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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Ralph W. Hull A Mental Card Mystery tabled card turn out to be free selection, requiring two Jokers, top change and mexican turnover
Related toVariations 1932 "Eye-Openers" 15
Unknown An Effective Poker Deal re-deal stacking done by spectator, double duke suggestion
Related toVariations 1935 Card Manipulations (Issue 4) 108
Carl Waring Jones The Three Pile Trick spectator notes position of mentally selected card, first card is key card
Variations 1938 Greater Magic 234
Martin Gardner, Edward Marlo Gardner-Marlo Poker Routine
Related toVariations 1942 Let's See the Deck 28
Edward Marlo Mental Reverse
Related toVariations 1953 The Cardician 128
Larry Jennings Jennings' Visitor
Related toVariations 1969 Expert Card Mysteries 53
Roy Walton The Overworked Card Triumph type of effect, one card travels from bottom to top and turns every reversed card over
Related toVariations 1969 The Devil's Playthings 33
David Solomon, Steve Draun S-D Location two phase location
Related toVariations 1972 Kabbala — Volume 1 (Vol. 1 No. 8) 65
Marcello Truzzi Heads-Up coins are dropped and all heads-up coins eliminated until one remains, prediction of date
Variations 1977 The Compleat Magick — Volume II (Issue 184) 918
Paul Harris The Perfectionist red and blacks are apparently mixed but remain separated
Related toAlso published here 1983 A Close-Up Kinda Guy 55
Larry Jennings The Changeling four Twos change to other four of a kind multiple times when one card is exchanged
Variations 1988 The Cardwright 181
Brother John Hamman The Marx Brothers four jacks transform into selections, aces, ...
Variations 1989 The Secrets of Brother John Hamman 234
Juan Tamariz 1. A Two Card for Two Card Switch The Doublets Change, using double cards on top of deck
Related to 1989/91 Sonata 63
David Solomon Economy Flight slow motion assembly using seven cards
Inspired by
  • "7-Card Assembly (3rd Method)" (Ed Marlo & Bert Fenn, Ibidem #23)
1990 Spectacle 59
Alex Elmsley The Red and the Blue two decks change place except for two selections in them
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1994 The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley — Volume 2 131
David Regal Forcing A Change spread change, touched cards, "Isolated Force"
Variations June 1995 Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 18 No. 6) 2518
John Scarne New World Order two face-up Jokers in deck, six cards that "don't belong" chosen from between the Jokers, they are the only odd-colored ones, dated ca. 1930s, see also p. 42
Related toVariations 1995 Underworld (Issue 1) 6
Jay Frasier Rolling Elmsley four cards, hiding one of the eight surfaces
Related to 1996 The Looking Glass (Issue 2) 48
Paul Harris Grasshopper (revised)
Inspired byVariations 1996 The Art of Astonishment — Book 1 (Issue Super Magic) 125
Paul Harris Las Vegas Leaper spectator counts himself
Variations 1996 The Art of Astonishment — Book 1 (Issue Las Vegas Close-Up) 185
Paul Harris The Tap Dancing Aces Aces vanish and reappear, using the pack
VariationsAlso published here 1996 The Art of Astonishment — Book 3 (Issue Magical Arts Journal) 219
Francis Carlyle, ? Truzi, Burling Hull, Paul Harris The Client Confidence Sugar Shocker nine sugar packets are numbered on one side, double facer sugar packet is used to force a certain number
Related to 1996 The Art of Astonishment — Book 3 (Issue Secrets of the Astonishing Executive) 263
David Solomon Three Indicators three unknown cards on table and two selections, when selection is added to cards, they're shown to be four-of-a-kind, repeated with second selection
VariationsAlso published here
  • MAGIC, Feb. 1993
1997 Solomon's Mind 34
John C. Wagner, Syd Segal A Logical Lesson two four of a kinds change into a straight from ace to ten
