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Unknown Springing the Cards normal method briefly explained, then waterfall cascade:
  • First Method
  • Second Method
  • Third Method
The Art of Magic 28
Unknown The One Hand Drop card cascade to floor is caught before it reaches floor, two methods
The Art of Magic 32
Victor Farelli The "One Hand Drop"
  • The Cards to Use
  • The "Blindfold Drop"
  • The Vertical "One Hand Drop"
  • The "Ambidextrous" Drop
Farelli's Card Magic - Part One 22
Unknown The Ribbon Drop
Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 2 194
Max Katz A "Shuffling" Presentation story presentation, different forms of riffle shuffle cascades
Hugard's Magic Monthly — Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 2 No. 8) 97
Edward G. Love The Waterfall Shuffle
Card Fantasies 42
Judson S. Brown One Handed Ribbon Drop
The Magic of Charles Earle Miller 46
Barry Stevenson Split Waterfall stealing cards into back palm during waterfall flourish
Best of Friends — Volume II 228
John Davit Triple Waterfall deck is shuffled once, three waterfalls
The Trapdoor — Volume One (Issue 14) 233
Steve Beam, Rhett Bryson Over the Top gags for card cascade
The Trapdoor — Volume One (Issue 21) 361
Unknown Ribbon Drop Flourish
Card Finesse II 74
Unknown The Cascade
Card College — Volume 2 399
Ellis Stanyon The Falling Ribbon of Cards No. 19
Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks 306
Joshua Jay, Jerry Andrus Four Queen Cascade Card cascade from a four Queen production to find selected card
Inspired by
  • "Andrus Card Cascade" (Jerry Andrus, Kurious Kards, 1973)
Magic Atlas 79