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Dr. L. Rothbart Surprise Sponge Climax three sponges two in spectator's hand, when spectator opens his hand, several small ones appear
Related to Chap's Scrapbook (Vol. 2 No. 7) 2
Milbourne Christopher Sponge Ball Idea sticking sponge ball on end of pencil before production
Hugard's Magic Monthly — Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 3 No. 8) 185
Hubert Lambert The Leapin' Leprechauns small sponge balls under glass, glass covered with newspaper, large ball finish
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1948) 30
Don Alan It's Flashy! sponge balls appear in a flash, with flash paper
Close-Up Time wit Don Alan 5
Bill Simon Sponge Surprise fifteen to twenty small sponge balls appear
Sleightly Sensational 33
Remo Inzani Sponge Ball Routine potato as finale
The Art of Close-Up Magic — Volume 1 297
Fred Kaps Chinese Chow spongeball under bowl multiplies and then fruits appear, with chopsticks
Inspired by The Art of Close-Up Magic — Volume 1 304
Phoa Yan Tiong Rice Bowl and Balls two final loads under bowl
The Art of Close-Up Magic — Volume 1 310
Jerry Mentzer Something From Something production from sponge ball
Close-up Cavalcade 116
Amedeo Vacca Spongeball "Split" ball split with finger
Amedeo's Continental Magic 53
Jerry Mentzer Something from Something sponge ball multiplies into three balls
Also published here
  • "Something from Something" (Linking Ring, February 1971)
Close Up Cues 1
Frank Garcia My Version of the "10" Count balls appear from purse frame
The Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic 95
Unknown "The Slow Motion Transposition and Impromptu Routine" sponge from purse frame, split in two, one in each hand, travel into one
The Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic 102
Karrell Fox The "Wiggly" Apple green balloon apple made, burst, a sponge rubber snake appears from within
Clever.... Like a Fox 35
Unknown Flash Opening balls from flash paper flash
The Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic 137
James Renaux Jimmy Reneaux's Idea
The Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic 155
Frank Garcia The Grand Finale purse frame, many small balls appear
The Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic 183
Frank Garcia Imaginary Sponge
The Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic 200
Harvey Rosenthal A Novel Sponge Production
Close-Up Sampler — Part 1 14
Unknown "Wrapper Magic" sponge ball from cigar wrapper
The Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic 25
Erhard Liebenow Ball Production large ball appears behind a card
Liebenow On Cards 6
Karrell Fox Havin' a Ball sponge balls appear and are put in paper bag, also invisibly with landing sound, giant sponge ball comes out of bag
Another Book 184
Karrell Fox Dia-Ball-ical #124 one-to-four sequence, sponge balls
Another Book 259
Karrell Fox Dia-Ball-ical #428 four-to-eight sequence, threaded sponge balls
Another Book 261
Johnny "J.J." Johnston Cointraption reverse coin through table, small trapdoor, spongball kicker
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 11) 936
Jim Cellini Something for Nothing purse frame and sponge ball routine
The Close-up Magic of Frank Garcia — Part I 85
Jay Sankey Sponge Ball Production in Power Case
Powerful Magic 87
Tommy Wonder Dice Climax climax for dice stacking routine, sponge 4
Fork Full of Appetizers — Book 2 137
Peter Samelson Samelson's Sensational Sponge Ball Surprise cigarette paper changes to sponge ball in flash of fire,
Theatrical Close-Up 35
Peter Samelson The Samelson Split clean handling for splitting of ball into two on the table
Theatrical Close-Up 37
Meir Yedid Continuous Sponge Balls between fingers, at once
Stage Stuff 47
John Carney Current Classic two spongeballs appear and travel together in spectator's hand
Notebook 2
John Carney Sponge Ball Production visual
Lecture Notes Collection (Issue Carney Uncovered) 1
Karrell Fox "Shell-Shock" sponge balls appear under shells as finale
My Latest Book 40
Aldo Colombini Tip Top cards with clowns with different colored noses, one color is selected and performer appears to wear the same colored clown nose
FISM Lecture Notes 2
John Carney Sponge Ball Production visual
Related to Carneycopia 4
Dan Garrett Thumb Tipnique on producing large things from oversized thumb tips
Also published here Garrett Does The U.K. 13
Dan Garrett Thumb Tipnique on producing large things from oversized thumb tips
Also published here Garrett In The U.S.A. 13
Dan Garrett The Cosmic Egg egg materializes in empty hands and is cracked into glass, also for sponge ball appearance
2002 — The Last Palindrome 3
Troy Hooser The Bottomless Box Objects produced from bottomless box, strange things happen when placed in it (Produce crystal balls, linking ribbons, spongeball routine, ring links on ribbon)
Inspired by Moments 41
Tom Stone Benson Burner stand-up Benson Bowl routine with dozens of sponge balls as final load
Vortex 195
John Carney, Roberto Giobbi Flash Production of a Sponge Ball
Related to Secret Agenda (Issue June 11) 174
Michael Sondermeyer Lubor-Würfel mit Inhalt appearance of sponge balls, special way to hang parts of the boxes onto the fingers
Related toAlso published here
  • "Lubor-Würfel mit Inhalt" in "Magische Welt", Nr.1, 1993. P. 11.
Seminar 2019 14
Roberto Mansilla, Roberto Giobbi, Jim Cellini Spongeball Production from Purse Frame
Çerca 59