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T. Nelson Downs Side Steal directly to top
The Art of Magic 144
John Henry Anderson A Link with the Past
(The J.H. Anderson Slip)
side steal to bottom
Farelli's Card Magic — Part Two 63
Jean Hugard The Side Slip two methods
Expert Card Technique 31
Max Malini Two Covers for the Side Slip
Expert Card Technique 33
Max Malini Malini's Side Slip palm or to top
Expert Card Technique 33
Jean Hugard The Bottom Side Slip to the bottom
Expert Card Technique 35
Eddie Joseph The Side Steal card not palmed, only held with tips of fourth finger and thumb
Greater Card Tricks 13
Arthur H. Buckley Side-Bottom Pass side steal to bottom
Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 3 183
Arthur H. Buckley Buckley's Single Card Shift to bottom after peek
Card Control 25
Unknown The Extraordinary Queens using kind of covered side steal for sandwich effect
Card Control 86
Arthur H. Buckley Covered Side-Steal precursor
Card Control 173
Unknown Side Steal side steal to weird palm
Card Control 82
Bill Simon Cover for the Side Slip covered side steal, to second from the top
Effective Card Magic 112
Edward Marlo The Deliberate Side-Steal see Note 2 on p. 58
Variations Side Steal 5
Edward Marlo The Curled Forefinger finesse for "The Deliberate Side-Steal"
Side Steal 7
Edward Marlo The Bold Steal while showing that selection is not on top or bottom and other handlings, see Note 3 on p. 58
Related to Side Steal 9
Edward Marlo A Slight Difference small packet side steal handling, Pinch Technique
Side Steal 13
Edward Marlo The Clip Steal
Variations Side Steal 22
Edward Marlo Clip Steal to Bottom
Related to Side Steal 24
Edward Marlo Side Steal to Bottom six methods
Related to Side Steal 29
Edward Marlo To the Top Tenkai Steals to top, two methods
Side Steal 37
Edward Marlo First Cover Up with cover card
Side Steal 48
Edward Marlo Side Steal Cover Ups historic note on Covered Side Steals
Side Steal 47
Bill Simon Another Handling cover card side steal
Side Steal 49
Edward Marlo Clip Steal Cover Up cover card steal and applications, see Notes 6, 7 on p. 59
Side Steal 50
Edward Marlo Note 9 note on psychology of Side Steal
Side Steal 59
Edward Marlo Note note on approachment of right hand
Side Steal 60
Arthur H. Buckley Bottom Clip Steal clip steal to bottom from "Triple Climax" ("Thirty Card Effect", written by Fitzkee), brief
Side Steal 22
Edward Marlo The Side-Steal
Side Steal 1
Cliff Green Topping the Pass extraction and replacement while showing bottom card
Professional Card Magic 24
Max Malini The Side Slip side steal, not palmed
Malini and His Magic 71
Dr. Jacob Daley Incomplete Side Steal as a production in which deck cuts itself at selection when dropped on table
Epilogue (Issue 10) 75
Edward Marlo An Important Tip using secret incomplete faro condition to facilitate side steal
Advanced Fingertip Control 76
Dai Vernon Hints on the Side Steal getting card out of deck
Expanded Lecture Notes 11
Derek Dingle Side-Steal Placement to known position near top or bottom of deck
Epilogue (Issue 15 (Part 2)) 133
Russell T. Barnhart Spread Side-Slip No. 15, side steal to bottom with Master Palm, see also page 59 for second-to-bottom variation
The Master Palm 37
Jerry Andrus The Clip Slip
Variations Andrus Card Control 26
Jerry Andrus Drag Strip card steal, center
Andrus Card Control 32
Jerry Andrus Side Steal
Andrus Card Control 32
Jerry Andrus Side Shift sort of a side steal
Andrus Card Control 36
Jerry Andrus Stainless Steal
Andrus Card Control 45
Jerry Andrus Banded Stainless Steal steal with rubber band
Andrus Card Control 46
Roger Smith Outjog Sidesteal to top
The Ultimate Card Book No. 1 13
Martin A. Nash The Triple Clip-Steal different replacement methods
Sleight Unseen 339
Harry Lorayne One Good Turn center block shift to top
Variations Quantum Leaps 164
Richard Kaufman Delayed Spread Side Steal
CardMagic 32
Slydini The Slydini Invisible Pass side steal type, also for single card from bottom to top
The Magical World of Slydini 29
John Carney Tabled Side Steal transferring bottom card of tabled packet to top with master palm
Conjuror's Journal 12
