Written by Steve Reynolds
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396 pages (Spiralbound), published by FOCM Publication
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Steve Reynolds No Spin Color Changing Deck Ace production followed by color changing deck
Inspired by 1 2019 1
Steve Reynolds Jump to Texas 2012 story about lectures
1 2019 7
Matthew Martin Again, Hofzinser Spins In His Grave odd-backed, red/blue double backer
1 2019 8
Steve Reynolds Playing Heavy Displays section intro, on Mentzer's "Counts, Cuts, Moves, and Subtlety"
1 2019 12
Steve Reynolds, Alexander Oz Full House Show one card shown twice and one hidden
1 2019 13
Steve Reynolds Five of a Kind Show only two of five cards are seen
Inspired by 1 2019 15
Edward Marlo Marlo's Lost Hull Version - Third Method
Also published here 1 2019 18
Edward Marlo Streamlined Invisible Bottom Deal from unpublished notes from the 1980s
Inspired byRelated to 1 2019 21
Tan Hock Chuan, Edward Marlo Tan Hock Chaun Pass
Also published here 1 2019 23
Steve Reynolds Introduction
2 2019 1
Steve Reynolds Streamlined Poker Palm Shift poker hand changes several times
Inspired byVariations 2 2019 5
Steve Reynolds Discrepancy Find two sandwich cards come together to trap selection
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here
  • "Cosmic Sport", 2000
2 2019 14
Steve Reynolds Discrepancy Found two sandwich cards come together to trap selection
Inspired by 2 2019 17
Edward Marlo Throw-Off Riffle Shuffle Control
Also published here 2 2019 21
Steve Reynolds On the Tip-Up Cover
  • Angle Jog
  • Crimp
  • Break/Step
2 2019 24
Steve Reynolds Covered Block Side Steal transfer from bottom to top with cover
Inspired byRelated to 2 2019 30
Steve Reynolds Push Through Poker one half mixed face-up/face-down, shuffled through other half, all but one face-down cards transfer to other half, mixed half dealt for poker game and performer receives straight flush except one card which is the face-down card in other half, second round of dealing with royal flush
Inspired byVariations 3 2019 1
Steve Reynolds Devilish Miracle intro and credit information
  • What Makes the Devilish Miracle Devilish?
  • For Devilish Miracle (circa 1970)
3 2019 15
Edward Marlo Marlo Presentation and Patter as Shown at Colon in 1948, For Devilish Miracle "See B. Fenn Notes of 1948" (Bert Fenn)
3 2019 18
Steve Reynolds Follow-Up Aces different intro
Inspired by 3 2019 26
Edward Marlo Marlo Notes handwritten notes by Marlo on Devilish Miracle
3 2019 33
Edward Marlo Student Exchange transcribed from an audio recording of Marlo of 1989
4 2019 1
Nathan Colwell Scenic Route three cards
  • Phase One - A Bit of Mystery
  • Phase Two - Snap To It
  • Phase Three - Test Conditions
4 2019 6
Edward Marlo Miracle Change No. 3
Also published here 4 2019 11
Edward Marlo Fake Propelled Lapping
Also published here 4 2019 13
Steve Reynolds Stand-Up Streamlined Homing Card
Inspired by
  • "Marlo's Homing Card" (Bill Malone's "Malone on Marlo" DVDs)
4 2019 15
Edward Marlo Back-to-Back Transformation
Also published here 4 2019 21
Steve Reynolds Evolution of a Switch discussing switches for the Devilish Miracle
  • From Marlo Magazine Vol. 3
  • D'Amico/Marlo Devilish Switch (1948)
  • Control Systems Switch (1947-1952)
  • Marlo Without Tears Switch
  • Interface Switch
Related to 5 2019 1
Edward Marlo Overhand Throw-Off Control
5 2019 4
Edward Marlo The Interface Switch on top of deck, for Devilish Miracle
5 2019 6
Steve Reynolds For Any Devilish Miracle
  • Frist Vanish - Basic Handling
  • Selection Reappears Face Down
  • Second Vanish - Fronts and Backs
5 2019 8
Steve Reynolds Off-Hand Overhand Shuffle
5 2019 15
Steve Reynolds Loose Ends: Synergistic Poker combination poker routine
Inspired by 5 2019 16
Steve Reynolds On Marlo's Gambling Routine with stack, faro
  • Phase One: Poker, Rummy, Pinochle
  • Phase Two: Blackjack
  • Phase Three: Sucker Hand
  • Phase Four: The Bridge Deal
Inspired by 6 2020 1
Edward Marlo The Double Stack four Kings stacked with two faros, then Aces overhand stacked to eight hands as surprise, from unpublished notes
