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Diabelli Vorwort
Allerlei Experi-Mentales 3
Diabelli Mentale Unterhaltung - Was ist das? on performing mentalism
Allerlei Experi-Mentales 5
Diabelli Programmgestaltung - Präsentation on the structure of a mentalism act and presentation
Allerlei Experi-Mentales 7
Diabelli Der Zuschauer hat immer recht! essay "the spectator is always right"
Allerlei Experi-Mentales 9
Diabelli Perfektion - Nein Danke! on being perfect
Allerlei Experi-Mentales 11
Diabelli Russisch-Roulette russian roulette with seven cups, one is filled with acid, different color and paper dissolves inside as proof
Allerlei Experi-Mentales 14
Diabelli Numerologie prediction of Tarot card in envelope
Allerlei Experi-Mentales 16
Diabelli Number Force with eleven Tarot cards, sum of digit of birthday is used, two force cards
Allerlei Experi-Mentales 17
Diabelli Die Gerechtigkeit open prediction with Tarot cards, stopped at card is placed in box
Allerlei Experi-Mentales 19
Diabelli Das Swami Gimmick thoughts on different nail writer models
Allerlei Experi-Mentales 22
Diabelli Lotto lottery card, named number was predicted with a cross
Allerlei Experi-Mentales 25
Diabelli Die Uhr prediction of a freely named time, watch drawn on paper
Allerlei Experi-Mentales 26
Diabelli Runen spectator draws a rune symbol on piece of paper which is then sealed in envelope, other spectator selects rune stone with same symbol
Allerlei Experi-Mentales 27
Diabelli ESP Spectator selects ESP card, second spectator marks same ESP symbol on a chart
Allerlei Experi-Mentales 31
Diabelli Trank des Grauens "2" with three filled test tubes, aluminium ball is placed in last one where liquid starts to react as proof
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  • "Trank des Grauens" in Diabelli's "Liber Äquinox"
Allerlei Experi-Mentales 32
Diabelli Pendeln one of five ESP cards is selected with pendulum, it is marked with an X on the back, boardmarker ink
Allerlei Experi-Mentales 34
Diabelli Nomen Est Omen fake check is placed in envelope, lots of envelopes are handed to the spectators, with a book consisting of first names, names are selected by accident and if one in the audience has the same name, he has to shout, first person who shouts owns the envelope with the fake check
Allerlei Experi-Mentales 36
Diabelli Buchtest
Allerlei Experi-Mentales 40
Diabelli Qual der Wahl spectator marks an X on a newspaper page with the cinema adds, selected movie is predicted, with variation
Allerlei Experi-Mentales 44
Diabelli Bizarr bizarr routine, prediction of a Tarot card, amulet breaks into pieces and skull appears on paper
Allerlei Experi-Mentales 47