 1980 on the magic convention in Graz, on Giobbi, Vermeyden, Charly Miret, Braunmüller, Reinhard Müller, Wizard und Gille, Fred van Thom, Howard Schwarzman, Ger Cooper, Fantasios, Horst Gille, Heinrich Maitz, Peter Kersten, Magic Christian, Kurt Freitag
La Magia de Ascanio — Vol. 6 101
Steven Hamilton Paul Brignall's Third Comedy and Magic Convention convention report
Profile (Issue 15) 8
Steve Beam Subscriptions - Ways To Stay Awake At A Magic Convention
The Trapdoor — Volume Three (Issue 60) 1170
Steve Beam Well In That Case, I'll Take Mine Black anecdote from a magic convention about political correctness regarding women in magic, LM
Related to The Trapdoor — Volume Three (Issue 64) 1273
Pat Mustard A Power of Facing "Temples of Doom", on lectures and conventions
Gambit (Issue 1) 21
Benjamin Earl News Desk on conventions and how to have a good time there by not going to any events
Gambit (Issue 2) 5
Barrie Richardson Palmero Ranch - A Report from a Magician's Heaven
Curtain Call 247
Unknown Convention Attendees chart of 4F attendees from 1970-2011
The F.F.F.F. Book 305
Joseph Barry, John Cottle Year One in Photos photos of Joseph Barry and John Cottle on conventions and magic meetings
Operandi (Issue 1) 16
Gene Anderson Convention Conversations
Gene Anderson — The Book 6
John Cottle, Joseph Barry 10 Commandments for Attending a Magic Convention
Operandi (Issue 4) 14
Alexander Hansford The Session Convention on VanishingInc.'s Session Convention with many photographs
The Neat Review (Issue 1 - London 2019) 126