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Sam Leo Horowitz The Twenty-Five Card Trick twenty-five duplicates
Related toVariations Greater Magic 142
Edward Marlo No Palm Aces to Pocket featuring bottom placement at coat edge move, lapel load
Related toVariations Early Marlo (Issue Amazing, Isn't It?) 32
U. F. Grant Slow Motion Bill Transposition
Related toVariations Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 3 109
Bill Simon Sympathetic Control spectator cut deck in three piles, one queen is put in each pile, last queen is on the table, when that queen is turned over, the other queens turn over too
Variations Effective Card Magic 39
Edward Marlo Traveling Card three packets
Variations The Cardician 93
Harry Lorayne Out of this Universe some red and black sorting comes out despite real shuffles, not really OOTW effect
Related toVariations Close-up Card Magic 80
Dai Vernon Vernon's Aces Aces separated in four piles, brought together to top via faro
Variations Close-up Card Magic 162
Allan Ackerman The Spectator Refuses to Cut to the Four Aces
Related toVariationsAlso published here Magic Mafia Effects 7
John Hamilton Eyes of the Gods two spectators with half the deck each chose a card, spectators deal through deck and performer announces first card, second card spelled to
Related toVariations The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 5 No. 10) 351
Allan Ackerman Ackerman Varies Kelly
Related toVariations The Esoterist 15
Unknown The Electro-Static Cigarette improvement of blowing thing
Related to Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 7 173
"Magic" Christian Stelzel Surprising Jokers four jokers change backs, then deck
Variations Card Cavalcade 68
Simon Aronson Lie Sleuth several lies detected, missing card in pocket known, interlocking chains
Variations Kabbala — Volume 2 (Vol. 2 No. 8) 59
Edward G. Brown The Twelve Card Thought Transition
Variations The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown 39
Martin A. Nash Vernash's Aces faros and Free Cut Principle, see p. 443 for additional crediting
Related toVariations Ever So Sleightly 70
Edward Marlo Cased-In Disappearance lapping from case, see also page 10 of 21st Century Card Magic
Variations Hierophant (Issue 7 Resurrection Issue) 49
Dai Vernon Vernon Utility Move card vanishes from small packet, reappears reversed in middle of deck, card stolen from out-jogged packet on top underneath top card
Related to Card Secrets of Bruce Cervon 24
Bruce Cervon Fast Flush royal flush production, pivot revelation, five methods
  • Fast Flush Finish
Variations Card Secrets of Bruce Cervon 45
Peter Kane The Blushing Jokers four blue-backed jokers, turn red one by one, then blue again, red/blue double backer
Variations Kabbala — Volume 3 (Vol. 3 No. 6) 72
Maro Nash An Incomplete Masterpiece IF Control, Penelope's Principle, see p. 447 for additional crediting
Related toVariations Any Second Now 216
Edward Marlo More Miracle Card Changes different variations (including tabled)
Related toVariationsAlso published here Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 149
Paul Harris Grasshopper card vanishes between two Kings, travels to between another two Kings
Variations SuperMagic 23
Allan Ackerman Variance Variant with transformation kicker
Related toVariations Here's My Card 90
Allan Ackerman Card Case Collectors faro, no contact
Related toVariations Here's My Card 17
Allan Hayden Jumbo Coin Jumbo coin to jumbo coin
Variations Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 2 No. 6) 212
Richard Kaufman, Jon Racherbaumer Swivelleroo Plus flourish cut around swivel action, credit information
Related toVariationsAlso published here CardMagic 28
Karl Fulves Riffle Shuffle Control card selected from incomplete riffle shuffle controlled to twenty-six from top
Related to Riffle Shuffle Control 7
Christopher Morgan Computer Card Trick with introduction by Karl Fulves
computer program with which any selected card can be divined, program guesses color, suit, etc. correctly
VariationsAlso published here
  • "Computer Card Trick" (Christopher Morgan, On Computing, Fall 1979)
Interlocutor (Issue 34) 132
Paul Harris, Tayari Casel Twilight coins are produced with a small mirror, four coins, mirror in small envelope, five phases
VariationsAlso published here Twilight 1
Norman Houghton Trinity three cards alike
Variations Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 3 No. 9) 389
Edward Marlo Bluff Sandwich bluff pass force, dribble finesse
Related toVariationsAlso published here Hierophant (Issue The Last Hierophant) 62
Chris Hampton The Dream Boat Dazzler final coin through table into glass with both hands over table and spectator holds glass
Variations Close-up Fantasies — Book I 51
Steve Skomp The Shrinking Deck credit correction on page 612, additional credit and sources to Sheldon Waldman and Walt Rollins
Related to Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 4 No. 9) 529
Michael Powers Four Card Monte
Variations Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 4 No. 11) 557
Geoffrey Latta, James Swain Collecting the Vanishing Aces aces vanish one by one from top of deck, collect cards
