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Unknown To name the Article taken by each of Four Persons four objects pocketed while performer is out of room, but linked to four memorized punch-marked cards
More Magic 87
Unknown The Magic Circle "To discover a card or other object that has been touched in the performer's absence", with medium and code
More Magic 242
H. F. C. Suhr Der bezauberte Hut borrowed items placed in borrowed hat, silk put over hat, hat vanishes, items appear on a black board and a person with a package comes into the theater with the hat in the box
Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 3 No. 9) 131
Theodore Annemann Magician's Choice three items
The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 2) 8
Al Baker The One I Like performer know which object is taken, bloodless hand
Also published here The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Cardially Yours) 495
Barbara Stanwyck Bits of Presto article touched in other room, performer knows, same with card selection
The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 52) 359
Unknown Tapping Table Objects spectator thinks of one of seven objects, performer taps them while spectator spells silently, at end of word performer taps thought-of object, progressive anagram
Also published here
  • "New Magician's Manual" (Walter Gibson)
After the Dessert 12
Syl Reilly The Phantom Tray chosen object is determined, luminous paint
Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 2 378
Unknown Distant Mental Communication assistent in different room lists objects that are freely selected
Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 4 206
Harry Lorayne Force Prediction equivoque out of about twelve cards
Close-up Card Magic 100
Ali Bongo The Baffling Bangle bracelet appears knotted to a rod, under handkerchief
The Bongo Book 40
Ali Bongo The Houdini Pin pin vanishes from corked tube and appears in small box
Related to The Bongo Book 52
Edward Marlo Magician's Choice for Three Objects
Expert Card Conjuring 88
Jerry Mentzer Spirit Writing four objects listed on business card, paper balled up, chosen item vanishes from list and appears written on balled-up paper
Close-up Cavalcade 157
Karl Fulves The Parity Principle four objects used
Inspired by The Magic Book 135
Punx Kismet objects are removed, last one is divined, instructions on record
Setzt Euch zu meinen Füssen... 68
Francis Carlyle The Blindfold Act
Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram 129
Gerald Kosky To Tell The Truth? performer finds out who of two people has an object by asking one question
Variations Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 1 No. 6) 61
Al Baker Lesson performer know which object is taken, bloodless hand
Also published here The Chronicles (Issue 1) 1071
Sam Rosenfeld Apocalypse Variations Or Additions
Inspired by Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 2 No. 4) 190
Unknown Mind Power No. 7, four objects on table, spectator touches one with eyes closed, predicted, tallest object
Self-Working Mental Magic 9
Karl Fulves The Shamrock Code one of five objects, how a drinking glass is held
The Shamrock Code / The Parallel Principle 5
Herb Morrissey Unexpected Vision three plastic turtles of different color, one hidden in box, its color is divined, then their location in the spectator's pocket, multi-phase routine
John: Verse Two 96
Frank Ross The Truth three objects take by spectators, two spectators lie and one tells the truth, performer knows which one, credit information
The Chronicles (Issue 25) 1307
Martin Gardner Quant Quirk 4x4 square of 16 cards, some face-up some face-down randomly, with certain allowed turnover moves one has to get all cards in one direction, sucker game
Octet 18
Reinhard Müller Telefon Trick coin, key and pen on table and distributed into pockets by spectator, performer names location
Inspired by Six Impromptu Card Tricks 5
John Lyon Optical Plastic coin appears to sink into sheet of plastic
Related to
  • "Blue Crystal" (Lubor Fiedler, Tenyo T-198)
Optical Plastic
Patrick Page The Rising Object object rises up to hand
The Pull Book 40
Patrick Page The Moving Object object moves on table
The Pull Book 41
Dennis H. Evans Letters - On Optical Plastic illusion of getting a coin trapped into a sheet of plastic and then having the coin penetrate it
Inspired by Interlocutor (Issue 48) 207
Karl Fulves Memory Plays Tricks item put in one pocket of magician, magician stands behind spectator but apparently cannot do anything because he is clapping constantly, item then in another pocket
Easy-to-Do Magic Tricks for Children 12
