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Written by H. F. C. Suhr
Work of H. F. C. Suhr
125 pages (Hardcover), published by Levy & Müller
No illustrations
Language: German
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H. F. C. Suhr Vorwort the author wants to fill a gap with this book, as no books on card magic exist that are worth mentioning (times have changed)
H. F. C. Suhr Erster Teil - Kartenkunststücke ohne Apparate chapter "magic without apparatus"
Unknown Die Karten in der Brusttasche No. 1, deck placed in breast pocket of spectator, selections from another deck inserted in pocketed deck, performer takes them out by touch, one deck slightly bigger
Unknown Der magische Degen No. 2, sword used to stab selection blindfolded, deck scattered on floor, deck switch for short deck when fetching sword
Unknown Gerade oder Ungerade No. 3, packet of cards is counted as an odd or even number, depending on what the spectator wishes, two cards stuck together with "weak rubber solution, soap or onion juice"
Unknown Das Gedankenlesen No. 4, spectator writes name of card on paper, card divined by performer, impression on silver plate
Unknown Das verwandelte As No. 5, black Aces and Ace of Diamonds shown, those three cards given to spectator, Diamonds changed to Hearts, pip covered by black Aces so Ace of Hearts poses as Diamonds, Ace appears to be in the center which makes covering unclear
Related to 7
Unknown Das Vorherbestimmen menschlicher Gedanken No. 6, spectator choses one of two piles, selection is predicted with "eight", one pile contains Eights, the other eight cards
Unknown Einen Thaler durch ein Kartenspiel wandern zu lassen No. 7, deck placed on glass, coin dropped on top appears in glass, assistant pulls off bottom card which is attached to a thread
Unknown False Transfer no details
Unknown Die Gedankenübertragung No. 8, name of chosen cards appears on previously empty slate which is wrapped in newspaper, rope held to forehead of two spectators as comedy prop, mirror writing in chalk on newspaper
Unknown Die Macht des Fluidums No. 9, cards cling to hand and drop on command, needle through thick part of skin
Unknown Die Springkarte No. 10, selection either rises slowly or jumps out of deck, rubber band attached to two cards
H. F. C. Suhr Die Volte No. 11, no details
Unknown Ein ganzes Kartenspiel durchzureißen No. 12, whole deck torn in two halves
Unknown Die verwandelte Karte No. 13, glide in which the spectator is asked to pull out the bottom card
Unknown Dasselbe Kunststück in anderer Ausführung No. 14, Nine of Diamonds changes into Ace of Diamonds, pips made from powder can be shaken/rubbed off
Related to 18
H. F. C. Suhr Das Forcieren No. 15, fan with force card more exposed, rushing spectator, dropping cards as out
Unknown Das Aufspießen gezogener Karten auf einen Degen No. 16, four cards
Unknown Das Hellsehen No. 17, one of three cards chosen, performer divines, assistant codes with position of cigarette in mouth
Unknown Die magische Sehkraft No. 18, a picture card is turned around, performer knows with one
Unknown Rouge et noir No. 19, bridge crimp to tell whether a card is red or black
Unknown Der Kunstschütze No. 20, hole shot in Ace, gaff card with hole that can be pushed open
Unknown Das bezauberte Messer No. 21, card named above knife pushed-in by spectator, bottom card dragged along
Unknown Die vier wiedervereinigten Könige No. 22, Kings pushed in four different positions comes to top, four indifferent cards palmed on top of them
Unknown Die gehorsamen Karten No. 23, three selections jump out of deck held in one hand one by one into other hand, thread across stage
Unknown Dasselbe Kunststück in anderer Ausführung No. 24, card rises out of deck in glass
Unknown Eine gezogene Karte an die Wand festzunageln No. 25, deck thrown to wall, selection remains thumb tacked at wall
Unknown Der Zauberwurf No. 26, deck thrown in deck, cards remain together until deck hits floor
Unknown Die unzertrennlichen Buben No. 27, three Jacks put on top, middle and bottom, found in center together after cut
Unknown Das Hochmischen No. 28, springing cards upwards from hand to hand
Unknown Eine gezogene Karte aufzufinden No. 29, key card palmed onto selection
Unknown Dasselbe Kunststück in anderer Ausführung No. 30, selection found by weighing each card
Unknown Durch einen Griff die schwarzen Karten von den roten zu trennen No. 31, deck shown shuffled, colors separated with one cutting action
Unknown Die wandernden Points No. 32, number card in glass, covered with handkerchief, smoke travels into glass and pips travel onto handkerchief, chemical
Unknown Mit verbundenen Augen sämtliche Karten eines Spieles zu nennen No. 33, blindfolded, cards held to forehead are named
Unknown Der Kartenkünstler als Hellseher No. 34, four cards chosen, deck placed in spectator's pocket, number named, cards removed and card at that number is first selection, repeated three more times
Unknown Sämtliche Bilderkarten eines Spieles mit verbundenen Augen aufzufinden No. 35, all picture cards found blindfolded
Unknown Der magische Tastsinn No. 36, deck put in pocket, any card called for removed
Unknown Grande clairvoyance mysterieuse No. 37, spectator choses card from one deck, then magician from another, they match, both decks marked
Related to 44
Unknown Eine gezogene Karte zu verwandeln No. 38, selection put on top, another card is on top when checked again after putting hand on top of deck, sticky hand
