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Al Leech False Counts general comments
Handbook Of Card Sleights 16
Henry Christ Riffs of Henry Christ comments on
  • The Count of Elmsley
  • An Unsolved Mystery
  • The Lota Bowl Deck Switch
  • The Challenge
Hierophant (Issue 5-6) 253
Karl Fulves False Counts
Epilogue (Issue Special No 5) 297
Karl Fulves False Count Notes
Epilogue (Issue Special No 5) 312
Karl Fulves Impossible False Counts on count problems that have no good solution
The Topological False Count 4
Karl Fulves Notes For A Dollar doing false counts with bill between cards and other uses for bills
Related to Six Impromptu Card Tricks 27
Wesley James Counts
Pasteboard Perpensions 1
Wesley James Six New Counts chapter intro
Related to Pasteboard Perpensions 2
Jon Racherbaumer Useful Definitions
  • Count
  • Disposition
  • Plane State
Card Finesse II 56
Roberto Giobbi False Display Count Introduction
Card College — Volume 2 309
Tommy Wonder Counting Cards, Unnatural Rhythms and Other Problems
  • When Counting is Better
  • Not Always the Best Solution
The Books of Wonder — Volume 1 97
Roberto Giobbi False Display Counts, Part 2
Card College — Volume 3 593
Wesley James The Direction of False Count clarifying the counting direction
Enchantments 62
Wesley James Four-as-Four (Hiding Two, FAF-Two) Counts discussion of 4-as-4 counts
  • The FAF-Two C Count
Related to Enchantments 380
Harry Lorayne About Counts four-as-four counts in End Grip
  • The Center Switch Count
  • The Double Double Count
  • The Lorayne Count
Related to Special Effects 126
Tom Rose The Natural Count "The approach you are about to read increases any type of false count's deceptiveness massively!", commentary on false counts
From the Red Notebook 34