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Al Baker Your Pulse Tells spectator's index finger finds card, thick card ("click")
The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Al Baker's Second Book) 108
Unknown Single Card Force thick card
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 127
Unknown Silk Locator Card
Greater Magic 79
Unknown Eclipse Locator Card shallow card glued on normal card
Greater Magic 79
Unknown Crescent Locator Card piece cut out and glued on card
Greater Magic 78
Unknown Double Locator Card Court Loator Card ("Master Card") and Pip Locator Card, pieces glued on card
Greater Magic 79
R. M. Jamison 57 two times performer knows where selection is, when spectator turns up cards and names them
The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 125) 502
James G. Thompson Jr. Pip Pip cutting at a thick card, pips
The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 161) 647
Hen Fetsch Click Locator Card thick card only glued at center
Band-It Card 1
Art Lyle Pocket Location four card location, two thick cards
The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 171) 685
Dr. William T. Palchinas Skill-Nil! combination of several routines, here as Palchanis
-Pay Off (Walter Gibson)
  • One Good Trick (Walter Gibson)
  • A Total Mystery (Tony Kardyro)
  • Total Mystery / Sensational Sensitive Finger Tips (Tony Kardyro)
  • Card-Incidence (Charles Terraneau)
Related to The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 183) 731
R. M. Jamison The Mystic Card of Fu message appears on a blank card, which names position of selection in deck
The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 308) 30
Edward Marlo Reverse Fingertip Control forcing thick or short card, riffled from the back to the front, two methods
Advanced Fingertip Control 64
Edward Marlo Dribble Coincidence two decks, three phases
Related to Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 2) 13
Unknown Dribble Force thick card
Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 2) 14
Edward Marlo Dribble Concept Continued two decks are dribbled and spectator calls stop, eight aces, double back thick card
Related to Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 3) 29
David Solomon Toss-in Triumph no card reversed after Triumph, indicator is tossed next to selection
Arch Triumphs 33
H. E. Burnside Cutting the Aces
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 3) 814
Jimmy Ray Side by Side card is reversed in deck next to selections
A Ray of Magic 12
Walter "Sonny" Day Fastest Trick In the World
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 3) 814
Jimmy Ray Side Peek riffle force with thick card, routine simple reverse
A Ray of Magic 15
Daryl Martinez Flexible Blue/Red Cards Across with two handkerchiefs
Lecture Notes to Convention Session #1 13
Jimmy Ray Side Swindle card is found by feeling sides of the deck
A Ray of Magic 17
Unknown Turnover Switch on the deck
Lecture Notes to Convention Session #1 15
Rovi Your Card Plus Four Aces selection is found reversed in the deck, first the four aces and the joker are produced
Rovi Reveals 11
Walter "Sonny" Day Minerve on the thick card, different cuts
Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 3) 813
Jimmy Ray Making the Key Card locator card, piece glued to center of card
A Ray of Magic 10
Roy Johnson Mythical Princess two cards are found, clock theme, prediction with sucker element
A World of Clocks 17
Gary Ouellet Key Cards on different Key Card concepts
1. The Short Card
2. The Corner Short
3. The Long Card
4. The Thick Card
5. The Jimmy Ray Card
6. The Kornwinder and similar cards
ProControl 13
Unknown Thick Card Dribble Force
Off the Wall 21
Edward Marlo The Inexplicable Reverse spectator shuffles before four Aces are shown reversed together in center, thick double backer
Also published here
  • The New Tops, Feb. 1977
M.I.N.T. — Volume II 317
Edward Marlo Spectator's Shuffle spectator shuffles one half, then the other, some cards secretly transferred
M.I.N.T. — Volume II 317
Bob King Repeat Triumph thick double backer
Opening Night Magic 25
Edward Marlo The Inexplicable Result Aces lost in different parts of the deck, spectator shuffles, Aces found reversed together in deck
M.I.N.T. — Volume II 318
Edward Marlo The Clean Up selected card found by performer in pocket
M.I.N.T. — Volume II 321
Karl Fulves Thickset four cards glued together
Blocking Off 116
Karl Fulves No-Break Cull using thick or short card
Blocking Off 119
Christian Scherer Ganz einfach deck under handkerchief held by spectator, performer reaches under silk and produces selection
Inspired by Karten à la carte 24
Christian Scherer Fernseh-Asse performer cuts to the aces one by one
Karten à la carte 34
Christian Scherer Spektraldruck blank deck turns into normal deck
Karten à la carte 140
Ellis Stanyon The "Ruffle" Force No. 30, with thick card
Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks 18
Ellis Stanyon The "Ruffle" Force with an Ordinary Pack No. 4, step or thick card
Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks 193
Ellis Stanyon The "Ruffle" Force with Double Card No. 9, thick card
Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks 274
Christian Scherer Sensitive Finger five phases blindfold routine with sense of touch presentation
1. finger print, by touch
2. think stop
3. rising card under handkerchief, magnetism presentation
4. card identity divination
5. location of selection
Inspired by
  • Al Koran's "Koran's Miracle Blindfold Card Act" in Lewis Ganson's "Routined Manipulation Part II", 1951
Related to
  • Carl-Horst Meier's "Ein Psycho-Kartenprogramm" in "Intermagic" Vol. 4, No. 1, 1976
Sensitive Finger 9
Pit Hartling Jolly Jumper card travels three times, Dreisprung
Concertos for Pasteboard 71
Steve Bedwell The TC Dribble Force using thick card
Thick Schtick! 17
Steve Bedwell Where have you been all my life? about the possibilities of thick cards
Thick Schtick! 1
Steve Bedwell CARDiac Emergency dream card plot, card with emergency sticker on back
Inspired by
  • "Emergency Card" (Randy Wakeman)
Thick Schtick! 18
Steve Bedwell Introduction
  • It's even cheap to make!!!
Thick Schtick! 3
Steve Bedwell Stacked Thoughts three selections divined, one found with "think stop" procedure when cards are spread in front of spectator's eyes
Thick Schtick! 22
Steve Bedwell Single Card Control using thick card
Thick Schtick! 5
Steve Bedwell Bibliography
Thick Schtick! 28
Steve Bedwell Pinky Pulldown Location of thick card
Thick Schtick! 6
Steve Bedwell The TC Multiple Control using thick card, selections made via dribbling
Thick Schtick! 8
Steve Bedwell TC Multiple Lift using thick card
Thick Schtick! 12
Steve Bedwell Ambitious Card Sequence using thick card
Thick Schtick! 13
Tony Bartolotta Without a Clue No. 80, some cards hidden, card cut to and lost, found by performer
New Self-Working Card Tricks 120
Tony Bartolotta Number Affinity No. 81, two cards at their positions change
New Self-Working Card Tricks 121
Bob King Repeat Triumph using a thick double backer
New Magician Foolers 20
Sveroni Homing Card à la Sveroni card to pocket routine, three phases with fake expanation
Alte Neuheiten 29
Daniel Celma Blindfold Act 6 phases, blindfolded seeing with the fingertips
Also published here Lecture Notes 2014 31
Daniel Celma Blindfold Act 6 phases, blindfolded seeing with the fingertips
Also published here 7 Mysteries of Mentalism 62
David Solomon Ten-Hand Poker Deal Aces on top, two shuffles
Inspired by Solomon's Secrets 60
Tom Gagnon Gagnon Stocks Erdnase jogging specific card while riffling through the deck, controlled with Gagnon Spread Control
Inspired by Gagnon Unfiltered 161
Tom Gagnon Heavy Breather breather glued onto another card, thick breather
Gagnon Unfiltered 328