Martin Gardner Force Field animating things on table, apparently no finger moves
Rigmarole (Issue 2) 14
Martin Gardner Packet Parity color prediction with chess pieces, also with cards (color of a card is predicted)
Arcane (Issue 14) 212
Gregory Wilson 411 any object is chosen, any person is phoned and names the random object
The Art of Astonishment - Book 1 (Issue Gregory Wilson) 277
Paul Harris Perfect-Ten Paper Clip Paradox puzzle with a complex layout of several object, e.g. paper clips
The Art of Astonishment — Book 3 (Issue Secrets of the Astonishing Executive) 271
Theodore Annemann, Max Maven Magician's Choice one out of three objects
Card College — Volume 2 440
Tony Bartolotta Third Sight seven random objects, one object touched, medium knows the object when list of object is called out
Latter Day Secrets (Issue 1) 12
Ellis Stanyon To Discover the Respective Holders of Three Cards or Objects No. 33, similar to reference
Related to Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks 75
Richard Osterlind Paroptic Psychometry I blindfolded, performer identifies objects
Dynamic Mysteries 82
Richard Osterlind Paroptic Psychometry II blindfolded, performer identifies objects, different presentation
Dynamic Mysteries 85
Karl Fulves Any Transpo any two small borrowed items are put in two different pockets and transpose
The Fine Print (Issue 10) 315
Karl Fulves Bell Ringer twelve objects arranged in square, spirit bell chosen and it rings
Hex Squared 114
Wayne Dobson Invisible Lie Detector five cards with items on them, one remembered by spectator, item divined and shown in hand, second repeat phase with different method
Dobson's Choice 8
David Berglas Magician's Choice several spectator put objects on the table, two are selected and they match the predictions
Related to The Mind & Magic of David Berglas 79
Unknown Conjuror's Choice Procedure three items
Card College - Volume 5 1126
Barrie Richardson Letting Go! presentation for James's effect, mug tied on a string is dropped, but the string loops around a pencil just before object fall on floor
Inspired by Act Two 175
Karl Fulves Clocking with Objects objects with names that have a certain number of letters in a box, removed object identified by counting letters of others
Clockwork 31
Stewart James A Match for Gravity Bar bet, looping pendulum, heavy expensive object tied on a string is dropped, but the string loops around a pencil just before object fall on floor
VariationsAlso published here
  • Linking Ring, Sep 1926
The Essential Stewart James 5
Oliver Meech I Spy Performer guesses which object spectator is thinking of by watching eye movements (use paperback book as impression device)
The Plot Thickens 56
Tom Stone Poltergeist idea in which something falls off the shelf without performer being present
Vortex 76
Lewis Jones The Force counting force for 5 objects
Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 8 149
Adam Rubin, Stewart James Gravity Unmatched article on Stewart James' "A Match for Gravity"
Inspired by Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 8 217
Bill Abbott Party Control random item is chosen and predicted
Inspired by
  • "Mind Control" (Bill Abbott, marketed)
House Party Magic! 11
Hiroshi Sawa 落ち葉 (The Fallen Leaves) Use a leaf to produce ten ginkgo nuts. Gingko nut vanishes, appears in pocket, leaf used as magic wand
Magic of Dr. Sawa (澤浩の奇術) 38
Colin McLeod Remarkable Effect three items, spectator decides how they are distributed to three locations, this is predicted
Inspired by
  • "Free Will" (Deddy Corbuzier & Paul Richards)
Divine 158
Joe Kahn, G Smile (微笑) Make a smile disappear of a smile face stress ball, appear on spectator's face
Believe 68
Benjamin Earl Pocket Time Machine small item travels from hand to pocket, time travel presentation
This is not a Box 27
John Hostler Tell Monte (Rescripted) five objects on table, ESP cards put in front and things moved around according to instructions, final item divined and predicted
  • Impromptu Variation
Inspired by Magnum Opossum 89
Andy (The Jerx) Multiple Universe Selection Signed card transforms; presentation is about jumping between parallel universes, random objects in a plastic bag change
The Jerx 237
Paul Vigil, Jimmy Fingers Free Will of Order three items, spectator decides how they are distributed to three locations, this is predicted, with credit information on the plot
Inspired by
  • "Free Will of Order" (Jimmy Fingers, 2006)
  • "Free Will" (Deddy Corbuzier & Paul Richards)
The Doors of Deception 27
Kieron Johnson The Anything Deck blank cards with random objects written on them, chosen object is produced, as concept
The Time Traveller 66