Inspired byVariations 2005 Full Metal Jacket 2
John C. Wagner, Paul Green Even More Four on the Floor four random cards used for twisting routine and dropped on floor, card chosen by spectator transforms there to previous selection
Variations 2005 Full Metal Jacket 18
Tyler Wilson Tyler Insults Tilt's Totally Inexplicable Elegance and Simplicity Tilt finesses
  • Right T.I.T.T.Y. Method
  • Left T.I.T.T.Y. Method
Related to
  • Tomas Blomberg's "Zilt", Jack Parker's "Ultra-Tilt"
Also published here
2005 Just be Glad my Name isn't Greg 7
Jack Parker Fade Change only in e-book version on accompanying CD
card changes into blank card, visible
2006 Dominatricks 39
Jack Parker Apéritif
2007 The Magician's Ltd Cookbook 11
Jack Parker The Cause Description of Anthony Nolan Trust, proceeds from book will go to leukaemia research
2007 The Magician's Ltd Cookbook 13
Jack Parker Simply Mental Card selected via eliminating face down cards in face up-face down deck matches previously made prediction (selection process similar to that of using double-headed coin)
Inspired byRelated to 2007 The Magician's Ltd Cookbook 90
Jack Parker Introduction
2007 52 Memories 3
Jack Parker I Know Kung Fu Selection jumps from between black Kings to red Kings and back, with kicker ending of red Kings jumping between tabled black Kings
Inspired by 2007 52 Memories 9
Jack Parker TumbleGem Switch Switched as cards are flipped over, uses a slide-under motion with Block Pushoff, mechanics similar to Jordan Count
Related to 2007 52 Memories 9
Jack Parker Ouroboros Poker hands chosen from a ten-card pile of Jacks, Queens and Kings. Audience gets full house, performer gets four Aces
Inspired by
  • "No Jonah Poker" (Jon Racherbaumer, Freebie 8, 2007)
2007 52 Memories 14
Jack Parker Girl's Night Out Queen of Hearts teleport between four Jacks and Kings, finally four Kings change to four Queens
Inspired by 2007 52 Memories 17
Jack Parker Twelve Card Monte Monte routine done with three packets of four cards (Four Eights, Four Nines and Four Queens), Queens change to Aces
2007 52 Memories 24
Jack Parker Magician vs. Magician Magician recounts story of playing poker with another magician, magician ultimately wins with Royal Flush in Spades (lots of pokerhand transformations)
Inspired by 2007 52 Memories 27
Jack Parker Cross Eyed Surprise Red and black Ace transposes when sandwiched between Queens, finally two Aces switch places with four Queens
2007 52 Memories 30
Jack Parker All For One Switch Inspired by the Kosky Switch
2007 52 Memories 33
Jack Parker Outjogging Jordan Handling of Jordan Count where each card counted is shown outjogged, before being pushed flush
2007 52 Memories 37
Jack Parker The Guilty Change Based on the Interlock Principle
2007 52 Memories 39
Jack Parker Slip Slide Force Handling for the Hofzinser Spread Force
2007 52 Memories 41
Jack Parker The Aerobic Switch Switch two cards on top of the deck while displaying them
Related to 2007 52 Memories 43
Jack Parker The Ballerina Double Flashy & twirly double lift
Related to 2007 52 Memories 45
Jack Parker Parker Varies Regal (P.V.R.) Inspired by David Regal's Isolated Force (Close Up & Personal, 1999)
Inspired by 2007 52 Memories 48
Jack Parker Thumbs Down Tent Vanish Tent Vanish with left thumb behind card
2007 52 Memories 50
Jack Parker The Zen Spread One handed Ascanio-like spread to display four cards as three
2007 52 Memories 52
Jack Parker Hair Raiser Elevator with Ace, Two, Three, before they change into four Kings
2007 52 Memories 57
Jack Parker, Tomas Blomberg Hard to Get Just Got Easy Magicians finds two selections
Inspired by 2007 52 Memories 61
Jack Parker Three On The Button Three selections made and lost. Four Kings turn face down one by one. One King is placed in front of two spectators each, other two Kings placed face up in deck. Kings change into selections, last selection is sandwiched by Kings in deck.
