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Karl Fulves Self-Duplicating Set-ups exotic principle in which sequences are duplicated in a random outjog-sorting procedure
Related toVariationsAlso published here Epilogue (Issue 3) 19
Karl Fulves Gray Stak combining gray code and stay stack in a deck with eight cards, in the application a selection is divined, see also Addenda on page 60, for sixteen- and 32-Card Arrangements see reference
Related to Faro & Riffle Technique (Issue Gray Codes) 23
Earl Keyser Faro Ideas - Reflected Gray Stack sixteen-Card Arrangement & 32-Card Arrangement, solution
Inspired by Epilogue (Issue 16) 151
Karl Fulves Self-Duplicating Set-ups exotic principle in which sequences are duplicated in a random outjog-sorting procedure
Also published here Riffle Shuffle Set-Ups 18
Jeff Busby A Problem And An Interesting Sidelight reflection problem: how to make stay stack with one cut and one shuffle
The Solution: pack(et) torn in half and one half reversed via Klondike Shuffle
Curioser 13
Jeff Busby Interesting Sidelight dealing stay stack into any number of piles retains stay stack, with tables how to pick up the piles for up to five piles
  • General Rules For Pick Ups
  • Added Notes
Related to Curioser 14
Jeff Busby Red-Black Stay Stacks Same Color Reflection, Opposite Color Reflection
Curioser 20
Jeff Busby The Constant Straight Routine straights show up despite shuffling and mixing, seven phases, with packet
Related to Curioser 21
Jeff Busby Polar Repulsion Straights "The same as Constant Straight Routine only more so!"
Related to Curioser 24
Jeff Busby Double Reflection Stack stay stack in which each half is mirrored in itself, no application
Curioser 26
R. Sid Spocane II Fascinating Pair mini stay stack used to produce a mate
Best of Friends 133
Karl Fulves Replica Poker No. 40, ten cards, five are removed by spectator, remaining five cards are in same value-order, self-duplicating set-up
More Self-Working Card Tricks 52
Karl Fulves The Stay Stak Constraint as stay stack features applies to problem in introduction
The Return Trip 25
Roy Walton Cue Sheet "Doctor Cue" variations, location in small packet
Inspired by Prototype 13
Harry Lorayne Nine All Mine using mini stay stack
Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 16 No. 8) 2248
Peter Duffie Principles and Deceptions "An Easy Trip Through The Arithmetical Principles Of Card Magic - Part 3"
  • The Rusduck Stay Stack Principle
Profile (Issue 15) 6
Peter Duffie Card Count-Down card thought-of from twelve-card packet, suit spelled, pairs dealt, value counted down in rest of the deck to find mate
Profile (Issue 16) 6
Philip T. Goldstein Duprediction arrangement of symbol cards predicted
Inspired by Thabbatical 62
Philip T. Goldstein Duplex alphabet cards
Inspired by Thabbatical 67
Peter Duffie Eleven Plus stay stack principle, number prediction
Also published here
  • Imagine
Duffie's Card Compulsions 170
Peter Duffie Eleven Plus Plus stay stack principle
Duffie's Card Compulsions 173
Peter Duffie The Unknown Entity Convoluted coincidence effect with two packets, one packet counted down to find mate in other packet (two cards, two piles, but not same position)
Effortless Card Magic 38
Peter Duffie Matchical Mix Two Cards, Two Piles, Same position - selection and mate
Effortless Card Magic 40
Karl Fulves Igor two packets, card chosen in one matches up with vampire in other packet when counted simultaneously
Inspired by
  • "Staggered" (Eddie Joseph)
Lost Vampire Secrets 173
Peter Duffie Colorosity Plus! two odd-colored cards are eventually in two piles, the add up to a number prediction (7/8 force stack)
New Inspirations 9
Howard A. Adams Notes on Ramasee historical comments
Related to
  • "The Ramasee Prophecy" (OICUFESP)
Latter Day Secrets (Issue 2) 41
Peter Duffie Here We Go Again...
Cards By All Means 10
Philip T. Goldstein Never Odd or Even a/k/a I Prefer Pi
Rotator as number force
Related to Redivider 14
Philip T. Goldstein Test Set card removed from ten-card-ESP-packet divined by spelling, outgrowth of "Symbulation" (Linking Ring, April 1996)
Redivider 32
Philip T. Goldstein Wondered? No, Psi is Pondered Now. two sets of ESP cards mixed by spectator who then choses (via procedure) five cards, exactly one of each
Redivider 48
Philip T. Goldstein, Peter Duffie On Add-a-No
Redivider 17
Philip T. Goldstein Retinue Reuniter five cards torn (to build stack) and magically paired, Ramasee principle
Redivider 35
Philip T. Goldstein Evil Duo, Loud & Live a/k/a Satire = Veritas
story presentation
Redivider 52
Philip T. Goldstein Cutting a small Stay Stack
Redivider 17
Philip T. Goldstein Or Torn Rotor
Inspired by Redivider 39
Philip T. Goldstein Revolt, Lover two four-of-a-kinds are paired, ramasee principle
Redivider 57
Philip T. Goldstein Toll a Total, a Total Lot a/k/a Must Sum
taking cards from two piles
Redivider 21
Philip T. Goldstein Yo! Bet no Monte, Boy. a/k/a Roll, or...
matching effect with three cards torn in half and a die
Redivider 40
Philip T. Goldstein Mull I, Will I Win? I Will, I Will! Um... a/k/a Engage Le Jeu Que Je Le Gagne
a/k/a Drawer's Reward
Dead Man's Hand presentation
Redivider 62
Philip T. Goldstein No, it is Open: One Position a/k/a Rotator
match with small packet stay stack (optional: slot machine cards)
Redivider 6
Philip T. Goldstein Word Row forcing a word with alphabet cards
Redivider 23
Philip T. Goldstein Deci-Diced poker themed version with five cards of previous effect
Redivider 43
Philip T. Goldstein No Casino Con is a Con a/k/a Of Nil Info
psychic poker
Redivider 69
Philip T. Goldstein Rotator (II) match with small packet stay stack
Redivider 10
Philip T. Goldstein 力ルイ千ビンナコネコナンビ千イル力? a/k/a Stack Cats
Related to Redivider 26
Philip T. Goldstein O, Decide Dice, Do version of "Roll, or..." with two die
Redivider 44
Philip T. Goldstein Cutting and Mixing a small Stay Stack
Redivider 8
Philip T. Goldstein Rotator (III) match with small packet stay stack
Redivider 11
Philip T. Goldstein Senile Felines repeat version of previous trick
Redivider 29
Philip T. Goldstein Tie It
Redivider 46
Philip T. Goldstein Pseudo D/U ESP double match with small packet stay stack
Redivider 12
Philip T. Goldstein Swap Paws
Redivider 31
Philip T. Goldstein Want no Die? I Don't; Naw.
Redivider 47
Wesley James The Sigma Principle force in which spectator cuts off pile, counts it and counts down that many cards in rest
Enchantments 101
Karl Fulves Gray Reflections about the color distribution in mirror stack after cuts
Combo II 117
Harry Riser Double Triple Match ten red-backed and ten blue-backed cards mixed together, two chosen, they match and also match a card put in the Himber wallet, repeat phase, SBS double facers
Also published here
  • MUM, Oct. & Nov. 1999
Secrets of an Escamoteur 148
Roy Walton Our Relations ten-card packet, card chosen, selection and its mate found
Prolix (Issue 5) 284
Persi Diaconis, Ron Graham A Mind-Reading Computer Packet of twelve cards, go through various dealing and shuffling procedures, create a pair of matching mates
Magical Mathematics 85