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Theodore Annemann Thought, In Person one of five, one-way backs, OOSOOM
Variations The Incorporated Strange Secrets 17
Al Baker A Miracle of Memory using real memory, about thirteen cards are removed
Variations The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Magical Ways and Means) 238
Robert Cassidy Foreword
Pseudo-Mentally Yours 5
Robert Cassidy Presidential Portraits American president is named, dummy picture is shown and name show on the back of picture as a kicker
Pseudo-Mentally Yours 7
Robert Cassidy The 35mm Die Can Test die in film can, number is divined / forced, two methods
Pseudo-Mentally Yours 9
Robert Cassidy A 35mm Triple Test die, ESP card and bill are placed into three film cans, number, symbol and serial number are divined
Pseudo-Mentally Yours 11
Robert Cassidy The Telepathic Diary birthday is looked up in book, card written next to the date is found inside envelope as a prediction
Pseudo-Mentally Yours 12
Robert Cassidy Beating the Book Test a book test with three phases and three different methods
  • The Pencil Point Prophecy
  • The Impromptu Impression
  • The Phone Book Finale
  • A Brief Diversion
Pseudo-Mentally Yours 15
Robert Cassidy An Experiment with Time watches are collected and placed inside a bag, later they are found that all handles have moved and they don't show actual time anymore
Pseudo-Mentally Yours 20
Robert Cassidy Ultimate Fourth Dimensional Telepathy three pieces of information are written down, sealed in envelopes and later divined
Pseudo-Mentally Yours 25
Robert Cassidy The Shirt Pocket Mindreader with pile of envelopes
Pseudo-Mentally Yours 28
Robert Cassidy And in Conclusion on being real vs. admitting to use trickery, disclaimer
Pseudo-Mentally Yours 30
Robert Cassidy The Devil's Diary card at though of day is in envelope
The Compleat Magick — Volume III (Issue 296) 1477
Robert Cassidy Screen Test four spectators write something down and seal paper in envelope, three words are divined, fourth word is drawn, transparent and opaque envelopes
Screen Test 2
Robert Cassidy Final Credit
Screen Test 6
Robert Cassidy, Ross Johnson Princess A Hoy cards are distributed to five people, they think of one card in their pile, tossed out deck version
The Compleat Magick — Volume III (Issue 290) 1447
Derek Dingle One-Hand Fan Force Technique and Outs spectator thinks of a card from fan
Related to The Complete Works of Derek Dingle 153
Robert Cassidy Introduction
The Art of Mentalism 9
Robert Cassidy The Presentation of Mentalism thoughts on mentalism, 8 rules on performing
The Art of Mentalism 9
Robert Cassidy Handling the Audience
  • Before the Show
  • During the Show
The Art of Mentalism 15
Robert Cassidy Audience Reading: The Major Effect in Mentalism on the structure, the set-up and the performance of Q&A
The Art of Mentalism 18
Robert Cassidy Final Version: The Three Envelope Test name, name of pet and drawing are put on three pieces of paper and sealed in three numbered envelopes, all is divined
Related to The Art of Mentalism 25
Robert Cassidy Postscript to the Three Envelope Test moveless version of Final Version: The Three Envelope Test
Related to The Art of Mentalism 33
Robert Cassidy The Two Envelope Test (Also knwon as The White Dwarf) information written on card and sealed inside two envelopes is divined, see-through
The Art of Mentalism 35
Robert Cassidy A Picture and A Word messages written and sealed inside two envelopes, using The White Dwarf principle
The Art of Mentalism 36
Robert Cassidy The Atlas Test book test with an atlas, paged is stopped at and then finger put on page to select a city, prediction
The Art of Mentalism 37
Robert Cassidy The Esquire Magazine Test business cards is placed inside a magazine, description of page, svengali principle
The Art of Mentalism 39
Robert Cassidy Playing Cards in Mentalism
The Art of Mentalism 41
Robert Cassidy A Bottom Line Premonition card at named number is predicted
The Art of Mentalism 42
Robert Cassidy, Darryl Harris The New Thought Card using a one-way marked deck, impromptu version (Darryl Harris)
Inspired by The Art of Mentalism 44
Robert Cassidy E.S.P. Duplication ESP cards are sealed in envelope, performer matches sequence
Inspired by The Art of Mentalism 45
Robert Cassidy The Pendulum spectator holds pendulum and performer asks questions, card is divined, then sealed selection is divined using the pendulum by the performer
The Art of Mentalism 47
Robert Cassidy The Dowsing Rods using dowsing rod / pendulum for Syd Bergson's Sixth Sense, spectator finds odd colored ball
The Art of Mentalism 49
Robert Cassidy Clue Outdone using Clue cards and the Jaks Wallet, revealing criminal, weapon and location
The Art of Mentalism 50
Robert Cassidy Shake Up half of the deck is placed inside a paper bag and mixed, half forcing deck
