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Unknown Just Once More - The Aces one palm
1933 Card Manipulations (Issue 1) 16
Unknown The Migratory Aces with travelers finale
1940 Expert Card Technique 252
Unknown The Run Around Aces stranger card
1940 Expert Card Technique 378
Dr. Jacob Daley, Paul LePaul The Bashful Queens Three Queens on the table change to indifferent cards. All four Queens are found in four different pockets
Related toVariations 1949 The Card Magic of Le Paul 179
Dai Vernon The Travelers
Variations 1950 Stars of Magic (Vol. 6 No. 3) 97
Edward Marlo Cards to Pockets II three cards to three different pockets
1952 Control Systems 93
Milton Kort The Travelers (Lazy Man's Style) no palm, duplicates
Related to 1953 The Phoenix 251 — 300 (Issue 293) 1173
Roy Walton Eight Ladies? four Queens are found then placed on table where they change into Eights, Queens found in four different pockets
Inspired by 1955 Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1955) 21
Harry Lorayne Magician vs. Gambler cards to pocket finale
Related toVariations 1964 Personal Secrets 27
Dai Vernon The Migratory Cards Travelers
1970 Expanded Lecture Notes 12
Dai Vernon Telekinetic Cards Travelers with envelope finale
1970 Expanded Lecture Notes 34
Allan Ackerman Mass Transit only one palm
1971 The Esoterist 26
Allan Ackerman Simplex Travelers
1971 The Esoterist 29
Allan Ackerman C.T.A.
1971 The Esoterist 30
Allan Ackerman Suggestions handling tips
1971 The Esoterist 31
Edward Marlo New Aces To Pockets
Also published here 1971 Hierophant (Issue 5-6) 299
Brother John Hamman Double Surprise Elevator Ace through Four of Spades in row on table, rise to top of packet, change to Hearts and the Spades cards are in three pockets and on chair of performer
Summer 1972 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 7 No. 7th Folio) 532
Edward Marlo Needed a Title aces transform to tens and to aces, tens from different pockets, standing and sitting version
1974 The Unexpected Card Book 186
Dai Vernon Palming early version of "The Travellers"
1976 The First California Lecture 4
Edward Marlo The Sting Gambler vs. Magician, no palm cards to pockets climax
1976 Kabbala — Volume 3 (Vol. 3 No. 12) 150
Rick Johnsson Armchair Travelers Aces travel to pockets and change back color, seated
1976 Practical Impossibilities 25
Edward Marlo Marlo's Impact combo using Aces, envelopes with holes, Kings, pockets
  • 1st method
  • 2nd method (With No Gaffed Envelopes)
Inspired byVariations 1977 Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 11
Edward Marlo Transposition - Transition - Reproduction fours to fives, combo
1977 Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 322
Dai Vernon Note Travelers as follow-up for Matching the Cards
1977 Matching the Cards 9
Karl Fulves Sidelines credit information on the following plots
  • Magician Makes Good
  • The Travelers
1977 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. Close-Up Folio #9) 1020
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Travelers two methods
Related to
  • Daley Notebooks, #340
1977 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. Close-Up Folio #9) 1021
Gordon Bruce The Tired Travellers seated, two cards
June 1979 Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 6) 695
Dr. Jacob Daley, Frank Garcia "Doc" Daley's Masterpiece: The Gambler and the Magician
Variations 1980 Exclusive Card Secrets 50
Edward Marlo Quadruple Fingertip Cards to Pocket four peeked cards to four different pockets, double facer with divided cards on one side
1980 Hierophant (Issue The Last Hierophant) 50
Danny Korem Seven Signed Cards to the Pocket to pockets, teeth, wallet, pendulum holdout
Related to 1980 The Upside Down Toppit — Volume II 4
Harry Lorayne Lorayne's Magician Vs Gambler cards to pocket finale, more thorough description
Inspired by 1980 Lecture Notes 16
Richard Kaufman Quadruple Fingertip Cards to Pockets duplicates and four-way-forcing deck