Variations Cardworks 45
Allan Ackerman Short All-Backs Routine Quick 3-Way
Related toVariations Don England's T.K.O.'s (Issue Clubs) 7
Don England Phase 51 deck vanish to pocket
Variations Don England's T.K.O.'s (Issue Clubs) 15
Paul Harris The Bizarre Vanish card visually vanishes while spectator holds it
Related toVariationsAlso published here Close-up Fantasies Finalé 81
Jerry Sadowitz The Whisperers four Jacks "whisper" three selections and transpose with them
Related toVariations Alternative Card Magic 8
Martin A. Nash Fast Stack one shuffle and some cutting
Related toVariationsAlso published here Best of Friends 74
Don England Open Travelers Plus Aces to Kings transformation as kicker
Inspired byVariations Best of Friends 415
Philip T. Goldstein Ascension transformation kicker, inspired by of Roy Walton's "Oil and Queens"
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here Best of Friends 473
Ray Mertz International Reverse Matrix
Variations Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 6 No. 12) 857
Richard Kaufman (reviewer) Powerful Magic by Michael Powers The Collected Almanac (Vol. 1 No. 12) 112
Bill Kalush Rubber Ringer finger ring on rubber band
Related toVariationsAlso published here The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. 13) 120
Brother John Hamman The Signed Card
Variations The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. 14) 125
Michael Powers Mike's Dwarf
Related toVariations A Close-Up Kinda Guy 37
Steve Biller Mr. Biller's Wild Ride twisting with transformation kicker and cards to case, pockets, under spectator
Variations A Close-Up Kinda Guy 40
Paul Harris Extra Special Close-Up Kinda Guy Bonus Effect combination of "Shrunken Twilight" and "Mike's Dwarf"
Inspired by A Close-Up Kinda Guy 88
Michael Powers Forward
Powerful Magic
Michael Powers Deduce is Wild four Twos put in case, three cards signed and put on table, one Two removed and it changes into each selection one by one, then selections transpose with remaining three Twos in case
Powerful Magic 1
Michael Powers The amBIGuous Card card chosen, miniature selection jumps out of deck, grows and shrinks again
Inspired byAlso published here Powerful Magic 7
Michael Powers Counter-Intuitive Transpo Matching the Cards meets Reset in a weird effect combination
Powerful Magic 11
Michael Powers Four-Tune Hunter named four-of-a-kind produced
Powerful Magic 16
Michael Powers Half-Pass Stabbing Force deck starts reversed under top card
Powerful Magic 16
Michael Powers Blank Monte monte with three blank cards and Jack of Hearts, all change to Aces at the end
Inspired by Powerful Magic 19
Michael Powers Spectator Becomes Magician two selections, spectator touches card in spread, selections shown on both sides of it
Powerful Magic 25
Michael Powers Color Ambitious ambitious card with color changing back kicker
Powerful Magic 27
Chuck King Slide-Under Double Lift Substitute slide-under switch action with alignment move type action to get a card underneath a single on top of the deck
Related to Powerful Magic 31
Michael Powers Thought Photography two blank cards are signed on the back, their faces become two previous selections
Powerful Magic 33
Michael Powers The Off Color Vanish Bizarre Twist and Vanish
Inspired by Powerful Magic 38
Michael Powers Quadratic Aces three cards selected, then slow-motion Ace Assembly, then the other three packets are shown to consist of four-of-a-kinds corresponding to selections
Powerful Magic 41
Michael Powers Programmed Lie Detector computer program, trick performed by spectator with computer only, computer version of Aronson's Lie Sleuth
Inspired by Powerful Magic 45
Michael Powers International Reverse Matrix Plus
Inspired by Powerful Magic 59
Michael Powers Flourish Coin Production coin produced, coin roll, a second coin produced
Powerful Magic 64
Gary Kurtz Fusion two half-dollars transform into dollar
Inspired byVariations Powerful Magic 66
Michael Powers Fusion Plus two quarters become a half-dollar, repeat, then two half-dollars transform into dollar, lapping
Inspired byVariations Powerful Magic 67
Michael Powers, Jay Sankey Fusion Plus Standing two quarters become a half-dollar, repeat, then two half-dollars transform into dollar, no-lap version
Inspired by Powerful Magic 69
Michael Powers The Shrinking Dime dime changes into miniature dime on close-up pad
Powerful Magic 72
Michael Powers The Convertible Case miniature card case grows into normal case, deck put inside
Powerful Magic 74
Michael Powers The Power Case Arrco case has holes, gaffed case which can simulate that something is in it or not with sliding card section
  • Applications (see next entries)
Powerful Magic 77
Michael Powers The Vanishing Deck using Power Case
Inspired by Powerful Magic 82
Michael Powers Color Changing Deck using Power Case
Powerful Magic 83
Michael Powers Signed Card Appears in card case, using Power Case
  • Variation
Variations Powerful Magic 84
Michael Powers A Thought getting the spectator to sign on a different card than he thinks, low spot card, using Power Case
Powerful Magic 85
Simon Aronson Simon Aronson's Idea signed card appears in card case, using Power Case
