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Unknown Article Premier: Principes particuliers pour les Tours de Cartes
Testament de Jérôme Sharp 93
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli I. Teil. Die magische Täuschung
Moderne Magie 1
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli I. Einleitung
Moderne Magie 3
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli II. Teil. Vor und hinter den Kulissen
Moderne Magie 45
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli IV. Einige der wichtigsten Hilfsapparate
Moderne Magie 49
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli V. Unsichtbare Mechaniken
Moderne Magie 55
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli III. Teil. Magische Spiele
Moderne Magie 67
Eddie Joseph Part Seven - "Close-Up" Tricks intro
Coin and Money Magic 70
Eddie Joseph Part One - Some Sl(e)ight Changes in Some Standard Sleights intro, on naturalness
Greater Card Tricks 7
Unknown Part One - Thirty New Ways of Vanishing a Coin
Coin and Money Magic 7
Eddie Joseph Part Two - Changes visible and invisible (switches)
Coin and Money Magic 24
Unknown Part Three - New Moves, Tips, and Gimmicks
Coin and Money Magic 31
Unknown Part Two - Locations
Greater Card Tricks 14
Eddie Joseph Part Four - Combination Moves of Coins with Matches chapter intro
Coin and Money Magic 49
Unknown Part Five
Coin and Money Magic 54
Unknown Part Six - Date Magiology chapter intro
Coin and Money Magic 57
Allessandro Allessandro's Christmas Book
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1963-64) 35
Tom Batchelor The Card Artist
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1967-68) 77
Jack Bateman Wild Magic
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1969-70) 19
James Auer From A Mentalist's Notebook chapter intro
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1969-70) 36
Floyd Shotts, Frank Novotny Twist & Slants Magical
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1969-70) 119
Roger Smith Bonus Section
The K-S Control System 28
Unknown Card Flourishes
The Magic Book 32
Unknown Card Handling and Sleights
The Magic Book 40
Unknown Coin Magic
The Magic Book 172
Peter Samelson Sponge Ball Snacks
Theatrical Close-Up 35
Unknown Chapter Two - Professional Card Routines
Professional Close-up of Curtis Kam 49
Unknown Chapter Three - Professional Close-up Routines
Professional Close-up of Curtis Kam 83
Unknown Chapter One - Professional Coin Routines
Professional Close-up of Curtis Kam 3
Unknown Coins: HowToWhatToWhenToWhyTo
Dangerous Notions 3
Curtis Kam "But Let Me Say This About that..."
Dangerous Notions 6
Unknown Words: Scripting Tricks
Dangerous Notions 27
William Duncan To Disguise Limitations Of Method - Various Effects
Tubthumping 15
Unknown Unprepared Card Mysteries
Power Plays 15
Unknown Mathematical Mysteries
Power Plays 91
Unknown Prepared Card Mysteries
Power Plays 135
Unknown Coin Mysteries
Power Plays 175
Unknown Miscellaneous Mysteries
Power Plays 211
Jon Racherbaumer Wired 21
7-7-7 67
Jon Racherbaumer Hybrids
7-7-7 73
Jon Racherbaumer Out of Sorts
7-7-7 77
Jon Racherbaumer Off the Beaten Track
7-7-7 84
Jon Racherbaumer Imaginary 21 Card Tricks
7-7-7 130
Jon Racherbaumer Fast Company Foolers
7-7-7 28
Jon Racherbaumer Casting Spells
7-7-7 48
Carlos Vinuesa Back to the Future materials, preparation and rough description of the following sequence: Any Card at Any Number, Production of Four Cards, Collectors & Race
Numbers, Cards... and Time! 41
Carlos Vinuesa The Trick That Can Be Explained exploration of the idea of obtaining in the deck a duplicate of a freely chosen card (with deck switch between the selection and the return of the card)
Related to Numbers, Cards... and Time! 79
Unknown 8. Strange Disappearances and Unsettling Arrivals
The Long Goodbye — Latta on Coins 239
Unknown 1. Concealed Weapons
The Long Goodbye — Latta on Coins 1
Unknown Aliases & Previous Sightings
The Long Goodbye — Latta on Coins 319
Unknown 2. Mystery on the Orient Express
The Long Goodbye — Latta on Coins 57
Unknown 3. Midnight Journeys
The Long Goodbye — Latta on Coins 97
Unknown 4. Identity Theft
The Long Goodbye — Latta on Coins 139
Unknown 5. Cross Dressings
The Long Goodbye — Latta on Coins 155
Unknown 6. The Wild Bunch
The Long Goodbye — Latta on Coins 205
Unknown 7. Locked-Room Mysteries
The Long Goodbye — Latta on Coins 223
Unknown Faro Lough Off Ideas
Tesseract 131
Unknown Scripted Mysteries
Tesseract 145
Unknown Friends
Tesseract 165
Unknown Moves
Tesseract 181
Unknown Pure Mathematics
Tesseract 203
Unknown Miscellaneous Mysteries
Tesseract 251
Unknown Unprepared Card Mysteries
Tesseract 19
Unknown Prepared Mysteries
Tesseract 103