Edward Marlo The Fingertip Steal from center to top
Marlo's Magazine Volume 4 95
Edward Marlo Another Fingertip Side Steal
Marlo's Magazine Volume 4 99
John Murray Trip From Center top card cover side steal using clip palm
Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 3 No. 2) 303
Edward Marlo Covered Side Steal
The Command Performance - Premier Issue 10
Dr. Jacob Daley Incomplete Side Steal plus applications
  • Variation In Handling
Related to Side Steal 9
Derek Dingle Side Steal Placement to known position
Side Steal 34
Karl Fulves Steal to Place peeked card is placed (for example at twenty-six)
Side Steal 58
Karl Fulves Simple Side Steal with shuffle
Side Steal 3
Karl Fulves The Buckle Steal method for pushing out card
Side Steal 5
Karl Fulves Modified Side Steal card is transfered to tabled packet
Side Steal 14
Karl Fulves Cut and Steal card is transfered to tabled packet
Side Steal 18
Karl Fulves Cut and Double Steal card is transfered to tabled packet
Side Steal 20
Karl Fulves Control to the Bottom
Side Steal 38
John Northern Hilliard Hilliard's Side Steal
  • Notes By Karl Fulves
Side Steal 51
Harvey Rosenthal New Theory Side Steal in essence a method for sidejogging a block
Side Steal 53
Ken Simmons Center Clip Control clip side steal to bottom with decoy moment
Cards — With a Different Touch 18
Edward Marlo Covered Side Steal
Encore II 26
Karl Fulves Learning To Steal
Side Steal 1
Derek Dingle Side Steal Placement to known position
The Complete Works of Derek Dingle 103
J. C. Doty Side Steal a la Doty covered, very similar to Simon's handling
Related to Fork Full of Appetizers 7
Edward Marlo The Two-Second Side Steal squaring action without right hand leaving deck, optional immediate replacement
Marlo without Tears 5
Edward Marlo Second Method
Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 163
Edward Marlo The Invisible Side-Steal angly
Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 165
Edward Marlo Pivot Steal and Replacement
Related to Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 166
Edward Marlo Technical Variant Side-Steal variation of Dan McMillen Steal from "The Gambler's Palm Revisited"
Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 167
Edward Marlo First Application one-handed against body, push-out technique
Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 171
Edward Marlo The Fingertip Peek Steal fingertip peek handling, to top or Tenkai palm
Related to Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 173
Martin A. Nash The Triple Clip Steal to near bottom
The New York Magic Symposium — Collection 3 47
Frederick Braue Another FB Sidesteal card starts out side-jogged (1936)
The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 1) 15
Frederick Braue FB Sidesteal only little finger pushes out card (1937)
The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 2) 9
T. Nelson Downs Downs Sidesteal first finger break
The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 2) 15
Irv Weiner The One-Hand Side Steal to bottom, second from bottom or top
Daryl's Ambitious Card Omnibus 81
Roberto Giobbi Side Steal Transfer bottom to top
Fantasia in As-Dur 19
Edward Marlo, Ken Simmons Deliberate Side Steal to Center transferring card from second to center
Riffling the Pasteboards — Again! 9
Unknown Side Steal
Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 2 No. 4,5&6) 26
Edward Marlo M.P. Side Steal "Marlo Position", to Tenkai type palm or top
Related toAlso published here
  • The New Tops, Feb. 1966
M.I.N.T. — Volume I 209
Arthur H. Buckley Bottom Placement
The Experience of Magic 19
Unknown Buckle Side Steal to side-jog the card
Quick Card Tricks 41
Ken Krenzel Slide Steal inspired by Crosthwaite's "LTP Peek", fingertip side steal after peek
Close-up Impact! 180
Edward Marlo Side Steal Card Clip
David Solomon T.A.O.M. Convention 12
Gary Ouellet Juxtaposition second card from top is moved on top
Close Up Illusions 192
Edward Marlo, Michael Ammar Side-Steal (with Top Card Cover)
The Magic of Michael Ammar 58
John Carney Tabled Side Steal transferring bottom card of tabled packet to top with master palm
Carneycopia 153
Unknown Side Steal
