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G. W. Hunter To Retain the Whole Paock in a Certain Order: 1a. By means of the overhand shuffle
Variations Greater Magic 167
Dai Vernon Out of sight - out of mind original handling
Related toVariations More Inner Secrets of Card Magic 14
Edward G. Brown The Twelve Card Thought Transition
Variations The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown 39
Martin A. Nash Nash's Multiple Shift to top, see p. 442 for additional crediting
VariationsAlso published here Ever So Sleightly 30
Philip T. Goldstein Desire spectators write destinations on a business card, five write a place where they have been and one a place he desires to go, all cards are correctly attributed and the last, desired place is named without looking at it, see also Larry Becker's "Sneak Thief"
Related toVariations The Blue Book of Mentalism 4
Unknown, Dai Vernon The Breather Crimp
Related to The Vernon Chronicles — Volume 1 96
Unknown Controlling the Entire Deck: the Optical Shuffle very deceptive simulation
Variations Card College — Volume 2 260
Jared Kopf Preface
It's a Matter of Style (2005 edition)
Jared Kopf Broken Bough
Quarterly (Issue 1 (Winter 2015)) 7
Jared Kopf Repelling Breathers withstanding heavy riffle shuffling, two breathers
Inspired by Nothing but the Family Deck 7
Jared Kopf The Optical Run & Toss False Shuffle
Inspired byAlso published here Nothing but the Family Deck 9
Jared Kopf Riffled OOSOOM just the shuffling sequence with riffle shuffle
Inspired by Nothing but the Family Deck 13
Jared Kopf, Brian O'Neill Shuffle Shift tabled
Inspired by Nothing but the Family Deck 17
Jared Kopf Far-Flung Collectors aces counted into spectator's hand, selections appear between them
Nothing but the Family Deck 21
Jared Kopf An Open Display of Triumph expanded from Genii write-up, no false shuffle
Related to
  • Genii, November 2007
Nothing but the Family Deck 25
Jared Kopf E.G. Brown Revisited originally from MUM
Inspired byRelated to
  • MUM (March 2008)
Nothing but the Family Deck 33
Jared Kopf, Mike Squires E.G. Brown Revisited - Variation using double backer
Inspired by Nothing but the Family Deck 36
Jared Kopf Preface on "traveling to impossible location" effects and using their methodology for predictions
Vaticinium ex Eventu 5
Jared Kopf The Card in the Envelope named card predicted in envelope
Vaticinium ex Eventu 9
Jared Kopf Steal this Trick three-word-phrase predicted in ShoGun wallet
Vaticinium ex Eventu 19
Jared Kopf The Oneiromancer's Index four nightmares written on blank cards, performer give them to correct spectators with some cold reading, one nightmare predicted
Inspired by Vaticinium ex Eventu 31
Jared Kopf Living and Dead Dreams suggestion
Vaticinium ex Eventu 41
Jared Kopf Impromptu Marking System for pseudo psychometry, originally from "Behind Your Forehead" (Kopf, 2013)
Vaticinium ex Eventu 41
Jared Kopf Kopf's False Shuffle or The Double Optical Shuffle brief
Also published here The Doors of Deception 231
Jared Kopf, Joseph Barry Quick-Fire Questions with Jared Kopf
Operandi (Issue 4) 6
Jared Kopf Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind
  • Scenario One (overhand shuffle sequence)
  • Scenario Two (tabled riffle shuffle sequence)
  • Scenario Three (in-the-hands riffle shuffle sequence)
  • Scenario Four (hindu shuffle sequence)
Inspired by Operandi (Issue 4) 8
Jared Kopf Double Optical Shuffle
The Magic of Johnny Thompson (Issue 1) 225
Zhenjie Gao 蒸蒸日上 (On The Rise) Four Kings placed into four different parts of the deck, all rise to the top of the deck
Inspired by
  • "Four Its Own Sake" (Jared Kopf)
一盅两件 23