Inspired by Powerful Magic 85
Michael Powers Packman cigarette pack transforms into cased deck of cards
Powerful Magic 90
Michael Powers The Ultimate Color Changing Card Case
  • Overview
  • Tools
  • The Construction
  • Afterthoughts (credit information)
  • The Color Change
Variations Powerful Magic 94
Edward Marlo The Marlo Handling
Inspired by Powerful Magic 104
Jeff Busby (reviewer) Powerful Magic by Michael Powers Epoptica (Issue 5) 261
Dave Walker Holy-Holey moving hole, with red and blue back cards
Inspired by
  • Michael Powers' "Holy Terror"
Fork Full of Appetizers - Book 2 67
Richard Kaufman Vacilation card becomes miniature card and normal again several times while it is flicked
Variations The New York Magic Symposium — Collection 4 43
Larry Jennings The Hook hanging coins version
Variations The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings 40
Robert D. Michaels, David Ben, Michael Close, Bob Farmer, Michael Weber Invisible Triumph rough smooth, for credit information see reference
Related to Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 9 No. 5) 1207
Juan Tamariz Blown Away "Neither Blind Nor Silly"
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 10 No. 7) 1369
Ken Simmons Additions to a Change unload into center
Inspired byRelated to Riffling the Pasteboards — Again! 38
Ken Simmons Audacious Transposition card isolated from deck transposes with card in deck
Related toVariations Riffling the Pasteboards — Again! 43
Darwin Ortiz The Dream Card odd-backed "signed card" type effect, card to wallet
Related toVariations Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table 81
Dai Vernon Faro Slough Off
Related to The Vernon Chronicles — Volume 2 128
Edward Marlo Undiscovered Possibilities - 1st Effect stripper deck, missing card is named, memorized stack
Related to Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 182
Wyman Jones, Paul Harris Galaxy only two piles, three methods
Related toVariationsAlso published here Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 2 No. 9-12 Paul Harris: The Act) 52
Matt Schulien, Eugene Burger The Corner in the Glass champagne glass, larger corner
Variations The Experience of Magic 49
Gary Ouellet, Michael Powers Touch Three Cards two cards are selected and lost in the deck, a third card is turned over and the chosen cards found next to it
Close Up Illusions 142
Michael Powers Introduction
Top Secret Stuff iii
Michael Powers Evolution four Kings change to all backs to four Two of Clubs to the four Aces with patter about the history of cards
Inspired by Top Secret Stuff 1
Michael Powers Quick Four Way Count variation of Quick 3-Way to show a packet of apparentely four (really five) cards as all the same
Inspired by Top Secret Stuff 2
Michael Powers The Nightmare Card odd-backed version of the Dream Card Plot where the card apparently stays on the table in full sight, red/blue double backer
Inspired by Top Secret Stuff 5
Michael Powers Bonus Plot variation of Brother John Hamman's Signed Card where the card is odd backed
Inspired by Top Secret Stuff 8
Edward Marlo Biddling Brown in the Round
Inspired byVariations Cardfixes 71
Michael Powers Flushing Out the Queens royal flush production, pivot revelation
Inspired by Top Secret Stuff 9
Michael Powers The AT&T Trick "ambitious-twist-transpo"
Ace to Four set aside, ambitious sequence with selection which is left outjogged, twisting routine, last card transposes with outjogged selection
Top Secret Stuff 13
Michael Powers Squeezing the Jacks twisting routine with four Jacks, they change into Aces, Jacks are found in different places
Inspired by Top Secret Stuff 16
Michael Powers Whether Forecast spectator deals into two piles and stops anywhere, sum of top cards predicted, each pile dealt into two piles, top cards are Aces, Aces change into Royal Flush, re-deal principle
Top Secret Stuff 21
Michael Powers Incredible Coincidence card freely chosen, prediction card in pocket is same card, optionally odd-backed, red/blue double backer
Top Secret Stuff 23
Michael Powers Merlin's Answer four Twos shown, they change into four black Twos, then into Kings, Twos shown in deck sandwiching a selection
Inspired by
  • "Metamorphosies" (Jacob Taub, CardTreats)
Top Secret Stuff 28
Michael Powers Trinity Two-as-Four Sequence
Inspired by Top Secret Stuff 29
Michael Powers CARDial Infraction one shuffle and cutting, second phase with Marlo/Gardner kicker
Inspired by Top Secret Stuff 32
Michael Powers Unexpected Visitor selection travels from one sandwich to another
  • The Pure Version (no extra card)
  • Bonus Effect (card travels back to original sandwich)
Inspired byRelated toVariations Top Secret Stuff 35
Michael Powers Misplace Your Bets performer cuts to four-of-a-kind one by one, spectator cuts small packet onto each card, top cards shown to be same four-of-a-kind, bottom cards changed to Twos or something else, two effect variations
Inspired by Top Secret Stuff 40
Richard Kaufman, Michael Powers Swivelleroo Plus Variation flourish cut to produce a card, preparing a double turnover ("Long Distance Double")
Also published here Top Secret Stuff 41
