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Guy Camirand Introduction
1979 Supershells 2
Guy Camirand Introduction
1980 The Silver Passage 2
Guy Camirand Introduction
1980 The Two Goblets 2
Guy Camirand A Message from the Editor
1981 Threshold 3
Guy Camirand Publisher's Foreword
1982 Incredible Close-Up Magic 9
Gary Ouellet, Meir Yedid, Guy Camirand, Paul Belanger Fused Thoughts ideas for Signa-Fusion
1982 Incredible Close-Up Magic 97
Guy Camirand A Word from the Editor
1983 The Homing Ring 2
Guy Camirand, Gary Ouellet Ring Drop ring on string, french drop
1983 The Homing Ring 26
Guy Camirand Publisher's Introduction
1986 The Coin Connection 3
Guy Camirand Publisher's Introduction to the Second Edition
1986 Finger on the Card 3
Guy Camirand Special Note by the Publisher
1986 ProControl 7
Guy Camirand Publisher's Foreword
1990 Close Up Illusions vii
Gary Ouellet, Guy Camirand Close-Up Hint recipe for hand lotion making hands sticky
1990 Close Up Illusions 34
Guy Camirand En Passant
1994 The Pass 7
Guy Camirand Candid Camirand
1995 Natural Selections 7
David Acer The Wave Change coin on finger-tips of palm-up hand, other hand waves over it for change, lapping
Variations 1999 Natural Selections — Volume II 117
Guy Camirand, David Acer The Smile-and-Wave Change without lapping
Inspired by 1999 Natural Selections — Volume II 119
Guy Camirand Publisher's Foreword
2004 After The Force 8