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Juan Tamariz Tamariz's Mnemonica (Structure)
  • 1. The Order of Mnemonica
  • 2. How to Attain This Order
    • First Method: With Faros
    • Second Method: Without Faros
    • Third Method: Direct Setup
  • 3. Specific Properties of Mnemonica
  • 4. From Mnemonica to Stay-Stack
2004 Mnemonica 13
Denis Behr, Pit Hartling The Culling Procedure bringing any named four-of-a-kind to bottom in face-down deck, memorized deck
2007 Handcrafted Card Magic 20
Denis Behr Red-Black Division into Stack going from red/black separated stack into Tamariz Stack, faros
2007 Handcrafted Card Magic 53
Benjamin Earl Cloak & Dagger Top Tip... getting from Si Stebbins into Mnemonica, joke
2009 Gambit (Issue 1) 21
Woody Aragón La Mnemónica Tamariz on the Tamariz Stack / Mnemonica
  • El génesis
  • el libro
  • ¿Por qué Tamariz?
  • Finalizando
2010 El Manuscrito (Vol. 3 No. 11) 302
Juan Tamariz La imaginaria Brainwave brainwave deck, named card has different colored back
Also published here
  • "La Circular de la Escuela Mágica de Madrid" August, 1993.
2010 El Manuscrito (Vol. 3 No. 11) 304
Luis Otero Restar es mejor que sumar trick to undo partial faro from Tamariz' Mnemonica, two cards are selected and found by dealing two piles, last cards are added and cards dealt again etc.
2010 El Manuscrito (Vol. 3 No. 11) 305
Pit Hartling Una apuesta imposible spectator selects a card and performer cuts four piles, cut cards form a straight flush with selected card, repeated
2011 El Manuscrito (Vol. 4 No. 17) 524
Denis Behr, Alex Elmsley Mathe-Mate-Ics In a progressively more impressive demonstration, the participant cuts a number of cards from the deck. The magician cuts the remainder in two. Dealing down in both the magician's packets to the participant's number, two mates are found. This is repeated two times.
Inspired byAlso published here 2015 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 10 124
Pit Hartling Fairy Tale Poker eight-handed poker deal in which wanted hands appear, all hands full-house or better
2016 In Order to Amaze 190
Pit Hartling Quick Change performer finds straight flush to fit selection, then changes the card to make a Royal Flush to fit second selection, for Tamariz or Aronson stack
2016 In Order to Amaze 200
Pit Hartling Poker Night at the Improv all possible poker hands produced in increasing order, "Any Poker Hand the Magician Calls For"
2016 In Order to Amaze 210
Pit Hartling Game of Chance color of every third card used in multiple phase gambling game
Inspired byRelated to 2016 In Order to Amaze 232
Bob Farmer Ternary Coding for Mnemonica, the Aronson Stack & Si Stebbins
2017 The Bammo Tarodiction Toolbox () 58
Allan Hagen Modified Mnemonica if performing for magicians, see also p. 47
2017 Serendipity 43
Denis Behr Routined Arith-Mate-ic packet cut off and counted, rest is cut into two piles, number counted down in both piles and mates show up, three phases
  • Set-Up from Tamariz Stack
Inspired byAlso published here 2018 Handcrafted Card Magic — Volume 3 12
Denis Behr Getting into Power Stack from Tamariz Stack
2018 Handcrafted Card Magic — Volume 3 39
Matt Baker Tilapia Two spectators each think of a card, magician slowly divines each selection without wrong statements, includes versions built into Tamariz and Aronson stack
Inspired by 2019 The Buena Vista Shuffle Club 51
Lorenz Schär Coincidencia Banal Total Coincidence routine using one deck, three phases, bluff
Inspired by 2019 Cards Against Reality 123
Maxwell Pritchard Farmonica shuffled deck dealt twice into seven piles, ends up in memorized deck order (or any other), also just for practicing a stack
  • Overview
  • How Does It Work?
  • Training Programme
  • Handling Considerations
  • Performance Options
Inspired by 2019 Farmonica 3
Pepe Lirrojo Homonymous, Homographic, Homonym cards multi-phase routine, from Tamariz Stack
2019 Some Different Stuff 3
Ramón Riobóo Same Number for Three The Three Hours, three spectators think of card at chosen number, magician divines
Also published here
  • "The Three Hours" (Aronson & Riobóo, Mnemonica, p. 65)
2019 Second Thoughts 157