Avantgarde Magic (Vol. 1 No. 3) 22
Edward Marlo Bold Steal as steal to center
Modus Operandi 41
Bill Simon Covered Side Steal
The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley — Volume 2 78
Bill Simon Covered Side Steal
Steel and Silver 141
Roger Crosthwaite Clip Bottom Control from peek to LTP to bottom of deck
Roger's Thesaurus 100
Roger Crosthwaite Clip Second-from-Bottom Control from peek to LTP to second from bottom
Roger's Thesaurus 101
Karl Fulves Covered Side Steal as Double Deal center and top card removed as the top card and turned over
The Fine Print (Issue 2) 30
Unknown Small Packet Side-Steal from bottom to top
The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 8) 12
Bob Davis Uniform Card Control control a card to the bottom, a gambler's type clip, reversed in the middle or set for a plunger rise
  • Universal Opening
  • The Bottom Control
  • Gambler Clip
  • Reversed in the Middle
  • Plunging Forward
  • Side Steal
The Trapdoor — Volume Three (Issue 65) 1301
Edward Marlo Dribble Clip Steal covered side steal during dribble
Solomon's Mind 152
Bruce Cervon Directly to the Bottom
Hard-Boiled Mysteries 23
Roberto Giobbi The Side Steal and Diagonal Palm Shift introduction
Card College — Volume 3 757
T. Nelson Downs, Arturo de Ascanio, Edward Marlo The Side-steal Transfer
Related to Card College — Volume 3 759
Unknown Covers for the Side Steal
  • The Squaring Cover
  • The Ribbon Spread Cover
  • The Hand Spread Cover
  • The Riffle Cover
  • The Auditory Cover
Card College — Volume 3 762
Edward Marlo The Side-steal Bottom Placemant and Variations card is brought to the bottom instead of the top
Related to Card College — Volume 3 764
Walt Lees, David Carré, Gordon Bruce The Simplified Side-Steal Palm
Also published here Card College — Volume 3 766
Roger Crosthwaite Peek Steal Control in LTP and then to top
Arcardia 58
Karl Fulves Supplementary Note
Inspired by Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks 229
Barry Price The Penultimate Palm card(s) brought to second from bottom, "Deck Straddle Palms"
Palming: For The Terrified 24
Barry Price The Top Cover Palm card(s) brought to second from top, "Deck Straddle Palms"
Palming: For The Terrified 25
Barry Price The Clip Side Steal
  • Clip Joint
  • All The Angles Covered
  • Replacing The Stolen Goods
  • The Double Steal
  • Other Observations
Palming: For The Terrified 38
John Carney, Edward Marlo Side Steal and Replacement
Inspired by The Book of Secrets 73
Edward Marlo The Deliberate Side-Steal
Tricks 46
Unknown Side Steal Transfer transferring bottom card to top
Card College - Volume 5 1165
Wesley James The WJ Side Steal
Related to Enchantments 181
Wesley James Tip for Body Rotation Sleights on sleights that can use body rotation as cover
Enchantments 184
Wesley James, Bill Simon Covered Side Steal
Enchantments 185
Unknown Side Steal
Erik Nordvall Lecture Notes Asia 2006 3
Jack Avis The Card Between while showing that card is not on top or bottom
Related to Rara Avis 32
C. A. George Newmann, Frank E. Blaisdell Slip 'N Lift one-handed opening, selection placed inside, card moved to top with one hand
Also published here
  • Newman, Linking Ring, May 1949
  • Original Magic (Frank Blaisdell)
The Anthology of One Handed Card Cuts and Flourishes 69
Fred Robinson, Adrian Plate, Henry Hatton Clip Control clip steal to bottom, credit information
The Magic of Fred Robinson 151
Ken Krenzel The Simplex Side Steal with several variations
Relaxed Impossibilities 77
Harry Lorayne Side To Side simplified side-steal, clip steal to bottom or second from bottom
Related toAlso published here Special Effects 107
Unknown Side Steal from bottom of deck
Chasing Dovetails 8
Edward Marlo, Alexander Hansford Deliberate Side Steal to Tenkai Palm
Inspired by Sprezzatura 6
Roberto Giobbi The Parallel Shift side steal dynamics
  • Variation
Standup Card Magic 51
Harry Lorayne Side-Slide Control simplified side-steal, clip steal to bottom or second from bottom
Also published here JawDroppers! Two 224
Max Malini Malini Side Steal
The Magic of Johnny Thompson (Issue 1) 261
Edward Marlo The Deliberate Side-Steal brief
Çerca 124