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Bill Okal Alternate Presentation Three Card Surprise three card location with surprise transposition climax
Inspired by Card Cavalcade II 44
Bill Okal Seconds and Thirds fake third deal
Card Cavalcade II 186
Bill Okal All the Same three cards are shown different, then the same
Card Cavalcade Four 5
Jerry Mentzer, Bill Okal Variation on "All the Same" three blank cards transform to selections
Card Cavalcade Four 10
Bill Okal Okal's Three Way
Card Cavalcade Four 47
Bill Okal Seconds and Thirds fake thirds
Card Cavalcade Finale 150
Jeff Busby (reviewer) A New Look at Some Classic Close-Up by Bill Okal Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 2 No. 2) 3
Jeff Busby (reviewer) A New Look at some Classic Close-Up by Bill Okal Epoptica (Issue 11) 524
Jerry Mentzer, Bill Okal Card Change sandwiched card changes, ladder change
Card File 44
Rob Allen, Bill Okal, Ray Mertz Breakfast stories of Eddie Fechter
  • Going Out to Breakfast.
  • I'm Here!
  • Coffee's strong!
  • Coffee Refills.
  • When the Food Came.
  • Got to Go Now.
Fechter 20
Rob Allen, Bill Okal, Ron Fredrick Sight Bits and other Shtick gags Eddie Fechter used to do
  • Eddie's Imitations
  • Directions
  • Winter Wonder
  • Fuzzy Duck
Fechter 23
Harrison Carroll, Ron Fredrick, Rob Allen, Bill Okal Fechter Bits lines and bits by Eddie Fechter
Fechter 27