The Art of Mentalism 51
Robert Cassidy The Perfect Mental Card Force spectator thinks of a card from fan, card more exposed
Related to The Art of Mentalism 52
Robert Cassidy Pocket Writing with LePaul on pocket writing, combined with the LePaul Wallet
The Art of Mentalism 54
Robert Cassidy The Seance complete presentation of Cassidy's Seance
The Art of Mentalism 57
Robert Cassidy The 719 Book Test several book, correct book and correct word is found
The Art of Mentalism 60
Robert Cassidy The Memory Drive on the blindfold drive
The Art of Mentalism 62
Robert Cassidy The Fund Raiser combining the blindfold drive with fund raising
The Art of Mentalism 64
Robert Cassidy Phone Book Test I prediction of a name
The Art of Mentalism 65
Robert Cassidy Phone Book Test II
The Art of Mentalism 68
Robert Cassidy The Verified Total Prediction prediction of total in envelope, red carbon paper
The Art of Mentalism 68
Robert Cassidy Mind Reading with Ashes using wax impression, ashes
The Art of Mentalism 70
Robert Cassidy A New Look at Billet Work pocket read
The Art of Mentalism 72
Robert Cassidy The Modern Billet Holdout knot of necktie as a holdout
The Art of Mentalism 74
Robert Cassidy Tips On Billet Work
The Art of Mentalism 74
Robert Cassidy The Nail Writer general remarks
The Art of Mentalism 75
Robert Cassidy The Juke Box Test prediction of chosen song
The Art of Mentalism 76
Robert Cassidy The Religious Coin prediction of date of coin, gag
The Art of Mentalism 77
Robert Cassidy Russian Roulette using four guns, created in 1976
The Art of Mentalism 78
Robert Cassidy Neuro Linguistic Programming using NLP eye-movement for mentalism
The Art of Mentalism 84
Robert Cassidy Centerburn burnt paper, bulldog clip protects corner
The Art of Mentalism 85
Robert Cassidy A Trivial Miracle performer divines the correct answer to several randomly chosen Trivial Pursuit question
The Art of Mentalism 86
Robert Cassidy The Contract on contracts, with sample
The Art of Mentalism 88
Robert Cassidy Ethics in Mentalism
The Art of Mentalism 91
Edmund L. Kowalski (reviewer) The Art of Mentalism by Robert Cassidy Epoptica (Issue 7) 409
Rich Bloch, Robert Cassidy In The Shadow Of The Synchronous
The New York Magic Symposium — Collection 4 77
Robert Cassidy preface and acknowledgements
The Art of Mentalism 2 ii
Robert Cassidy introduction
The Art of Mentalism 2 1
Robert Cassidy An Overview of the Act thoughts on structuring a mentalism show, Theory of Major and Minor Effects
  • The Logic of the Program
The Art of Mentalism 2 2
Robert Cassidy The Psychological Forces objects found outside, with script
The Art of Mentalism 2 6
Robert Cassidy The Name Place Routine name and place are written on two pieces of paper, both are divined even though one has been destroyed
Variations The Art of Mentalism 2 8
Robert Cassidy The Book Test with two spectators
The Art of Mentalism 2 15
Robert Cassidy The Three Envelope Test name, name of pet and drawing are put on three pieces of paper and sealed in three numbered envelopes, all is divined, technical variation of routine in The Art of Mentalism
Related toVariations The Art of Mentalism 2 21
Robert Cassidy Card Memory deck is shuffled and memorized, two spectator get half the deck and performer names every card
Inspired byRelated to The Art of Mentalism 2 29
Robert Cassidy The Challenge Tarot Reading names of famous people are written down and sealed in envelopes, one is selected and divined with the use of Tarot cards
The Art of Mentalism 2 37
Robert Cassidy Equivoque brief
The Art of Mentalism 2 39
Robert Cassidy The Card in the Window card through window, in a bar
The Art of Mentalism 2 39
Robert Cassidy Magician's Guilt, its Causes and Cure (Including the Real Secrets of Mentalism)
The Art of Mentalism 2 43
Nick Trost Telespo Performer matches symbols, spectator fails, and then performer divines symbols from different room
Variations The Card Magic of Nick Trost 297
Barrie Richardson The Quasi-Memorized Deck deck is shuffled, two spectator get half the deck and performer names every card after apparently memorizing
Related toVariationsAlso published here
  • Club 71, Autumn 1993
Theater of the Mind 93
Tom Stone, Bob Ostin, Robert Cassidy Bank Naught marking methods with two presentations:
- Psychic Losery
- Weightmaster
Maelstrom 121
Barrie Richardson A Dessert and a First Love billet routine
Inspired byVariations Curtain Call 155
Barrie Richardson Fourth Dimensional Osmosis using Osmosis Envelope
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Fourth Dimensional Telepathy" (Theodore Annemann)
Curtain Call 194
Robert Cassidy, Alexander de Cova Bob Cassidy's Billet Test
Inspired by
  • "The Three Envelope Test" (Bob Cassidy, The Art of Mentalism Vol. 2)
Ultimate Chair Routine 62
Robert Cassidy Mic. Switch with a pen
B2 23