Inspired by 2007 52 Memories 64
Jack Parker No Fuss Switch ATFUS type of switch with outjogged display
2007 52 Memories 65
Jack Parker The Bled and the Rue Selection from red deck appears in blue deck after a weird transposition
Inspired by 2007 52 Memories 68
Jack Parker Long Dimension Phone Call Fours change to Jacks, one of them change back to Four, while other Fours appear in different places (in the deck, under the box, inside the box)
2007 52 Memories 71
Jack Parker Alone in the Dark Impossible location - card found at named number after deck is shuffled (self working)
Inspired by 2007 52 Memories 74
Jack Parker Thought Provoker A poker-themed out for Vernon's Five Card Mental Force
Inspired by
  • "Psyboards" (Tom Frame, MAGIC Magazine, Sep 2005)
2007 52 Memories 77
Jack Parker, Tomas Blomberg Rump Shaker Performer deals four Aces to himself twice, then gives everyone great hands in the third round, leaving the best hand (straight flush) for himself
Inspired by 2007 52 Memories 81
Jack Parker U.D.S.I. Black Ace transposes with two red Kings visually
Inspired by
  • "Dancy Sandwich Intro" (Luke Dancy, unpublished)
2007 52 Memories 84
Jack Parker 100% Confidence packet of three cards keeps changing to match as a four of kind with different selections, end with Royal Flush
Inspired byRelated to 2007 52 Memories 88
Jack Parker Done Burying Joker splits into two cards - a Ten and a Seven - seventeen cards down is selected card
2007 52 Memories 92
Jack Parker Whiskers Split
2007 52 Memories 93
Jack Parker Trial Separation Two spectators selects a card each - realise they both somehow impossibly selected the same card, and Joker changes into selection.
2007 52 Memories 95
Jack Parker Double Barrelled Shotgun Jack of Hearts keeps jumping to the top. Then, deck is spread and four Jacks are face up in the deck.
Related to 2007 52 Memories 98
Jack Parker HofCity Hofzinser Ace Problem done with two selections, intermediate prediction effect
Inspired by 2007 52 Memories 101
Jack Parker Oddservation Spectator and magician each holds four random cards, they exchange cards, but they transpose back. Magician is left holding only those two cards, while spectator is holding four Aces
Variations 2007 52 Memories 107
Jack Parker Detour (Oddservation Redux) Variation of Oddservation, ends with Royal Flush
Inspired by 2007 52 Memories 110
Jack Parker Twisted Inversion Two selections transpose between two packets of four cards
Inspired by 2007 52 Memories 114
Jack Parker All That Jazz Jazz Aces with kicker ending of four Jokers changing to four Aces
Variations 2007 52 Memories 118
Jack Parker Remix Updated handling of All That Jazz
Inspired by 2007 52 Memories 122
Jack Parker Remote Control Spectator reverses two cards, reveals to be the two black Twos
Variations 2007 52 Memories 125
Jack Parker Manual Operation Ungimmicked version of Remote Control with a surprise Royal Flush ending
Inspired by 2007 52 Memories 127
Jack Parker On, In & Under Three Kings placed under box, inside box and on box transposes with Three Twos
Variations 2007 52 Memories 130
Jack Parker Visualisation Reworked handling of On, In & Under
Inspired by 2007 52 Memories 132
Jack Parker Underbelly Sequence
2007 52 Memories 133
Jack Parker Can Can Coin Coin dropped into partially filled soda can penetrates out of the can
2007 52 Memories 137
Jack Parker Flat Rate of Interest Coin penetrates playing card
2007 52 Memories 139
Jack Parker Cain & Cord Coin appears underneath selection in the deck. Then, card vanishes and reappears folded around the coin
2007 52 Memories 142
Jack Parker Ring Vanish Sequence Finger ring vanishes then reappears
2007 52 Memories 146
Jack Parker Visual Acuity Three card monte routine with surprise ending of an eye-chart appearance on a card
2007 52 Memories 150
Jack Parker Double-Back Trilogy Three tricks using a double backer
Related to 2007 52 Memories 154
Jack Parker Persistent Offenders Four Kings travel from packet to the deck
Inspired byRelated to 2007 52 Memories 154
Herb Zarrow, Jack Parker Sloppy Zarrow Addition
2007 52 Memories 155
Jack Parker More Effort Less Magic Selection placed amongst Kings vanish, one of the Kings becomes the selection, and the King appears in spectator's packet
Related toVariations 2007 52 Memories 157
Jack Parker The Heist Story trick about Jacks committing a robbery (stealing a diamond)
Inspired byRelated to 2007 52 Memories 159
Jack Parker Old Fashioned Aces Aces vanish one by one, and are reproduced in different ways
