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Dr. Jacob Daley, Lawrence "Larry" Grey The "Ad Lib" Spelling two cards spelled to
Related to The Jinx 1-50 (Issue Summer Extra 1936) 138
Lawrence "Larry" Grey Spelling a Card simple, "Lawrence Gray"
Also published here Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 43
Lawrence "Larry" Grey Duplex Comedy Speller indifferent card is spelt, spectator spells his card but succeeds only in second try, "Lawrence Gray"
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 43
Lawrence "Larry" Grey Impromptu Method with Ordinary Cards "Lawrence Gray"
Greater Magic 309
Martin Gardner Double Climax Speller performer spells to wrong card which is there, then spectator to right card which is reversed
Related to 12 Tricks with a Borrowed Deck 10
Bert Allerton Surprise Spelling
Related to The Close-Up Magician 30
Lawrence "Larry" Grey Another Larry Grey Trick three selected cards are found, the last one penetrates the hank
Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic 57
Lawrence "Larry" Grey Larry Grey's "Cards Across" the travelled Card are found in the spectators pocket
Variations Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic 23
Lawrence "Larry" Grey, Charlie Miller Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 2 simple spelling, first to "random" card, then selection, "Lawrence Gray"
The Magic of Charles Earle Miller 7
Lawrence "Larry" Grey Spelling a Card as "Gray"
Also published here The Living End 113
Lawrence "Larry" Grey Card Force Spectator look at card cut to, is actually a force
Magic With Faucett Ross 217
Lawrence "Larry" Grey Larry Grey's Pen and Pencil Joke about audience taking your pencil
Magic With Faucett Ross 150
Bruce Cervon, Lawrence "Larry" Grey Larry Gray's Cards Across with card castle from newspaper climax
Inspired by Tricks of Conjuring 15
Lawrence "Larry" Grey Cut to Perfection
The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 3 199
Bert Allerton Surprise Spelling two cards spelled to, second card shows up reversed
Related to Card College — Volume 4 1040