22 entries in Cards / Sleights / Force / No-Touch Force (not Cut-Deeper or Cross Cut)
Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Unknown The Trio three cards divined, no-touch confusion force
1935 Mental Magic with Cards 10
Dr. James William Elliott The Trio simple no-touch force for any number of cards
1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 20
Unknown Prediction confusing cut to force two cards, possibly by Ralph W. Hull (see Trost reference)
Variations 1937 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 23
H. Adrian Smith Out of Hands Force spectator forces card to himself
1938 Greater Magic 465
William H. McCaffrey A Self Working Trick using a no-touch force
1938 Greater Magic 237
Lin Searles The "So Simple" Force no-touch, spectator cuts and turns over one pile
1976 Self-Working Card Tricks 78
Harry Lorayne A Prediction "Pathway" mathematical dealing thing in which spectator sorts red and blacks to force himself a card
1979 Quantum Leaps 53
John Scarne Long Distance card chosen on other side of the room, risky force, position named
1989 Prototype 2
Frederick Braue The Loquacious Queen three cards selected via cut and count (no-touch force), then the whispering Queen of Hearts tells the performer their identities
Related to 1992 The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 6) 6
Steve Beam The Opened Prediction bold and easy open prediction, name written on joker, no-touch force
Related to 1993 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks 47
Karl Fulves Self-Force spectator forces card on himself
1996 Blocking Off 84
Ellis Stanyon Name of Selected Card in the Envelope No. 14, card chosen by pile-making and dealing, self-force
1999 Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks 41
James Swain The Dummy Force no-touch Force
1999 21st Century Card Magic 91
William Alstrand, Karl Fulves Fooling the Experts No. 14, procedure with cuts and deals in which spectator forces a card on himself
2001 New Self-Working Card Tricks 23
Unknown Topper No. 79, spectator forces card on himself without touching by performer
2001 New Self-Working Card Tricks 119
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) 9. "The Next Card That I Will Turn Over Will Be Your Card!" "The Circus Trick" with no-touch force
Related to 2006 Penumbra (Issue 10) 17
Manuel Montes El Juego de Aladino deck is cut in three parts, one part is counted, a card remembered and later found by performer
2007 El Manuscrito (Vol. 1 No. 2) 7
Steve Beam, Benjamin Earl Deal Force open prediction bluff procedure, no-touch force
Related to 2015 F for Fiction 3
Roberto Giobbi MaToFo: A Mathematical Topological Force no-touch dealing force
2016 Hidden Agenda (Issue Aug 5) 224
Tyler Wilson IKEA Force spectator forces card on himself, "muscle writing"
2017 Rocky Mountain Session 21
Benjamin Earl Red Herring Force Variation spectator deals and forces himself a card, no-touch force
Inspired by
  • "Red Herring" (Benjamin Earl, video download, 2018)
Related to
2020 The Shift #3 16
Jim Steinmeyer Tour de Force forcing one of ten cards, mathematical
2020 Virtual Impuzzibilities 17