Michael Powers C.C.C.P. "Card Case Collectors Plus", cased collectors, then deck in case and three selections travel from Aces between Jacks in center of deck
Inspired by Top Secret Stuff 45
Michael Powers Secret Interlace Move for Collectors, Biddle interlacing
Top Secret Stuff 45
Michael Powers King T.U.T. "Totally Unbelievable Transpo", card isolated from deck transposes with sandwiched card in center of deck, signed
Related to Top Secret Stuff 51
Edward Marlo, Michael Powers More Miracle Card Changes with unload under top card of deck
Related to Top Secret Stuff 52
Michael Powers Varying Variance Variant small packet ambitious card with four kings and a two, as a kicker the cards change to four twos and a King
Inspired by Top Secret Stuff 54
Michael Powers Photo Surrealism four blank faced cards change one by one into the first selection, then all at once into the second selection
Top Secret Stuff 57
Michael Powers The Fly a signed selection sandwiched between two black queens travels between the two red queens altough both pairs are secured by rubber bands, with color changing back kicker
Related to Top Secret Stuff 60
Michael Powers FOURclosure spectator selects Queen of Hearts but magician finds Queen of Spades, then changes it to Queen of Diamonds, then Clubs and finally Hearts
Top Secret Stuff 63
Michael Powers Blowing Away the Aces Aces vanish one by one, then are seen to have collected three selection in center of deck
Inspired by Top Secret Stuff 65
Michael Powers Industrial Strength Aces slow-motion assembly, then Aces vanish an reappear on packets à la Jennings Revelation
Top Secret Stuff 67
Michael Powers Incomplete Four Way four card location, using Riffle Shuffle Control with Incomplete Faro Condition
Variations Top Secret Stuff 74
Michael Powers Unexpected Development performer cuts to four blank cards, they print to the Aces
Top Secret Stuff 78
Michael Powers Tornado Card straw through (business) card
Top Secret Stuff 82
Michael Powers A CASE of Indigestion three cards vanish between cannibal cards and are eventually found in case
Variations Top Secret Stuff 87
Michael Powers Case Load from Deck
Top Secret Stuff 89
Michael Powers The Invisible Aces Aces vanish one by one, reappear, change to Kings
Top Secret Stuff 91
Michael Powers The Impossible Travellers combination of McDonald Aces and Open Travellers, three double facers
Also published here Top Secret Stuff 95
Michael Powers Extension disassembly add-on
Top Secret Stuff 99
Michael Powers Phantom of The OPERAtion Jacks placed in case, three selections are placed in the case as well, cards taken out and they have interlaced, selections vanish, selections found face-up in deck at different positions
Top Secret Stuff 102
Michael Powers Casing Less Cards unloading cards on deck and placing less into case than it appears
Top Secret Stuff 102
Michael Powers Rising Mistake wrong card rises up, a moment later it's changed into the selection
Variations Top Secret Stuff 107
Michael Powers Schrodinger's Dream signed card penetrates through table twice, down and up
Top Secret Stuff 110
Michael Powers The Trap Door Card card with business information and trapdoor printed on it used for card-through-table, blank side of trapdoor card becomes signed selection
Top Secret Stuff 115
Michael Powers No Palm Corner in the Glass two handlings
Inspired by Top Secret Stuff 119
Michael Powers Mexican Assembly strange combination of assembly, four-of-a-kind location, transformation, quick coincidence
Top Secret Stuff 124
Michael Powers The Alchemists' Dream
Top Secret Stuff 127
Michael Powers China Syndrome card repeatedly penetrates table, also into spectator's hands, then coin penetrates into spectator's hands, multiple handlings
Inspired by Top Secret Stuff 130
Michael Powers Fusion/Fission two quarters fuse to half dollar, then are broken into quarters again
Top Secret Stuff 134
Michael Powers Twisted Reverse Matrix Hopping Half set, double shell
Top Secret Stuff 136
Michael Powers Ultra Fast Coins Across four coins, being two ahead twice
Top Secret Stuff 140
Michael Powers Jumbo Finale half dollar grows to jumbo coin, changes back via tabled change with lapping
Inspired by Top Secret Stuff 142
Michael Powers Bonus Effect small card to normal card
Top Secret Stuff 144
Michael Powers Twilight Zone coin and mirror, coin also bent and straightened with mirror
Inspired by Top Secret Stuff 146
Michael Powers International Matrix Reverse
Variations Top Secret Stuff 151
Michael Powers My Cup Runneth Over with two mini cups, empty cream containers, they are filled again as climax
Top Secret Stuff 155
Michael Powers Toothpick Into Straw toothpick travels into straw which is still wrapped
Top Secret Stuff 159
Michael Powers Jelly Roll coin travels into breakfast jelly container, clear shell
Inspired by Top Secret Stuff 161
Michael Powers Palmless Card to Pocket
  • Appendix A
with bottom placement
Inspired by Top Secret Stuff 169
Michael Powers Appendix B intro
Top Secret Stuff 171
Michael Powers The Secret Double alternative to alignment move
Top Secret Stuff 171
Michael Powers Introduction
The Olram Aces — The Impossible Travellers 2
