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Theodore Annemann A Story of Crime aces trap selection in deck, story presentation
VariationsAlso published here 1937 The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 28) 169
Theodore Annemann A Story of Crime aces trap selection in deck, story presentation
Also published here 1943 Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks 10
Edward Marlo Pre-Peeked Deuce Sandwich deuces placed in deck by spectator come together and trap selection, duplicate deuces, see comment on page 164
1969 Hierophant (Issue 2) 53
Harvey Rosenthal Instant Sandwich king on bottom and top, vanish and sandwich card in middle
Related to 1970 Epilogue (Issue 10) 77
Edward Marlo Fingertip Spread Sandwich sandwich cards inserted in tabled spread together, squared, selection appears between them
1970 Advanced Fingertip Control 91
Edward Marlo, Carmen D'Amico Pressed Between signed card pressed from top to center between sandwich cards
Related toVariations 1971 Kabbala — Volume 1 (Vol. 1 No. 4) 33
Harvey Rosenthal Applications - 2. of Side-Steal Placement, direct sandwich
1972 Epilogue (Issue 15 (Part 2)) 135
Karl Fulves The Phantom Kings from top in center
1973 Packet Switches (Part One) 10
John Quine Ace-X-Ace using card with divided back
1974 Card Cavalcade II 14
Edward Marlo The Delayed Sandwich first nothing between sandwich cards in spread, ribbon spread hide-out
1975 Hierophant (Issue 7 Resurrection Issue) 53
Karl Fulves Speed Trap mates face-down on top, selection dropped on top and instantly trapped
1975 Methods with Cards — Part 1 6
Karl Fulves King's Row two kings dropped on top of deck, top card instantly trapped
Related to 1975 Methods with Cards — Part 1 56
Karl Fulves The Shadow Knows deck spread face-down, jokers slapped on spread and selection appears trapped between them
1975 Methods with Cards — Part 1 72
Karl Fulves The Cage Effect visible sandwich, sandwich cards are placed perpendicular on deck, when lifted top card is between them
  • Notes On The Handling
  • Added Notes (impromptu method, paper clip addition)
Related to 1975 Methods with Cards — Part 2 117
Karl Fulves Jacks Be Nimble card on top of sandwich cards, trio pushed through deck (plunger), card now sandwiched, two methods
Related toVariations 1975 Methods with Cards — Part 3 161
Karl Fulves Kannibal Kards - Phase Two two jacks dropped on card on deck which is instantly sandwiched
1975 Kannibal Kards 2
Harvey Rosenthal Swindle Sandwich
1977 Packet Switches (Part Three) 133
Harvey Rosenthal Tilt Sandwich I - V sandwiched card on top of deck
1977 Packet Switches (Part Three) 144
Harvey Rosenthal For Cardmen Only "Swindle Sandwich" Variation
1977 Packet Switches (Part Three) 165
Harvey Rosenthal No Break Method "For Cardmen Only" Variation, see Additional Notes p. 168
1977 Packet Switches (Part Three) 167
Harvey Rosenthal Pressed Between mates in lower half, selection outjogged in upper half
1977 Packet Switches (Part Three) 178
Harvey Rosenthal Pressed Replacement see "Pressed Between"
1977 Packet Switches (Part Three) 180
Harvey Rosenthal Pressed Between #2 see "Pressed Between"
1977 Packet Switches (Part Three) 181
Harvey Rosenthal Jet Set mates on top
Related to 1977 Packet Switches (Part Three) 188
Harvey Rosenthal Outjogged Placement mates in upper half, outjogged selection in lower half
1977 Packet Switches (Part Three) 200
Harvey Rosenthal Oujogged Variation mates on top
1977 Packet Switches (Part Three) 201
Gene Maze Trapped In The Deck three cards perpendicular throughout
1977 Packet Switches (Part Five) 329
Ken Krenzel The Tilt Sandwich
1978 The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel 159
Martin A. Nash The Sandwich Center mates on top, signed card presentation
1979 Sleight Unseen 393
Martin A. Nash The Trapdoor Trip
1979 Sleight Unseen 394
Frank Simon Pass the Sandwich sandwich cards vanish from top and bottom and reappear around selection
Also published here 1979 Variations 33
Earl Nelson Submarine Sandwich sandwich cards outjogged near bottom, selection in upper part of deck, appears between sandwich cards
1979 Variations 39
Edward Marlo The Instant Trap
1980 Marlo's Magazine Volume 4 98
Edward Marlo Bluff Sandwich bluff pass force, dribble finesse
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1980 Hierophant (Issue The Last Hierophant) 62
John F. Mendoza The One Dollar Sandwich card cleanly appears in isolated sandwich
Inspired by
  • performance of Vic Trabucco
1980 John: Verse Two 57
Richard Kaufman Instant No-Shuffle Sandwich four handlings
Variations 1981 Cardworks 147
Derek Dingle Sandwich Stuff featuring Side Steal Placement
1982 The Complete Works of Derek Dingle 104
Peter Marshall Apocalypse Variations Or Additions instant sandwich
Inspired by Mar. 1983 Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 6 No. 3) 754
Jon Racherbaumer Audacious Sandwich