6 2020 10
David Kuraya Blackjack for Brother John four cards shown as duplicate Jacks, then as two Blackjack hands, then into five cards that add up to twenty-one
  • Phase One: Four Black Jacks
  • Phase Two: Double Down
Inspired by 6 2020 12
Steve Reynolds Marked Seconds second deal demo, miscall, lead-in for Open Travelers
6 2020 17
Brother John Hamman Double Deal Switch card is pulled from packet in right hand end grip onto deck
6 2020 18
Steve Reynolds Smokey Mates two cards chosen, prediction is used to find a card and matches the card, both card change into second selection and its mate
7 2020 1
Steve Reynolds Combo Shuffle top and bottom stock control
7 2020 2
Unknown Jinx Type Switch cards in right hand used to scoop up deck in left hand except switched-in cards
7 2020 5
Steve Reynolds Twelfth Method Matcho performer reverses prediction card in deck, spectator cuts off pile, shuffles and remembers bottom card, it matches
7 2020 7
John S. Frazee Shuffle Force spectator shuffles top card to bottom, with tip by Lee Asher
7 2020 7
Jack Carpenter On the Spade Shuffle: Carpenter's False Shuffle blocks, bottom-line cover
Inspired by 7 2020 10
Steve Reynolds On the Bottom-Line Cover credit information
7 2020 10
Edward Marlo Nullifactor Locations three card challenge location, two methods, Olram File not mentioned
Also published here 7 2020 15
Stewart James Nullifactor Move one-handed turnover of deck while keeping top card in place
7 2020 15
Steve Reynolds Travelers Introduction comments on the plot
8 2020 1
Steve Reynolds Off-Beat Travelers dummy cards in pocket
Inspired by
  • Travelers in J. K. Hartman's "Card Craft" (1991)
8 2020 2
Edward Marlo Bottom Palm Replacement
8 2020 4
Edward Marlo Direct Add-On Vernon Transfer
8 2020 6
Steve Reynolds Tech-Less Multiplex Reset Interchange effect, then both quartets brought together, one vanishes and is back in pockets
Inspired by 8 2020 8
Steve Reynolds Bold Switch two quartets, three cards switched
8 2020 10
Edward Marlo Color Transpo Display quartet transformation one by one
Related to 8 2020 11
Edward Marlo Visually Changing Sandwich three cards peeked at, black Jacks waved and selection appears between them, changes into second selection, then third, then it vanishes, all three selection brought from pocket
8 2020 19
Edward Marlo Double Peek Control
8 2020 19
Edward Marlo K.M. Move forward fingering action
8 2020 21
Steve Reynolds Loose Ends: On the Hit Lift with credit information
8 2020 29
Edward Marlo Double Turnover Change "Original typed description from Bert Fenn's Notebooks used to write The Cardician (1953)"
Also published here 8 2020 34
Edward Marlo Hit Lift
8 2020 34
Edward Marlo Signed Card To — card signed and lost, then a two-card transposition done with two other cards and one of them in the case, later signed card is found in case, duplicate
  • With a Borrowed Deck - Sans Duplicates
  • Card to Pocket Variant
Related toVariations 9 2020 1
Steve Reynolds On the Distribution Effect credit information
9 2020 11
Lee Lee Off Shoot Variant two sandwich cards separate next to two selections
Inspired byVariations 9 2020 13
Steve Reynolds Loose Ends: Meddler's Bluff Vanish four cards shown as seven, using bluff pass
Inspired by
  • "Meddler's Assembly" (Steve Reynolds, Cosmic Sport, 2001)
Related to
9 2020 17
Steve Reynolds Mini Matching Update one deck, two halves made, after a few single matches all cards match
Inspired by 10 2020 1
Steve Reynolds Sharper's Fate after fair shuffling by spectator a two-handed game is dealt from a spot decided by a cut card, chosen winner receives a Royal Flush, faro
Inspired by 10 2020 8
Edward Marlo Easy and Convincing Gambler's Kings to Pockets Kings change to Aces, Kings produced from different pockets
Inspired by 10 2020 14
Steve Reynolds Loose Ends: Off Shoot Fix
Inspired by 10 2020 18
Edward Marlo Aces, Kings, Sixes...er...Tens! Aces and Kings, third quartet comes in with surprise
Inspired by 10 2020 19
Edward Marlo One-Handed Fancy False Cut straight cut
Related to 11 2020 1