Michael Powers The Impossible Travellers McDonald Aces & Open Travelers combo
Also published here The Olram Aces — The Impossible Travellers 15
Michael Powers Extension disassembly add-on
The Olram Aces — The Impossible Travellers 19
Michael Powers Pun pen up the nose
The Minotaur (Vol. 5 No. 3) 13
Alex Elmsley Late Night Location stay stack with duplicates
Related toVariations The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley — Volume 2 372
Michael Powers Dull/Bright Gaff idea to do the effect with two copper coins
Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 18 No. 12) 2592
Michael Powers M-Mail signed card is folded and vanishes, found again folded inside cased deck next to second selection
Variations Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 19 No. 10) 2708
Nick Trost Aces From Nowhere two methods
Variations The Card Magic of Nick Trost 70
Peter Duffie Hellraiser II elevator effect with Ace to Four of Hearts and two Jokers
Inspired by
  • Hellraiser (Peter Duffie, Obsession)
Effortless Card Magic 163
Alex Elmsley Power Poker ten cards, spectator can chose which he wands, full house and royal flush
Related toVariationsAlso published here Alex Is At It Again 2
David Solomon Steinmeyer's Nine Card Problem with Seven Cards
Inspired by
  • "Nine Card Problem" (Jim Steinmeyer, MAGIC, May 1993)
Related to
  • "Remote Control" (Jim Steinmeyer, New Invocation #43, Feb. 1988)
Solomon's Mind 19
Pit Hartling Triathlon three card challenge location, sophisticated
Inspired byRelated toVariations Das kleine grüne Heft 24
Alex Elmsley Card Coding by Permutation coding a card by arrangement of four or five other cards
  • Reversible Counting
  • Four-Card Coding
  • A Hole in Four (The Second Gap)
  • Camel Poker
Variations The Looking Glass (Issue 4) 161
Guy Hollingworth Three Cards Under a Box practical
Variations Drawing Room Deceptions 143
Jack Carpenter Blind Lemon Aces Aces lost in deck and produced from right hand ("not this hand, the other hand")
Related toVariationsAlso published here Impressing Jodie Foster 10
Michael Powers, Ron Bauer The Powers' Payoff "Presentation Three", bill changes into "Inverted Dollar" with center upside down
Inspired by
  • "Inverted Dollar" (Mike Powers, Close-Up Variety Pack)
Bar Bill Stunt 18
Aaron Fisher Search and Destroy sleightless
Inspired byRelated toVariations The Paper Engine 104
Darwin Ortiz Cannibal Holocaust
Inspired by Scams & Fantasies with Cards 126
Aaron Fisher Four-Card Revelation
VariationsAlso published here
  • Genii, Dec. 2002, Vol. 65 No. 12
FISM 2003 31
Gary Plants Match Me do as i do with mates, four Aces finale, originally from Genii (June 2003)
Inspired by
  • "Do As I Do Aces" (Brother Hamman, Genii, Feb. 2001)
Related toVariations
Lecture Notes — The Second Super Session 22
Michael Powers Introduction
Power Plays 11
Michael Powers Open Travelers Transpo Redux Kings put aside, Open Travelers with Aces, one Ace travels from Kings packet to other Aces, quartets transpose
Inspired by Power Plays 17
Michael Powers Impossible Collectors Queens tabled, later spectator places deck onto Queens and cuts the deck for Collectors revelation
Power Plays 21
Michael Powers I.T.H. Triumph in the hands
Power Plays 24
Michael Powers Red Rover
Inspired by Power Plays 27
Michael Powers Ace to Face Aces to Kings transformation climax
Power Plays 30
Michael Powers Expert Cards to Pocket two signed cards, multiple phases, deck vanish phase, card to wallet climax with transposition
Inspired by Power Plays 33
Michael Powers M-Mail signed card is folded and vanishes, found again folded inside cased deck
Inspired by Power Plays 39
Michael Powers Sawing A Lady Queen in card case with slit through it, card is pushed through case and Queen
Inspired by
  • Ben Harris idea in Magic Manuscript
Power Plays 42
Michael Powers Maxi Switch black Kings transpose, then they change to red Kings, then to Aces
Power Plays 46
Michael Powers Open Prediction 999 prediction named
  • Variations (named card and memorized deck)
Power Plays 49
Michael Powers Psychic Birthday Predictor selection matches card written on spectator's birthday in birthday calendar, card also predicted in envelope
Also published here
  • Channel One No. 10
Power Plays 52
Michael Powers Impromptu Terror traveling hole effect
  • Phase 2: One Hole Jumps to Another Card
  • Phase 3: The Holes Are Brought Back Together
Inspired by
  • "Holey Terror" (Michael Powers, marketed item, 1983)
Power Plays 56
Michael Powers Natural Poker Power spectator gets Royal Flush
  • Alternate Ending
  • Alternate Ending II
Inspired by Power Plays 63
Michael Powers Peel Switch two cards peeled off packed into left hand, one switched for bottom card
Power Plays 64
Joshua Jay, Michael Powers, Joel Givens Twist on Simon twisting with four Queens, then three spectators get a packet with a Queen each and it turns over in their hands, optional back color change
Inspired by Power Plays 67
Michael Powers The amBIGuous Card card chosen, miniature selection jumps out of deck, grows and shrinks again
Also published here Power Plays 70
Michael Powers Best of All Worlds
Inspired by Power Plays 73