1983 The Collected Almanac (Vol. 1 No. Summer Extra) 97
Paul Hallas Repeat Bluff Sandwich extension
Inspired by Feb. 1983 Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 8) 1083
Frank Simon Pass the Sandwich sandwich cards vanish from top and bottom and reappear around selection
Also published here 1983 Versatile Card Magic 19
Frank Simon Elevator Sandwich selection out-jogged, sandwich cards on top shown, selection pushed flush and appears between sandwich cards
Related to 1983 Versatile Card Magic 140
Edward Marlo Faked Convincing Control cards apparently in different parts of fan
1984 Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 127
Ben Harris Apocalypse Variations Or Additions
Inspired by July 1984 Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 7 No. 7) 947
William P. Miesel The Fastest Sandwich in the World
1985 Arcane (Issue 13) 174
Jean Hugard Easy Finders
1985 The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 4) 30
Ben Harris The Floating Sandwich card injogged in center rises visibly between two sandwich cards on top
1986 1 a.m. The Sequel 13
Justin Higham Jacks Be Quick card on top of sandwich cards, trio pushed through deck (plunger), card now sandwiched
Inspired byRelated to Jan. 1986 The Card Man-uscript (Issue 3) 27
Justin Higham Jacks Be Quick card on top of sandwich cards, trio pushed through deck (plunger), card now sandwiched
  • Second Method
Inspired byRelated to 1987 Inside Out (Issue 2) 11
Edward Marlo A Worthwhile Conclusion sandwich cards in center out-jogged, selection placed on top and squared, sandwich cards pushed through and selection comes out face up and sandwiched
Inspired by 1987 Inside Out (Issue 2) 12
Karl Fulves Slapjack widely separated sandwich cards come to trap selection, sandwich cards remain outjogged, with variations
Related to 1989 Kaleidoscope 48
Harvey Rosenthal Rosenthal Straddle Trap selection in upper half appears in face-up sandwich in lower half
1989 The Multiple Shift 6
Karl Fulves Recapture card appears between top two black Aces with unusual presentation
1989 The Multiple Shift 8
Karl Fulves Full Court Press widely separated sandwich cards come to trap selection, sandwich cards remain outjogged, with "bluff spacing" for visible variation
Related to 1989 The Multiple Shift 32
Chris Power Subtiles Sandwich spectator peeks at a card, later puts two Jokers together in deck, selection appears between them
1990 Laid Back in Graz 1990 18
Edward Marlo Second Sandwich - Bluff Sandwich
Also published here 1991 Synergistic Sandwiches 4
Edward Marlo Third Sandwich - The Submarine Sandwich selection outjogged near top of deck, sandwich cards near bottom, pushed in, instant sandwich, cull
Related to
  • Frank Simon method in "Versatile Card Magic"
1991 Synergistic Sandwiches 6
Jon Racherbaumer, Eric Eicher Road-Runner Sevens "Fast/Faster/Fastest", three phases, last phase "Hull Version" (signed card type), Six & Seven pseudo duplicates
Inspired by 1991 Synergistic Sandwiches 8
Peter Duffie Double Decker Jokers travel down to sandwich two selections
Inspired by
  • "Predict Wich" (Jerry Sadowitz, Magic, July 1992)
1993 Card Selection 2
Karl Fulves Techni-Trap duplicate sandwich card, also with odd-backed sandwich cards
1994 Crooked Tales 41
Karl Fulves Trapped By Strangers odd-backed sandwich cards
1994 Crooked Tales 43
Karl Fulves Strangers Call odd-backed sandwich cards, two selections
1994 Crooked Tales 45
Karl Fulves In Captivity signed card trapped by odd-backed sandwich cards, then the sandwich cards have regular back and selection an odd back
1994 Crooked Tales 47
Ray Kosby Venus Flytrap cards outjogged near the bottom visually sandwich card near the top
1994 Tricks 3
Karl Fulves First Future card sandwiched in center with sandwich cards outjogged, top card shown and moved to bottom, when sandwiched card is pulled out it is this selection
Related to 1994 Rigmarole (Issue 8) 94
Roger Crosthwaite Purist Sandwich
Inspired by 1994 Roger's Thesaurus 100
Joe Rindfleisch Upward Mobility Sandwich card outjogged, mates jogged on top
Feb. 1995 Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 18 No. 2) 2461
Joe Rindfleisch Recycling Tilt similar to "Upward Mobility Sandwich"
May 1995 Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 18 No. 5) 2504
Aaron Fisher The Illusion Control in context of sandwich routine, mates face-up on top and selection appears between them
Also published here Nov. 1995 Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 18 No. 11) 2569
Darwin Ortiz Beyond Sleight of Hand
Related to 1995 Cardshark 44
Aaron Fisher Sexy Sadie's Sandwich mates face-up on top and selection appears between them
1995 The Sleight Album 15
Karl Fulves Rise as Addition
1996 New Card Rises 61
Frederick Braue Who, Me? blank card with message by murderer is found between aces in deck, story presentation