2007 52 Memories 165
Jack Parker Bare Naked Ladies Minimalistic Queen assembly with backfire ending (7 Card Assembly)
Inspired by 2007 52 Memories 172
Jack Parker P.O.V. Strange Ace Assembly routine in which spectator becomes the magician
Inspired by 2007 52 Memories 175
Jack Parker End Grip Steal
2007 52 Memories 176
Jack Parker Misdirection Spread Secretly displacing a card on the table to make number of cards in table multiply
2007 52 Memories 177
Jack Parker The Three Stooges Ace Assembly routine with three spectators involved, holding each packet (uses McDonald's Aces gaffs)
2007 52 Memories 179
Jack Parker Sunken 21 twenty-one Card Trick Variation
Inspired byAlso published here 2007 52 Memories 185
Jack Parker, David Solomon Invisible 21 card vanishes from packet of twenty-one cards, and reappears in packet
VariationsAlso published here 2007 52 Memories 188
Jack Parker Fake 21 twenty-one Card Trick (magician fooler)
2007 52 Memories 191
Jack Parker The Thomas Crown Affair Coincidence trick using fifteen stooges
2007 52 Memories 197
Jack Parker Stooge Fright Magician divines three random selections
2007 52 Memories 200
Jack Parker Inspiration, Perspiration And Astonishment
2007 52 Memories 207
David Solomon The 21 Card Trick
  • Phase One: The Twenty-One Shuffle
  • Phase Two: Pure Twenty-One Card Vanish
Inspired byAlso published here 2007 The Wisdom of Solomon 47
David Solomon Hofzinser King City
Inspired byVariations 2007 The Wisdom of Solomon 65
Jack Parker Foreword
2007 7-7-7 5
Jack Parker Invisible 21 card vanishes from packet of twenty-one cards, and reappears in packet
Also published here 2007 7-7-7 31
Jack Parker Sunken 21
Also published here 2007 7-7-7 37
Jon Racherbaumer More by Jack Parker chapter intro
2007 7-7-7 106
Jack Parker Fake 21
2007 7-7-7 106
Jack Parker Invisible 21 card vanishes and reappears
Also published here 2007 7-7-7 110
Jack Parker Open 21 spectator finds his card again via Open Prediction theme
2007 7-7-7 114
Jack Parker Royal 21 selection vanishes
2007 7-7-7 118
Jack Parker Victor 21 with Eleven-Card-Trick phase, Queens appear at end
2007 7-7-7 120
Jack Parker Discarded 21
2007 7-7-7 123
Tomas Blomberg Time After Time three spectators mix a selection in a third of the deck each, it ends up on top eventually
  • Part 1: The Multiple Selection and Control
  • Part 2: The Irrefutable Mix-Up
  • Part 3: The Impossible Revelation
Inspired by
  • "The Third Time's The Charm" (Jack Parker, Genii, June 2007)
Also published here
Apr. 2008 Genii (Vol. 71 No. 4) 21
Jamy Ian Swiss (reviewer) Jack Parker's 52 Memories by Jack Parker (written by Andi Gladwin) May 2008 Genii (Vol. 71 No. 5) 98
Jack Parker Must Be 21 to Smoke "For Claude Raines"
card vanishes from packet of 21 cards, and reappears in packet
Also published here 2009 Ten Card Mysteries Anneman Would Have Loved 23
Jack Parker Twin Burner double color change, based on Jason Alford's "Angled After-Burner!"
2010 Reinventing the Real 105
Jack Parker Ballerina Double
2010 Above the Fold 8
Tomas Blomberg, Jack Parker Chase The Red Out Of This World type of effect, uncommon method
Inspired byRelated to 2014 Blomberg Laboratories 211
Tomas Blomberg, Jack Parker Jack's Trick spectator cuts deck into four packets, a Queen is placed on each packet, they assemble on one packet, then it is shown that spectator also cut to the Aces
2014 Blomberg Laboratories 254
Tomas Blomberg Time After Time three spectators mix a selection in a third of the deck each, it ends up on top eventually
Inspired by
  • "The Third Time's The Charm" (Jack Parker, Genii, June 2007)
Also published here
2014 Blomberg Laboratories 283
Jon Racherbaumer No-Jonah Poker parity
Variations 2015 The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 314
Jack Parker Ouroboros parity
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Jonah Ploys, Jon Racherbaumer, 2013
2015 The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 316
Helder Guimarães Aesthetic Naturally - Pivot Double Turnover/Ballerina Double Variation slightly flourishy double turnover, ends in position for Bruce/Tamariz replacement
Related toAlso published here
  • Genii, Oct. 2015
2019 Secret Language — Volume 1 12
Cameron Francis Impossible Versus Improbable three packets of three cards each, three selections distributed on the packets, all shown to be a four-of-a-kind, an Ace is shown as well and now an Ace is on the face of each packet
Inspired by
  • "Four-Play" (Aldo Colombini)
Related to
2019 Tesseract 167