Michael Powers Hoochie Coochie Aces Aces lost into four piles, then found again
Inspired byRelated to Power Plays 77
Peter Gröning, Michael Powers Signed Sealed and Delivered unknown card signed on back, sandwiched with red Jacks and put in card case, another card is signed on face, cased card turns out to be signed on both sides later
  • Signed, Sealed and Delivered the Easy Way
Inspired by
  • Peter Gröning effect from TSD website
Power Plays 80
Michael Powers The Secret Double slide-under switch action with alignment move type action to get a card underneath a single on top of the deck
Related to Power Plays 81
Michael Powers Virus transformation routine with four red spot cards and the Kings, transformation to Aces as climax
Inspired byRelated to Power Plays 85
Michael Powers Reverse Faro Coincidence two spectators cut to cards and replace the cuts while back is turned, black Jacks are removed and they find both selections, faro
  • Ending 1
  • Ending 2
  • Ending 3
Inspired by
  • "The PM Principle" (Michael Powers, 1990 booklet)
Related toVariations
Power Plays 88
Michael Powers Punch Intro on punched cards and the punch deal, credit information
  • Punching Cards
  • Non-Punched Method
Power Plays 92
Michael Powers PM Plus two spectators cut to cards and replace the cuts, performer deals through cards and finds selections without seeing faces
  • Naming the First Selection
  • Naming the Second Selection
  • Non-Memorized Deck Procedure
  • Non-Stacked Methods
Inspired by
  • "The PM Principle" (Michael Powers, 1990 booklet)
Power Plays 94
Michael Powers Punch Drunk any card pocketed by spectator under fair conditions, performer deals through deck and says he'll stop at mate, cell phone rings and person at other end names selection, 50% Punched Deck (every other card)
  • Cell Phone Finish
  • Alternate Finish (1)
  • Alternate Finish (2)
  • Alternate Finish (3)
Related to Power Plays 98
Michael Powers Punch for Two two fair selections found, 50% Punched Deck
Inspired by Power Plays 103
Michael Powers Numerical Analysis selection ends up at total of cut-off packet after mixing procedure, Penelope
  • Alternate Presentations (An Open Prediction, A Closed Prediction)
Power Plays 106
Michael Powers Hide and Seek selection fairly lost, faro
Inspired by
  • "The Cardician is In!" (Doug Canning, Card Capers)
Related to
Power Plays 108
Michael Powers Heisting Histed Heisted twenty-five duplicates
  • Non Gaffed Ideas
  • Heavily Gaffed Methods (jumbo cards)
Inspired by
  • "Histed Heisted" (Simon Aronson, The Card Ideas of Simon Aronson)
Related toVariations
Power Plays 112
Michael Powers Sunken Treasure spectator cuts to a card and replaces his packet in center of rest, card located
Power Plays 116
Michael Powers Code 5 five cards removed from deck, one hidden, assistant is shown other four cards and names fifth one, repeat in which a card is cased and divined
Inspired by Power Plays 119
Michael Powers Coding for your Partner area on pad, silent code
Power Plays 121
Michael Powers The 7 Card 21 Card Trick
  • Telephone Method
Inspired by Power Plays 125
Michael Powers Total Freedom five selections found after CATO and mixing procedure
Power Plays 128
Michael Powers Cut and Run ideas of placement principle
  • Simple COincidence
  • Faro 53
  • Use of a Special Key Card
  • Non Faro Method
  • Another Approach
Inspired byRelated to Power Plays 131
Michael Powers Animazement stick figure animates on back of deck and draws X on selection, deck shown normal before and after except a single card with the figure on its back
Inspired by
  • "Animator" (David Harkey)
Power Plays 136
Michael Powers Back to Back card signed on face, it is shown to have a blank back, another selection signed on back is shown to have blank face, cards fuse to normal card with both signatures
Power Plays 144
Michael Powers The Mystery Card blank cards get some business logo
Inspired by
  • "Gypsy Curse" (Peter Kane)
Power Plays 147
Michael Powers Red Shift four blue-backed jokers, turn red one by one, then whole deck is red-backed, red/blue double backer
Inspired by Power Plays 152
Michael Powers Subtle Princess performer and spectator each select a card from a five-card packet, performer finds spectator's card and vice versa
Inspired by
  • "People's Princess" (Jon Racherbaumer, GeMiNi online board)
Power Plays 155
Michael Powers Invisible Triumph selection turns over in other deck then Triumph with original deck, rough smooth & cheek to cheek combination
Related to Power Plays 159
Michael Powers Double Decker Sandwich Bluff Sandwich, selection tabled, repeat with transposition with tabled first selection, duplicate
Inspired by Power Plays 161
Michael Powers Finders Keepers named progressive sandwich
Inspired byVariations Power Plays 165
Michael Powers The Money Game card signed and lost, seven envelopes with money, lie detector and answers are spelled with envelopes, remaining envelope contains selection
Variations Power Plays 168
Michael Powers Tri-EASY-Thon card selected, thought of and removed, all divined
  • Impromptu Method (clocking)
Inspired by Power Plays 171
Michael Powers, Ron Jaxon, Antony Gerard Flipped Out
