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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Jack Parker 100% Confidence packet of three cards keeps changing to match as a four of kind with different selections, end with Royal Flush
Inspired byRelated to 2007 52 Memories 88
Cameron Francis The Appearing Sharpie marker appears in empty cap
Apr. 2008 Genii (Vol. 71 No. 4) 22
David Acer iAces photo of Aces shown on smartphone, one of those Aces turns over and its suit matches selection between spectator's hands, card on photo turns over again and is now selection and spectator has Ace between hands
Inspired by
  • "Snapped" (Cameron Francis)
2011 More Power to You 167
Harapan Ong, Michał Kociołek Michalevator with seven cards, transposition climax
Related to
  • "Low Riser" (Cameron Francis, Let's Get Small, 2012 ebook)
2018 Principia 45
Cameron Francis Impossible Versus Improbable three packets of three cards each, three selections distributed on the packets, all shown to be a four-of-a-kind, an Ace is shown as well and now an Ace is on the face of each packet
Inspired by
  • "Four-Play" (Aldo Colombini)
Related to
2019 Tesseract 167