1981 Cardworks 140
Stephen Tucker QuadraQueen 3 matching the cards with Travelers finale, using a coin
Variations 1981 Spell-Binder (Vol. 1 No. 3) 43
David Solomon Pre-set Reset travelers kicker
Variations 1982 Sessions 82
Juan Tamariz Ases Viajeros last Ace appears in impossible pocket, various ideas, half of one Ace found in pocket other half in purse
1982 Magia Potagia — Volume II 18
Steve Biller Mr. Biller's Wild Ride twisting with transformation kicker and cards to case, pockets, under spectator
Variations 1983 A Close-Up Kinda Guy 40
Edward Marlo No Palm Travelers signed, topit on both sides
1984 Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 305
Edward Marlo Almost No Palm Travelers
1984 Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 307
Jerry Sadowitz The Five of Diamonds oil and queens, followed by royal couples into pockets
Related to 1984 Cards Hit 24
Larry Jennings Ambidextrous Travellers for the Elmsley credit see p. 48 of Marlo's Magazine 6
Related toVariations 1986 The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings 233
Alfonso The Vanishing Traveler travelers with deck to pocket climax
Related to 1987 Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 1 No. 11&12) 27
Roberto Giobbi Ein abgekartetes ... Risiko matching the cards with Travelers finale, stand-up presentation with glasses
Inspired by 1987 Card Stories 4
Steve Draun The Nouveau Travellers old structure, new sleights
Also published here 1987 The Magic of Steve Draun 13
Thomas Hierling Reset vs. Gambler Aces change to Kings, then back and Kings found in pockets
Inspired by 1987 New Wave Close-Up 31
Roberto Giobbi Die Ärmelwanderung der Asse travelers with last card to wallet
1987 Fantasia in As-Dur 30
José Carroll Travellers... Through the Case signed Aces from cased deck to four pockets
  • Variations
    • First Variation
    • Second Version (Lightning Version)
Also published here 1988 52 Lovers 105
Edward Marlo Ace 2-3-4 to Pockets ambidextrous travelers
Inspired by 1988 Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 48
Edward Marlo The Effect multiple sandwich with queens, change to kings, they vanish, queens and kings in four pockets
1988 Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 53
Jerry Sadowitz The Card that doesn't go to Pocket card to pocket with repeat in which deck except selection travels to different pockets
1989 Cards on the Table 64
David Williamson Double-Time Travelers two aces produced at a time
Inspired by 1989 Williamson's Wonders 64
Karl Fulves Excursion Aces pushed into different parts of deck, deck slapped, only Aces remain and deck traveled to four pockets, posed as problem
1989 The Multiple Shift 37
Randy Wakeman A Frantic Tumble & A Shy Goodbye transformation kicker and Aces in different pockets
Inspired by 1989 Randy Wakeman Presents 144
Hippie Torrales Queen's Tour Queens change backs and to Aces, Queens travel into pockets
Mar. 1990 Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 13 No. 3) 1756
Bruce Cervon, Alex Elmsley The Fabulous Cards to Pocket three cards, clean without duplicates
Inspired by 1990 Ultra Cervon 59
John Bannon Tourist Class Travellers
1990 Impossibilia 25
John Bannon Travelling Jack's Sideshow Aces jacks vanish from their packets, fourth packet transforms into aces, jacks from pockets
1990 Impossibilia 28
Michael Ammar The Pocket 'o Mystery three cards to pant pockets and fly
1990 Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 3 No. 1-5 Aspen Bar Magic) 31
Alexander de Cova Traveller's Triumph using body servante
1990 Das Buch zur Body-Servante 20
Wesley James WJ Travellers
1990 Stop Fooling Us Lecture Notes 5
David Solomon One, Two, Three, Four Exchange four signed Jacks on the table change places one by one with the Ace, Two, Three and Four of Clubs previously placed in four different pockets. Then, the Ace, Two, Three and Four travel back to the pockets again.
