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Roger Smith Bonus Section
The K-S Control System 28
Unknown Card Flourishes
The Magic Book 32
Unknown Card Handling and Sleights
The Magic Book 40
Unknown Coin Magic
The Magic Book 172
Peter Samelson Sponge Ball Snacks
Theatrical Close-Up 35
Unknown Chapter Two - Professional Card Routines
Professional Close-up of Curtis Kam 49
Unknown Chapter Three - Professional Close-up Routines
Professional Close-up of Curtis Kam 83
Unknown Chapter One - Professional Coin Routines
Professional Close-up of Curtis Kam 3
Unknown Coins: HowToWhatToWhenToWhyTo
Dangerous Notions 3
Curtis Kam "But Let Me Say This About that..."
Dangerous Notions 6
Unknown Words: Scripting Tricks
Dangerous Notions 27
William Duncan To Disguise Limitations Of Method - Various Effects
Tubthumping 15
Unknown Unprepared Card Mysteries
Power Plays 15
Unknown Mathematical Mysteries
Power Plays 91
Unknown Prepared Card Mysteries
Power Plays 135
Unknown Coin Mysteries
Power Plays 175
Unknown Miscellaneous Mysteries
Power Plays 211
Jon Racherbaumer Wired 21
7-7-7 67
Jon Racherbaumer Hybrids
7-7-7 73
Jon Racherbaumer Out of Sorts
7-7-7 77
Jon Racherbaumer Off the Beaten Track
7-7-7 84
Jon Racherbaumer Imaginary 21 Card Tricks
7-7-7 130
Jon Racherbaumer Fast Company Foolers
7-7-7 28
Jon Racherbaumer Casting Spells
7-7-7 48
Unknown Unprepared Card Mysteries
Tesseract 19