  • Spectator's Coin Across
  • Spectator's Coin Through the Table
Power Plays 176
Michael Powers Ten To One with visible transformation on spectator's hand, magnetic shell
Power Plays 179
Michael Powers Tarnex copper/silver coin with heavily tarnished and shiny side
Power Plays 181
Michael Powers Matrix Reverse Surprise reverse matrix with four half dollars, change into different coins as finale
Power Plays 182
Michael Powers Expanding Expenditure coin tossed on mat grows to jumbo coin, vanishes and reappears
Power Plays 187
Michael Powers Twice Told Tails one quarter in each hand, they change place as gag, then one shown double-headed and one double-tailed
Power Plays 190
Michael Powers Progressive Matrix using three coins glued on edges (E Pluribus Unum)
Power Plays 197
Michael Powers Captain Hook three coins
Inspired by Power Plays 200
Michael Powers Minimalist Matrix international with dime, penny, nickel and quarter, two shells
Power Plays 204
Michael Powers More Flippin' Out Ramsay three coins appear one by one, then vanish one by one
Inspired by
  • "Flippin' Out Ramsey" (Robert Moreland, Weapons of Choice Notes)
Power Plays 207
Michael Powers Double Your Money borrowed Five Dollar Bill changes to Ten, then transposition
Inspired byRelated to
  • Michael Powers' version on video Top Secret Close-Up (1992)
Power Plays 216
Michael Powers Bill Switch Handling
Power Plays 217
Michael Powers Ring Transpo ring on string transposes with ring on performer's finger
Power Plays 220
Michael Powers Routined Rubber one rubber band splits into two, penetration routine, then one vanishes again
Power Plays 223
Michael Powers Paper View straw removed from wrapping paper, it visible jumps back into paper
Power Plays 227
Michael Powers Science Friction straw balanced on saltshaker, straw moves and is animated, static electricity
Related to Power Plays 229
Jason Alford A Cunning Odyssey Pseudo memory demonstration, match number of cards cut off by spectator, then able to find mates / four of a kind, Penelope
Inspired byVariations The Magician's Ltd Cookbook 31
Michael Powers The Spectator Collects Collectors routine, spectator cuts Queens into middle of deck, instantly collect three selections
The Magician's Ltd Cookbook 94
Michael Powers The 7-Card 21 Card Trick with spelling
  • Telephone Method
7-7-7 52
Darwin Ortiz Hard Target two selections found by red jacks
Related to Lessons in Card Mastery 55
Mark Ennis The Uninvited Guest card from one sandwich to another
Inspired byRelated to Lessons in Card Mastery 221
Michał Kociołek Double Target "Hofzinser Ace Problem" meets Marlo's "Push Through Failure"
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here
  • Linking Ring, Nov. 2013
Michał Kociołek Live! 11
David Solomon, Michael Powers 21 Card Trick with PM Power
Also published here
  • "21 Again" (Linking Ring, Feb. 2009)
Solomon's Secrets 120
Tom Gagnon Re-Entry marked coin into lighter, then back out into glass, blister on finger heals
Inspired byVariations Gagnon Unfiltered 414
Michael Powers Dedication
Tesseract 3
Michael Powers Also from Mike Powers
Tesseract 4
Michael Powers Acknowledgements
Tesseract 9
Michael Powers Introduction
  • Read this first
  • Prologue
  • The Hidden Dimension
Tesseract 13
Michael Powers The Lying Traveler three packets, selection travels from packet to packet, lie speller finale
Inspired by Tesseract 21
Michael Powers Small Packet I.C. selection put amongst Aces, it becomes invisible, reappears reversed in deck
Related to Tesseract 26
Michael Powers Hell Raiser III elevator effect with Ace to Four of Hearts and two Kings, transformation into Aces as climax
  • Blank Card Ending by Al Stratyner
Inspired by Tesseract 31
Michael Powers New Jazz with backfire ending
Inspired by
  • "Jazz It Up" (John Neely, Card Corner, Linking Ring, May 2012)
Tesseract 36
Michael Powers Royal Surprise spectator cuts to her selection and also locates the cards to complete a Royal Flush
Inspired by Tesseract 42
Michael Powers Way Too Many two selections lost, three indicator cards removed, but they are four, four-card repeat phase, both selections found and four Aces show up along the way
Inspired by
  • "One Too Many" (George McBride, e-book "The Best of OSMOSIS")
Tesseract 46
Michael Powers Last Trick of Dr. Daley with extra card
Tesseract 49
Michael Powers Open Mate Prediction card at named position matches prediction card
Inspired by
  • Tom Craven trick in Card Corner, Linking Ring, Feb. 2010
Tesseract 51
Michael Powers Push Through Success push-through failure meets Hofzinser Ace Problem
Inspired by Tesseract 54
Michael Powers Elmer eliminating sucker aspect
Inspired by
  • "Elmer" (Ed Oschmann, Linking Ring, May 2017)
Related to
  • "Devilishly Direct" (The Amazing Miracles of Shigeo Takagi)
Tesseract 58
Michael Powers Speed spectator cuts to four cards and chooses two of them, performer pulls mates out of pocket with great speed
Inspired by
  • "Fast Times" (Steven Youell)
Tesseract 62
Michael Powers Transpo Visitor tabled card transposes with sandwiched card in deck
Inspired by
  • "Flash Paced Transpo" (Steve Reynolds, Linking Ring, July 2008)