Inspired byAlso published here 1990 David Solomon T.A.O.M. Convention 7
Michael Powers Squeezing the Jacks twisting routine with four Jacks, they change into Aces, Jacks are found in different places
Inspired by 1990 Top Secret Stuff 16
Edward Marlo Topping Mental Topper - Fourth Effect four spectators think of four cards like before, they vanish and are produced from four pockets
1990 Cardfixes 196
Larry Jennings Gambler’s Kings to Magician’s Pockets Kings change to Aces, Kings produced from different pockets,
Also published here 1990 Up in Smoke and Other Tantalizing Mysteries 4
Larry Jennings Up in Smoke only four cards in hand, they vanish with a puff of cigarette smoke and reappear in four pockets, two methods
Also published here 1990 Up in Smoke and Other Tantalizing Mysteries 12
Edward Marlo Gambler Versus Olram
1991 The Olram File (Issue 6) 11
Jon Racherbaumer Cabbages & Kings Aces removed, change to Kings one by one, back to Aces and Kings from pocket, then packet elevator, then Open Travellers
Inspired by 1991 Cabbages & Kings 1
Jack Carpenter Multiplex Reset Reset combined with double Travelers
Related toVariations 1992 Modus Operandi 21
Alexander de Cova Traveller's Triumph using body servante
1992 Ein Profi packt aus... 148
Steve Draun Nouveau Travelers old structure, new sleights
Also published here 1993 Secrets Draun from Underground 122
William Goodwin Pickpocket Collectors Kings in hand, three selections in different pockets, selection appear between Kings, Kings vanish and travel to pockets
1993 Notes from the Batcave 1
Peter Duffie Mind Games Aces change to Kings between two Jokers one by one, then back to Aces, Kings at different places
Inspired by 1993 Applications 20
Alex Elmsley En Voyage Ace to Three travel to pocket one by one, then all to different pockets
Variations 1994 The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley — Volume 2 233
Darwin Ortiz The Showdown quite strong
Related to 1995 Cardshark 128
Aaron Fisher Here, There, and Everywhere first the Kings travel to the pockets, then the whole deck disappears, leaving only the Kings and a previously selected card
Also published here 1995 The Sleight Album 10
Steve Bedwell Subtle Travellers using tube from breast pocket to outer pocket
Related to 1995 ca. Parked Card and Other Manoeuvres 9
Michael Close Stupid Travelers comedy presentation, ambidextrous travelers in which spectator has jacket on and removes cards as finale
Variations 1996 Workers Number 5 110
Jon Racherbaumer While Waiting For Godot Aces change to Kings and back, kings to pocket, followed by more routines, see below
Related to 1996 Facsimile (Issue 4) 31
James Swain Gambler's Miracle four Kings on table change to Aces, Kings in different pockets
Inspired by 1996 Miracles with Cards 52
Baltazar Fuentes Phantom Kings Kings change to Aces, three Kings removed from pockets, Aces change into last King, Aces from different pockets, three duplicates
1996 Arempi 7
Larry Jennings Invisible Palm Aces to Pocket travellers-combo
  • Version One
  • Version Two
1997 Jennings '67 195
Ken Krenzel Gravity Travelers
1997 Ingenuities 161
Steve Bedwell Repeat Cards to Pocket travelers, using tube from breast pocket to outer pocket, with repetition
Related to 1997 The Trapdoor — Volume Three (Issue 66) 1334
Karl Fulves Commuter Cards "Unsolved Mysteries"
two-deck travelers, spectator distributes Aces in his pockets, performer makes Aces vanish from his deck and pulls them out of matching pockets, posed as a problem
Variations 1997 The Fine Print (Issue 6) 147
David Solomon Unhappy Student (A, 2, 3, 4 Exchange) with Travelers kicker, three double facers
Also published here 1997 Solomon's Mind 107
Tom Craven Solution to Commuter Cards two-deck travelers, spectator distributes Aces in his pockets, performer makes Aces vanish from his deck and pulls them out of matching pockets
Inspired by 1998 The Fine Print (Issue 7) 201
Guy Hollingworth Travellers
1999 Drawing Room Deceptions 62
Milton Kort Travelers Without Palms Lazy version of Travelers
Inspired byRelated to 1999 Kort 109