Unknown Das Vorherbestimmen mehrerer gewählter Karten No. 39, four piles made, one chosen, all cards from that pile are predicted in envelope, nested envelopes system
Unknown Die verwandelten Könige No. 40, four Kings change into four Queens
Unknown Das glückliche Wiederfinden No. 41, card vanishes from envelope and reappears in cigar, card either forced or freely chosen with cigar index
Unknown Faced-Deck Card Vanish/Switch card put on top of faced deck, deck turned over secretly
Unknown Die magnetische Karte No. 42, performer holds cards, spectator slaps deck out of hand and only selection remains, magnetic force presentation
Unknown Changement von vier Askarten No. 43, red Aces put on top and bottom, black Aces in center, they transpose
Unknown Die Macht des Zauberstabes No. 44, four packets cut by performer, he names top cards of all piles
Unknown Die ihr Plätze wechselnden Karten No. 45, two cards placed in two hats change places, two double facers
Unknown Die wandernde Karte No. 46, card moves around on table and follows performer
Unknown La carte du diable No. 47, top card shown, spectator removes it from deck, it changes, half card covers half the face card
Unknown Das künstliche Abheben No. 48, performer cuts deck and announces in advance whether he cut to a number or picture card
Unknown Non plus ultra No. 49, spectator removes three cards from new deck and places them under handkerchief, performer touches cards through handkerchief, they are replaced and found, punched through handkerchief
Unknown Ein ganzes Kartenspiel in freier Hand verschwinden zu lassen No. 50, deck cut in half with pivot point on pull, fan looks like normal deck, thread into sleeve
H. F. C. Suhr Zweiter Teil - Kartenkunststücke mit mechanischen Apparaten
  • Vorbemerkung
chapter intro
Unknown Der bezauberte Rosenstock No. 1, card appears at top of rose plant
Unknown Photographierahmen No. 2, sand frame
Unknown Der Kartenleuchter No. 3, flame of candle changes into selection
Unknown Der Kartenstern No. 4, five cards selected, deck thrown towards star configuration apparatus where they appear on its five points
Related to 67
Unknown Die Kartenlaterne No. 5, card appears in lantern
Related to 69
Unknown Der Teufelskopf No. 6, devil's head mask on which four cards appear, fourth one comes out of mouth
Related to 70
Unknown Die Kartenpresse No. 7, money press for cards
Related to 72
Unknown Das Kartenkästchen No. 8, card box with second bottom
Related to 74
Unknown Die materialisierte Geisterhand No. 9, doll hand pulls selected cards out of deck
Related to 75
Unknown Die Kartenvoltige No. 10, card fountain at stand, selection appears at the end
Related to 77
Unknown Die Kartenservante No. 11, deck switch with servante behind chair
Related to 80
Unknown Der Kartendegen No. 12
H. F. C. Suhr Dritter Teil - Eine Kartensoiree
  • Vorbemerkung
routined show with full patter in this chapter
H. F. C. Suhr Auftreten und Ansprache introductory patter to greet an audience
Unknown Der Kartensteiger auf dem Rücken einer Person No. 1, deck attached to back of spectator, three cards rise out of it one by one, dealer's item by C. L. Wüst from Frankfurt
Related to 86
Unknown Die Geisterschrift No. 2, card burnt, ashes rubbed on back of hand, name of card appears, egg white
H. F. C. Suhr Der moderne Phönix No. 3, card torn to pieces and burnt in a flash on a bowl, restored card underneath bowl, see Zauberspiegel for Suhr attribution
Also published here 89
Unknown Das Durchdringen der Stoffe No. 4, card in envelope put underneath top hat, card is pulled out of top hat visibly, envelope empty
Unknown Changement mehrerer Münzen mit einem Kartenspiel No. 5, deck changes place with three coins, both covered with paper boxes, two deck shells
L'Homme Masqué Die vier Buben auf der Wanderschaft No. 6, four cards chosen, they are the four jacks, they are shuffled back and produced from inside the jacket at sleeve opening
Unknown Die magische Einwirkung No. 7, card chosen and pushed into book, card and page predicted
L'Homme Masqué Die Karten als Liliputaner No. 8
Unknown Die Anziehungskraft des Goldes No. 9, spectator places object on a card, it is the selection
Unknown Die Karte als Luftkönigin No. 10, card floats out of deck, across stage, into glass, and back, everything is then examined
Unknown Die Points auf der Glasplatte No. 11, card becomes blank, points appear on previously examined glass sheet, switch behind table after accidentally dropping wrapped glass sheet
Unknown Die magische Reparatur-Anstalt No. 12, card signed and torn in two, one half burnt, reproduced from envelope
Unknown Errare Humanum est, oder: Niemand kann zählen No. 13, chosen card appears at named number
Unknown Das verlorene und wiedergefundene As No. 14, spectator pushes all Aces in the deck, one vanishes and reappears in his pocket, two methods
Unknown Der wahrsagende Würfel No. 15, deck cut into six piles by spectator, number chosen with die, selection is in designated pile, card palmed out and added onto correct pile
Unknown Erklärungen zu den vorstehenden Kunststücken explanations to all fifteen tricks
H. F. C. Suhr About L'Homme Masqué
H. F. C. Suhr Not to make fun of the Spectator
H. F. C. Suhr Verzeichnis ...der im "Kartenkünstler" vorkommenden Apparate und präparierten Karten mit Preisangabe
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