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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Jay Ose Ose's Cut triple cut to table
Related toVariations 1962 Close-up Card Magic 93
Chris Rawlins Pseudo three phase memory demonstration, first red black, then suits, then naming missing card
Also published here 2016 (ca.) Pseudo 1
Chris Rawlins Introduction
2017 The Event, 2017 9
Chris Rawlins In This Order three chair test with prediction
2017 The Event, 2017 11
Chris Rawlins Credit Guard borrowed credit card in envelope, second envelope with dummy, spectator finds his card, performer divines last digits
2017 The Event, 2017 25
Chris Rawlins, Luke Jermay Psychological Position Force one of two
Related to
  • Poker trick in "3510" (Luke Jermay)
2017 The Event, 2017 30
Chris Rawlins Hack newspaper page chosen, torn up, piece selected, content divined
Inspired by
  • Al Koran's binary newspaper test
2017 The Event, 2017 39
Chris Rawlins Drop Card spectator with eyes closed locates a selection with elimination process, stopping over tabled spread multiple times
  • Another Approach (gaffed method)
Also published here
  • "Drop Card" (Mind Experiments, Chris Rawlins, 2010)
2017 The Event, 2017 47
Chris Rawlins A Bonus (Pseudo Memory) three phase memory demonstration, first red black, then suits, then naming missing card
Also published here 2017 The Event, 2017 63
Chris Rawlins Introduction
2020 Un-Luck 3
Chris Rawlins One Card Poker spectator shuffles, then takes top cards, as does performer, both are Aces, other Aces found on top and reversed in center
  • Ad Card Secrets
  • Reverse Approach
Variations 2020 Un-Luck 5
Chris Rawlins Spectator's Stock Shuffle spectator's Ose cut with shuffling of packets
2020 Un-Luck 7
Chris Rawlins Ose Cut Subtlety four packets
Inspired by 2020 Un-Luck 15
Chris Rawlins Add On to top of deck with wallet
2020 Un-Luck 17
Chris Rawlins A Change in Focus intro to further variations
2020 Un-Luck 19
Chris Rawlins Variant One cards at end of "One Card Poker" make up current date
Inspired by 2020 Un-Luck 20
Chris Rawlins Variante Two cards at end of "One Card Poker" make up spectator's pin or part of credit card number
Inspired by 2020 Un-Luck 22
Chris Rawlins Variant Three four chosen cards distributed in spectator's pockets and on table, video prediction reveals all four cards, four marked cards
Inspired by 2020 Un-Luck 25
Chris Rawlins Variante Four four chosen cards predicted
Inspired by 2020 Un-Luck 28
Chris Rawlins Variant Five after some shuffling of alphabet cards, the spectator's name is revealed
Inspired by 2020 Un-Luck 29
Chris Rawlins Things to Think About further ideas
2020 Un-Luck 33
Chris Rawlins In Conclusion
2020 Un-Luck 34
Chris Rawlins Credits
2020 Un-Luck 35
Chris Rawlins Bonus
2020 Un-Luck 36