Edward Marlo False Cut, Double Location performer cuts to two selections one-handed one by one
11 2020 3
Steve Reynolds Double Cut, Shuffle Control two cards
11 2020 5
Steve Reynolds Meddler's Assembly Update seven-card assembly with Kings and three indifferent cards
  • Meddler's Assembly: all seven cards change to four Aces
  • Alternate Ending: the seven cards finally change to four Aces plus four Kings
Inspired by
  • "Meddler's Assembly" (Steve Reynolds, Cosmic Sport, 2000)
Related to
11 2020 8
Edward Marlo Scoop-Up Addition brief
11 2020 10
Edward Marlo Cop and Transfer
11 2020 13
Edward Marlo Impromptu Card to Any Wallet card signed and lost, then a two-card transposition done with two other cards and one of them in the pocket, later signed card is found in wallet
Inspired by 11 2020 16
Steve Reynolds Real-Time Side Steals peek steals
  • Peek Position
  • Peek Steal
  • Break Transfer
  • Technical.-Deliberate-Bold Steals
  • Standard Steal
  • M.P. Side Steal
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Deep Six 3 (2004)
11 2020 23
Steve Reynolds Tenkai Palm Replacement to top
11 2020 30
Edward Marlo Streamlined 007 "aka 007 Stops Counting"
Aces shown, one put on deck and it returns repeatedly, cards in hand change to Kings and cards on top of deck are shown to be Queens, Aces from pocket
Inspired by 12 2020 1
Edward Marlo, Carmen D'Amico Au Courant Card Switch using lap
Also published here 12 2020 3
Steve Reynolds Alternative 007 Switch
Inspired by 12 2020 6
Bob Veeser Aces and Back Aces in hand, one placed in back, it jumps back, repeated with other Aces
Variations 12 2020 10
Edward Marlo Aces and Back (Marlo's First Variation) Aces in hand, one placed in back, it jumps back, repeated with other Aces
Inspired by 12 2020 16
Edward Marlo Aces and Back (Marlo's Second Variation) Aces in hand, one placed in back, it jumps back, repeated with other Aces
Inspired by 12 2020 23
Steve Reynolds Action Ace Production
12 2020 29
Edward Marlo A Flourish to Reverse top and bottom shown, top card slides to bottom, brief
Also published here 12 2020 29
Edward Marlo Turn and Palm
Also published here 12 2020 31
Lee Lee Invisible Bottom Deal - Lee Lee's Variation
Inspired byVariations 13 2020 1
Steve Reynolds Reynold's Variation
  • Second Phase
  • Third Phase
  • Alternative Ending
Inspired by 13 2020 4
Edward Marlo Add to Devilish Miracle "A New Handling For the Five-Card Packet Used In Devilish Miracle"
Inspired by 13 2020 11
Steve Reynolds Bottom Placement Finesse
Related to
  • Jack Birnman's handling
Also published here
  • Mr. Gadfly magazine
13 2020 22
Edward Marlo Devils and Witches Reworked with repeat
Inspired by 13 2020 25
Steve Reynolds Application Note
Inspired by 13 2020 36
Ian Land Larretwist June 1980 setting each twist up with Larreverse
Related toVariations 14 2021 1
Ian Land Small Packet Larreverse
14 2021 2
Edward Marlo To Ian Land on twisting approaches, letter dated April 7th, 1982
Related to 14 2021 4
Steve Reynolds Trist on Twost with Direct Spreads spreads instead of counts, ends with Daley's Last Trick
Inspired byVariations 14 2021 8
Ian Land Larretwist with Spreads "(December 2020)", Ace through Four
Inspired by 14 2021 14
Ian Land One by One "(August 1983)", Ace through Four, diminishing twist plot: each card removed after it turns over, last card changes
Related to
  • sheet "Five Knuckle Shuffles" (Ian Land, 1984)
14 2021 17
Edward Marlo No Twist Twist diminishing twist plot: each card removed after it turns over, last card changes
  • Second Method
  • No Palming - No Lapping Method
14 2021 20
Edward Marlo Card Load loading Tenkai palmed card in center of deck
14 2021 25
Edward Marlo Barebones: OPEC Four Ace to Four in order
Also published here 14 2021 28
Edward Marlo Barebones: Repeat Code 345 Ace, Two, Three, Four
Also published here 14 2021 29
Edward Marlo Barebones: Combination Count
Related to 14 2021 30
Steve Reynolds Direct Twisted Collectors
Inspired by 14 2021 32
Steve Reynolds Direct Twist Coded Collectors with Ace through Four
14 2021 36
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