Karl Fulves Supplementary Note simplified Travellers with only one palm, four Aces are paper clipped and put in trouser pocket, then removed from different pockets
1999 Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks 35
Tom Stone Ambivalent Travellers travelers with two torn cards (four pieces)
Also published here 2000 ...at first sight 4
John Cornelius Instant Travelers one palm, topit
2001 The Award-Winning Magic of John Cornelius 15
Marc DeSouza I'd Give My Right Arm To Be Ambidextrous with repeat, stop watch presentation
Inspired by 2001 DeSouza's DeCeptions 95
David Acer The First Ace Revisited alternative handling
2001 DeSouza's DeCeptions 110
Aaron Fisher Here, There, and Everywhere first the Kings travel to the pockets, then the whole deck disappears, leaving only the Kings and a previously selected card
Also published here 2002 The Paper Engine 119
Darwin Ortiz Hitchcock Travelers signed tabled Aces are removed from pockets, cards on table have changed to previous selections
Inspired by
  • "Private Conference" (René Lavand, Magic from the Soul)
Related to
  • Strong Magic, p. 201
2002 Scams & Fantasies with Cards 112
Bob King Challenge Cards to Pocket
2002 The Breather 3 6
Bob King Magician v. Gambler four Queens produced and signed, then matching the cards with travelers finale
Related to 2002 The Breather 3 15
Wesley James Named Travelers "final", named four-of-a-kind appears on top, then travelers
2004 Enchantments 125
Wesley James Follow That Card II "alpha"
Phase I: Ace through Four of Clubs & Spades are sympathetic, with additional red cards in play
Phase II: repeat variation
Phase III: follow the leader with the two four-card packets
Phase IV: four spades put in different pockets, clubs vanish and reappear with spades as pairs in pocket
Inspired by
  • "Follow That Card" (Bro. John Hamman, marketed item)
2004 Enchantments 208
Justin Hanes Fast Forward Aces deck vanish finale
2004 Mystery Engineering 13
Dave Campbell Lazy Travellers single palm, duplicates
2004 The Dave Campbell Legacy 313
Larry Jennings Gambler's Kings To Magician's Pockets Kings change to Aces, Kings produced from different pockets
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 2005 Up In Smoke 11
Larry Jennings Up In Smoke only four cards in hand, they vanish with a puff of cigarette smoke and reappear in 4 pockets, two methods
Also published here 2005 Up In Smoke 50
Allan Ackerman Finesse the Finessed Travelers including a deck switch
Related to 2005 Ackerman 2004 23
Allan Ackerman The Prequel and Sequel aces transpose with card in pocket, McDonald's Aces is performed, aces travel to pockets, designed to ring double facers in and out
2005 Ackerman 2004 32
Allan Ackerman An Impromptu Finesse the Finessed
Inspired by 2005 Ackerman 2004 53
Allan Ackerman No Palm Travelers Kings signed and lost, then cut to, change to Aces, Kings from pockets, handling updated in 2005
2005 How to Tame a Moose 24
Erik Nordvall Twisting Travellers Four Queens turn face down one by one and then change to Aces. Two Queens found in the deck, two Queens in two different pockets. Then Aces are gone, and found in four different pockets.
2006 Erik Nordvall Lecture Notes Asia 2006 7
Darwin Ortiz Deck to Pocket Climax for Travelers
2006 Designing Miracles 96
Harvey Cohen Simple Travelers
2007 Best of Friends — Volume III 253
Edward Marlo New Aces to Pockets
Also published here 2007 Marlo on Erdnase 190
Steve Reynolds Mr Fogg Tracked Down Travelers with a minimal-palm approach
Inspired by 2009 Route 52 65
Tom Stone Tracking Mr. Fogg thoughts on Ambidextrous Travellers plot
Inspired by 2010 Vortex 79
Tom Stone Ambivalent Travelers travelers with two torn cards (four pieces)
Also published here 2010 Vortex 83
Tom Stone Mr. Fogg four signed cards travel into one pocket, then in different pockets
2010 Vortex 95
John Guastaferro, Alfonso Post-Production: An optional kicker
Inspired by 2010 One Degree 13
Troy Hooser Troy-velers Travelers, four signed cards, travel to pockets and wallet, with one transformation
Inspired by 2010 Moments 98
Darwin Ortiz Doppelganger travelers, suits according to spectator's wishes
Inspired by 2012 Lessons in Card Mastery 197
Allan Ackerman Another Ride on the Mass Transit
