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U. F. Grant U Can't Do As I Do double facer
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 131
Unknown Do As I Do - You Can't layout with four Aces and four indifferent cards
The Magic Annual for 1937 42
Theodore Annemann, Hugh Mackay The Secret Order of the Aces blindfolded assistant duplicates things done with aces
The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 28) 173
Louis Lam Predicto four aces are shuffled by each performer and spectator, they chose the same which is also predicted on slate, jumbo cards recommended
Watch Me Closely 7
Unknown The Five Cards Do As I Do - You Can't double backer
Greater Magic 485
Kent Arthur Spurious Pelf "do as i do" sequence with spectator and 5 bills each, selected bill remains upside down
Related to The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 60) 429
Edward Marlo, Jean Hugard Do As I Do - U Can't Unless I Want U 2 eight cards for performer and spectator, basically oil&water effect, two methods, Hugard's and Marlo's
Early Marlo (Issue Amazing, Isn't It?) 37
Unknown Do it and Fail red black dealing sequence
The Royal Road to Card Magic 100
Theodore Annemann, Hugh Mackay The Secret Order of the Aces blindfolded assistant duplicates things done with aces
Annemann's "No Code" Telepathy 8
U. F. Grant Little Miracles I. do as I do with packet and double facer, no ESP relation
ESP Handbook and Workshop Kit 6
Milton Kort Kortially Yours Vernon's Variant type of effect, each person handed five cards and cards are turned face up and down (do as i do), in the end all the cards are face down except their selection
Kort Is Now In Session 7
Dai Vernon Vernon's Variant four cards
VariationsAlso published here Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic 226
Jochen Zmeck Tuwit
Inspired by
  • Ken Brooke in "Feke Card Tricks" (Stanley)
Enzyklopädie der Rauh-Glatt-Kartentricks - Teil III 24
Martin Gardner More Monge more notes on the Monge Shuffle:
  • References
  • Recycling the Deck
  • The M/S Shuffle
  • Tricks (position of selection predicted & Do as I Do)
  • Analog of the M/S Shuffe
Related to Epilogue (Issue 4) 29
Lady Valerie, Gene Nielsen Star Mate with zodiac cards, matching, locking-flap Card Box
The Compleat Magick — Volume I (Issue 7) 33
Max Williams, Milton Tropp Topsy-Turvy Follow Me selections appear face-up in spectators' packets
Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 7 116
Herb Zarrow Herb's Variant four cards, with selection that travels into deck
Inspired byVariations Kabbala — Volume 1 (Vol. 1 No. 9) 72
Jerry K. Hartman A Common Mistake Vernon's Variant type of effect (Do as I do packet trick) where spectator cannot follow instructions, ending is each spectator get an Ace reversed in packet
Inspired by
  • "Kortially Yours" (Milton Kort, Kort is Now In Session, 1962)
Related to
Means & Ends 23
James G. Thompson Jr. Ah One Anna Two...
Epilogue (Issue 21) 196
Karl Fulves Entropy Ace to Five removed and mixed, then back in numerical order
Methods with Cards - Part 3 206
Karl Fulves Calculated Colors 3&3 or 4&4, weird mixing procedure, "mathematical oil & water"
Variations Methods with Cards - Part 3 208
Jack Avis Five Card Do As I Did
Epilogue (Issue 24) 226
Paul Diamond How About That! two packets from different decks
Card Cavalcade 3 9
Peter Duffie Aces With A Twist Twisting the Aces with "do as I do" element, red and blue backed sets, in the end Aces change places
Variations Pabular (Vol. 2 No. 5) 209
Larry Becker Simpli-City Effect two sets of sixteen business cards with names of cities written on them, Do As I Do and prediction in envelope
World of Super Mentalism 55
Harry Lorayne Follow The Leader Reversal spectator and performer reverse count packet multiple times, outcome different, four-card and five-card version
Quantum Leaps 17
Mike O'Dowd Four Card - Do As I Do spectator and performer have four cards and go through a series of moves, outcome is different
Fork Full of Appetizers 32
Peter Duffie A Commercial Twist Twisting the Aces with "do as I do" element, red and blue backed sets, in the end Aces change places
Inspired by Contemporary Card Magic 40
Larry Becker "Will The Cards Match" ESP-style order matching with five torn-in-half cards
Variations Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 10 No. 5) 1349
Daniel McCarthy Now it's my Problem
Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 13 No. 8) 1813
Clayton Rawson, Karl Fulves Simon Says No. 34, five cards each, spectator cannot follow
Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 64
Peter Duffie Only a Game Down under Deal, different Effect
Duffie's Card Compulsions 202
Nick Trost Abra-Card-Abra Performer and spectator's selections match, rest of cards are Jokers
Inspired by The Card Magic of Nick Trost 201
Nick Trost, Frank Garcia, Dr. Stanley Jaks Kopy Kat Performer and spectator exchange cards from packets, shown to match, other cards are completely different
Inspired by
  • "The Four Deuces" (Frank Garcia & Dr. Stanley Jaks, Scarne on Card Tricks, 1950)
Related to
The Card Magic of Nick Trost 202
Milton Kort Quintimodo Performer and spectator has five cards, Do as I Do effect but audience cannot get same result, diminishing number of cards, credit information on the plot
Inspired by
  • "Quasimodo" (Stephen Tucker, Abracadabra No. 2589, Sept 1995)
Kort 31
Milton Kort Vernon's Variant Variant Similar effect to Vernon's Variant, but with color changing back as a kicker ending (first published in Swami, Vol. I, Issue 2, Feb 1972)
Inspired by Kort 43
Milton Kort The Straight-backed Method ungaffed variation of Quintimodo
Related to Kort 36
Karl Fulves Cue Cards No. 55, spectator and performer remember card and its position in five-card packets, found by each other
New Self-Working Card Tricks 82
Philip T. Goldstein 力ルイ千ビンナコネコナンビ千イル力? a/k/a Stack Cats
Related to Redivider 26
Philip T. Goldstein Senile Felines repeat version of previous trick
Redivider 29
Philip T. Goldstein Swap Paws
Redivider 31
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson Daley's Do-As-I-Do four phases
Card Conspiracy — Vol. 1 34
Gary Plants Match Me do as i do with mates, four Aces finale, originally from Genii (June 2003)
Inspired by
  • "Do As I Do Aces" (Brother Hamman, Genii, Feb. 2001)
Related toVariations
Lecture Notes — The Second Super Session 22
Ken De Courcy Well And Truly Shuffled cards added via bottom-and-lid-style card case, applied to an Ace production in which three spectators follow along with a packet and end up with an Ace reversed each
  • KF Notes
Prolix (Issue 2) 106
Dai Vernon 4 card you do as I do
Also published here Bruce Cervon's Castle Notebooks — Volume 1 51
Joe Rindfleisch Out-Stripped aces found from packets with reverse-faro do-as-i-do procedure
Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 8 272
Bob Farmer Triharder fifteen-card-packets shuffled and dealt into three piles by both performer and spectator, performer gets them in order, spectator doesn't
  • Mini-me Version (thirteen cards)
Variations The Bammo Tarodiction Toolbox () 9
Bob Farmer Blackjack Bushwhack packet ends up in magic square configuration for 21
Inspired byAlso published here The Bammo Tarodiction Toolbox (Issue Addendum #4) 1
Johnny Thompson Expert Vernon's Variant card vanish finale
Inspired by The Magic of Johnny Thompson (Issue 2) 59
Bob Farmer Blackjack Bushwhack packet ends up in magic square configuration for 21
Also published here The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier Addendum 22
Michael Powers No Palm Match Me
Inspired by Tesseract 70