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Karl Fulves The Triple Faro - Shuffle Definitions theoretical, since no technique is given
Related to 1969 Faro & Riffle Technique (Issue The Triple Faro) 45
Murray Bonfeld Placement For Thirds faro shuffle that distributes a group three cards apart, e.g. the spades then lie SxxSxxSxx..., not a perfect tripe faro
Related to 1977 Faro Concepts 31
Ryan Murray Acknowledgements
2018 Curious Weaving ii
Ryan Murray Introduction
2018 Curious Weaving vii
Ryan Murray Prologue: The Faro Shuffle
2018 Curious Weaving ix
Ryan Murray Properties of the faro shuffle
  • Cycling Order
  • Controlling a Card to any Position
2018 Curious Weaving x
Ryan Murray Technique preliminary remarks
2018 Curious Weaving xiii
Ryan Murray The In-Hands Faro
2018 Curious Weaving xiv
Ryan Murray Making the In-Hands Faro Look Natural
2018 Curious Weaving xvii
Ryan Murray The Tabled Faro
2018 Curious Weaving xviii
Ryan Murray Checking the Weave
2018 Curious Weaving xxi
Ryan Murray Further Variations
2018 Curious Weaving xxiii
Ryan Murray The Lopsided Weave about weaving unequal halves, introduction
2018 Curious Weaving 1
Ryan Murray Weave in Thirds shuffling one third into the rest in an AABAAB pattern
  • In the Hands
  • On the Table
Related to 2018 Curious Weaving 2
Ryan Murray Weave in Fourth shuffling one fourth into the rest in an AAABAAAB pattern
2018 Curious Weaving 5
Ryan Murray Bizarre Weave shuffling one part into the rest in an ABABBABABB pattern
2018 Curious Weaving 6
Ryan Murray The Double Weave introduction to faro shuffling twice with secret fine incomplete faro condition
2018 Curious Weaving 7
Ryan Murray Double Faro faro shuffling in pairs with deck in fine incomplete faro condition
  • In-Hands Double Faro
  • Tabled Double Faro
  • Direction of Weaving
  • One-Handed Tabled Double Faro
  • One-Handed In-Hands Double Faro
2018 Curious Weaving 8
Ryan Murray Weave Count using fine incomplete faro condition to quickly riffle count to numbers
2018 Curious Weaving 15
Ryan Murray Triple Faro and Beyond theoretical extension of Double Faro
2018 Curious Weaving 16
Ryan Murray Facilitated Weave in Thirds another method for shuffling one third into the rest in an AABAAB pattern
Related to 2018 Curious Weaving 16
Ryan Murray Double Weave in Thirds using the Double Faro idea after a Weave in Thirds
2018 Curious Weaving 17
Ryan Murray Related Technique and Applications chapter intro
2018 Curious Weaving 19
Ryan Murray Separation in Thirds getting every third card to outjog during spring
Inspired by
  • "Anti-Faro" (Christian Engblom)
2018 Curious Weaving 20
Ryan Murray The K-Shuffle technique for getting ABCABC... pattern, also for four or five groups
Related to 2018 Curious Weaving 20
Ryan Murray The Perfect Riffle Shuffle
  • Perfect Riffle Shuffle in Thirds (AABAAB pattern)
  • Facilitated Perfect Riffle Shuffle in Thirds
  • Perfect Riffle Shuffle in Pairs (double faro)
2018 Curious Weaving 22
Ryan Murray Inverted Rising Card incomplete faro shuffle, deck but in case and shaken, all cards drop down except selection, using Double Faro
  • A Slicker Method
  • Alternate Ending (remaining card is not selection but indicates it)
Variations 2018 Curious Weaving 25
Ryan Murray Ace Production same but four Aces remain sticking out
Inspired by 2018 Curious Weaving 33
Ryan Murray Stacking
  • Six Hands (using Weave in Thirds)
  • Five Hands (using Bizarre Weave)
  • Nine Hands (using Weave in Thirds)
2018 Curious Weaving 34
Ryan Murray Ultra Memoria three cards chosen from thirds that are shuffled together by performer, apparently memorized, numbers of first two named, third selection found to be previously cased card, using Triple Faro
  • Arranging the Set-up (from new deck order)
2018 Curious Weaving 36
Ryan Murray Final Thoughts
2018 Curious Weaving 47
Ryan Murray Appendix: References
2018 Curious Weaving 49