2012 The Cardjurer 61
Benjamin Earl Travelling Isolation
2013 Less is More 2 15
Steven Hamilton Tough Travellers ambidextrous travelers in which spectator has jacket on and removes cards as finale
Inspired by 2013 The Magic of Steven Hamilton 49
Michael Vincent A Study of a Classical Plot discussion of Travelers and the evolution of this routine
2013 The Ultimate Travelers 7
Michael Vincent The Ultimate Travelers routine comprised of the following three phases
Inspired by 2013 The Ultimate Travelers 13
Michael Vincent Phase Three: The Travelers - The Ultimate Challenge clean, set up during previous phase
2013 The Ultimate Travelers 23
Michael Vincent Credits and Inspirational Sources comments on various published handlings of "The Travelers" and card to pocket routines
2013 The Ultimate Travelers 31
Christian Scherer Die fehlende Seite travelers routine, using topit
2014 Schlaglichter 306
Benjamin Earl Followers for finale deck vanishes and leaves last Ace behind
2015 F for Fiction 12
Karl Fulves The Bicycle Thief four Kings signed on back are placed in different pockets, then performer cuts to four Kings in deck which do not have signatures, then the signatures appear on them, they are lost and then removed from the pockets
2015 The Lowdown (Issue 1) 17
Roberto Giobbi Flashback (Cutback) plot idea
2016 Hidden Agenda (Issue May 12) 136
Roberto Giobbi A Comedy of Errors Queens change into other matching set, Queens from different pockets, standup staging with glasses
2016 Standup Card Magic 144
Dai Vernon The Travelers updated handling
Inspired by 2018 The Magic of Johnny Thompson (Issue 1) 176
Dai Vernon, Paul LePaul Card to Envelope Finale
Related to 2018 The Magic of Johnny Thompson (Issue 1) 180
Johnny Thompson Travelers Suggestions
  • wallet finale (Ron Wilson's Washington Wallet)
  • using selections
  • using named four-of-a-kind
  • without jacket into back pockets
2018 The Magic of Johnny Thompson (Issue 1) 182
Allan Ackerman Traveling the Crossroads Aces signed, spectator selects four cards with turn out to be Jacks, all cards lost and Aces travel into different pockets
Inspired by
  • "Cross-Road Travelers" (Steve Reynolds, Seek 52)
2019 Card Theater 81
Yves Carbonnier Jack et les Joueurs de Poker magician vs. gambler, Aces change to Kings, then to Eights, Aces found in pockets and Kings in sealed envelope
2019 Grand Livre de Cartomagie 128
Helder Guimarães Ode to Impossibility with three signed cards
2019 Secret Language — Volume 1 144
José Carroll Travelers through the Card Case signed Aces from cased deck to four pockets
  • Variations
    • The First Variation
    • The Second Version (The Lightning Version)
Also published here 2019 52 Lovers — Through the Looking-Glass 166
Bébel In the Pocket! Aces travel from center of deck to four pockets, then change to Kings, Aces back in center of deck
May 2020 Elixir (Vol. 3 No. 1 Part 2 (Spring #2)) 268
Andi Gladwin Castle Jacks
  • Even More Memory Man (shuffled deck apparently memorized, naming position of selection, finding four-of-a-kind)
  • Glassical Assembly (Jacks signed and put in glass, three removed one at a time to make them vanish on deck, reappear in glass)
  • Travelers (with deck vanish finale)
Inspired by
  • "More Memory Man" (Joel Givens, Session, 2007)
2020 The Boy Who Cried Magic 187
Steve Reynolds Travelers Introduction comments on the plot
2020 Output (Issue 8) 1
Steve Reynolds Off-Beat Travelers dummy cards in pocket
Inspired by
  • Travelers in J. K. Hartman's "Card Craft" (1991)
2020 Output (Issue 8) 2
Steve Reynolds Tech-Less Multiplex Reset Interchange effect, then both quartets brought together, one vanishes and is back in pockets
Inspired by 2020 Output (Issue 8) 8
Edward Marlo Easy and Convincing Gambler's Kings to Pockets Kings change to Aces, Kings produced from different pockets
Inspired by 2020 Output (Issue 10) 14
John Carney Four Gone bare-handed routine, four Aces appear and vanish one at a time, then come from different pockets
Inspired by 2020 Sleights & Insights 118
Steve Reynolds Beyond the Wild Travelers Reset combined with double Travelers
Inspired by 2021 Output (Issue 15) 12