Tesseract 66
Michael Powers No Palm Match Me
Inspired by Tesseract 70
Michael Powers Cardial Infraction riffle shuffle demo with Aces, Royal Flush finale
Inspired by Tesseract 74
Michael Powers The Unexpected Visitor(s) adding a second selection revelation
  • Extending the Routine
Inspired by Tesseract 79
Michael Powers The Fly selection travels from one rubber banded sandwich to another, with color-changing back kicker, story presentation
Inspired by Tesseract 84
Michael Powers Shrödinger's Dream Revisited Schrödinger's, card through table, card through close-up mat, then card through table upwards
Tesseract 88
Michael Powers Finessed Interchange two cards transpose, then both transpose with two Jokers
Inspired by
  • "Interchange" (Eric A. Maurin, Genii, Oct. 1982)
Tesseract 94
Michael Powers No Transfer Whisperers four Jacks "whisper" three selections and transpose with them
Inspired byRelated to
  • Card Corner column solutions in Linking Ring, Mar. 2019
Tesseract 98
Michael Powers Triple Whammy three selections, first found, it is stabbed between other selections, one travels from half to half, breather
Tesseract 105
Michael Powers Twilight Zone Monte five cards, monte type game with odd-backed monte card, transformations occur
Inspired by
  • "Montinator 5.0" (John Bannon, Triabolical)
Tesseract 110
Michael Powers Boxed Surprise six selections, found under, in and on top of card case, deck vanishes except selection and is found in case again
Inspired by Tesseract 115
Michael Powers Open Prediction 999 card that is dealt face down is signed on back by spectator
Also published here
  • Close-Up Variety Pack II, 1996 lecture notes
  • Linking Ring Parade, April 2015
Tesseract 121
Michael Powers Finessed Finders Keepers named progressive sandwich
Inspired by Tesseract 125
Michael Powers Odyssey III performer cuts same amount of cards as spectator, Ten was set aside at prediction and the packets have Tens on top
Inspired by Tesseract 133
Michael Powers Natural Faro Slough Off with cascade
Related to Tesseract 135
Michael Powers Heavy Weight thickness of two packets matched, faro
Tesseract 138
Michael Powers YCAAN faro placement
Tesseract 141
Michael Powers Masque of the Red Death new story presentation, transformation routine with four red spot cards and four court cards, transformation climax
Inspired byRelated to Tesseract 147
Michael Powers Royal Versus Ace-Stros four piles in diamond formation, Kings assemble on one pile, Aces show up as kicker
Inspired by
  • "Jumping Jacks" (Paul Lelekis, Linking Ring, April 2012)
Tesseract 151
Michael Powers A Night at the Stardust poem story in which only Aces are used, lost and found, with appearing at the fingertips of the "wrong" hand as finale
Inspired by Tesseract 155
Michael Powers Finessed Gallo Shuffle Triumph shuffle type
Inspired by
  • "The M.G. Strip-Out" (Mike Gallo, Allan Hayden's Card Sharp on Duty, 1983)
Tesseract 186
Michael Powers, Eric A. Maurin Finessed Center Switch out-jogged card and top card are removed together, out-jogged card switched for card second from top
Inspired by
  • "Center Switch" (Eric A. Maurin, in "Interchange", Genii, 1982)
Tesseract 190
Michael Powers Powers Varies Kelly
Inspired by Tesseract 193
Michael Powers The Centripetal Force card touched, top half turned over and selection pushed out, switched
Tesseract 195
Michael Powers 52! illustrating the huge number 52!
Tesseract 205
Michael Powers 21 Again/Invisible 21 selection vanishes and reappears again, featuring a fair selection procedure in which selection is cut into the other two packets, three distant key cards
Tesseract 208
Michael Powers Moe Fun featuring a fair selection procedure in which selection is cut into packets, two distant key cards, another spectator stops the spectator's deal to find selection, with variations (faro, no stooge, edge marks)
Also published here
  • Linking Ring, April 2009
Tesseract 213
Michael Powers, Keith Randolph Chaos four number cards used to generate four-digit number that is put in calculator, another number is subtracted, final result is nine and the four Nines are shown to be at top of four previously cut-off packets
Tesseract 218
Michael Powers Two Way Split
  • Effect 1 - The Tantalizer
  • Effect 2 - Another Invisible Card
Inspired by
  • "The Sunken Key Again" (Scalbert's Selected Secrets)
Tesseract 223
Michael Powers Incomplete Two Way using Riffle Shuffle Control with Incomplete Faro Condition
Inspired byRelated to Tesseract 228
Michael Powers Reverse Faro Coincidence Redux two spectators choose cards which are fairly lost, black Jacks find both selections, faro
Inspired by Tesseract 232
Marty Kane, Michael Powers, Colm Mulcahy, Chris Wilcox BTTP Revisited
  • The Bottom to Top Principle" (Colm Mulcahy)
  • Three-Peat Deceit by Marty Kane (spectator spells name of card three times, then it is on top)
  • Try This (three spectators simultaneously)
  • Telephone/Radio Version
  • Last Minute Addition (restoring original order)
Inspired by
  • "Bottom to Top Principle" (Colm Mulcahy, Mathematical Card Magic)
Tesseract 237
Michael Powers Creating the Tesseract on four-dimensional objects
Tesseract 243