Inspired by 1996 The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 7) 9
James Swain Gorilla in the Middle card appears between sandwich cards, ungaffed
Inspired by
  • "Monkey in the Middle" (Bill Goldman)
1996 Miracles with Cards 120
Meir Yedid Lose It - Find It
Apr. 1997 Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 20 No. 4) 2779
Ken Krenzel Poles Apart widely separated black Twos come together to sandwich selection, then travel away again, two double facers
1997 Ingenuities 175
Ken Krenzel Sand-Witches red queens disappear face up from deck, reappear in middle sandwiching selection
1997 Ingenuities 179
William Goodwin Lunch with Leipzig
1997 The Ancient Empty Street 2
Peter Duffie The Spectator Makes a Sandwich! Hands off multiple sandwich, find two cards
Inspired by 1997 Effortless Card Magic 120
Joshua Jay Knuckle Sandwich Aces Two cards lost in deck, four Aces suddenly appear face up in deck and sandwiches both cards (no moves)
Related to 1999 Magic Atlas 64
Justin Higham Pressed Between Again card from top vanishes and is found between sandwich cards
Inspired by 1999 Collected Card Notes 98
Karl Fulves Name An Ace aces face-up in different parts, they sandwich named black ace, presented as Thrust effect
2001 The Magic Thrust 3
Karl Fulves Blackjacked aces cut into different parts of deck sandwich 2 named picture cards
2001 The Magic Thrust 5
Karl Fulves Timed To Trap two cards reversed together in middle, card chosen, instantly sandwiched, sandwiched card is forced
2001 The Magic Thrust 23
Peter Duffie The Keepers of the Secrets Ace through Ten of Diamonds, one selected, packet dropped onto two black Jacks, selection suddenly sandwiched between Jacks
  • Face Up Version
Inspired by 2001 Cards By All Means 3
Jack Avis No rough monkey sandwich cards on top of deck, selection appears between them
Inspired by
  • "Monkey in the Middle" (Bill Goldman)
2002 Ahead of the Pack 102
Euan Bingham Just Another Sandwich Trick
2003 Free From Filler 1
Wesley James A Hand Too Few "beta", two mates held in right hand, deck in left hand and spectator peeks at a card, immediately a card appears between sandwich cards in other hand, it is the selection
2004 Enchantments 263
Jay Sankey Just Joking Jokers disappear from deck to sandwich selection in center, sandwich removed, selection vanishes and reappears reversed in deck
2004 Sankey Unleashed 42
Tyler Wilson Dirty Stinkin' Ape In The Middle
Also published here 2005 Just be Glad my Name isn't Greg 36
Tyler Wilson Dirty Stinkin' Ape in the Middle
Also published here 2006 Dominatricks 56
Michael Powers Double Decker Sandwich Bluff Sandwich, selection tabled, repeat with transposition with tabled first selection, duplicate
Inspired by 2006 Power Plays 161
Ken Krenzel Build It Yourself sandwich in spectator's hands
2009 Relaxed Impossibilities 179
Rich Aviles Bystander out-of-hand sandwich
2010 Above the Fold 36
Tom Gagnon Pam Sandwich using Gagnon Spread Control and Top Card Cover Slide Maneuver
2011 Avant-Cards 101
John Born, Tony Chang My Ladies Sandwich effect, red Queens appear around the selection as table spread is flipped over
Related to 2012 Seeking the Bridge 148
Tom Gagnon Slippery Sandwich black on top and bottom, card peeked at, deck cut, selection sandwiched
2013 Too Hot for the Devil 62
Pit Hartling Catch Me If You Can named card is found with sandwich cards in a deck, then in a second deck that hasn't been touched, with "Alternative handlings":
  • Culling and forcing the detectives
  • No culling needed: Two memorized decks
  • Security method: No memorization necessary
2016 In Order to Amaze 16
So Sato Outsourcing Sandwich two aces distributed in deck come together to trap selection
2016 The Secrets of So Sato 170
John Hostler $13 Card to Wallet sandwich effect with selection, then whole deck is sandwiched behind back (gag), selection in wallet, travels in wallet again with wallet on the table
Related to 2016 Magnum Opossum 12
Harry Lorayne The Lorayne Force force card under fan, card touched, sandwich application
2017 JawDroppers! Two 47
Mathieu Bich 3rd Hand Sandwich Jokers placed on top and bottom of deck, when pulled away, card appear between them
Apr. 2018 Elixir (Vol. 1 No. 4 (Spring #1)) 50
Tom Gagnon Isolated Sandwich three parts of the deck spread, Mates and selection put one in each spread, all gathered, selection now sandwiched
2019 Gagnon Unfiltered 204
Tom Gagnon Three-Point Landing selection lost and spread on table, sandwich cards placed on top and deck gathered, selection sandwiched
Variations 2019 Gagnon Unfiltered 298
Tom Gagnon Air Strike using ribbon spread technique, Jet Stream
Inspired by 2019 Gagnon Unfiltered 300
Helder Guimarães The Empty Space "Worth Waiting For"
thought-of card appears between two Jokers in center of deck
Inspired by
  • "The Sculpture" (Helder Guimarães, Red Mirror DVD, 2010)
2019 Secret Language — Volume 1 256