6 entries in Bottle / Transformation
Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Unknown The Box of Bran transformed to a Bottle of Wine
1876 Modern Magic 380
Carl Willmann Tuch und Flasche auf der Wanderschaft silk put into cardboard cylinder changes into bottle and back
Jan. 1902 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 8 No. 1) 6
U. F. Grant Seeing Is Not Believing purse shown, it is unfolded to long purse, beer bottle taken out and put in paper bag, changes into coke bottle there, rubber bottle
May 1949 Grant's Inner Circle Magazine (Vol. 1 No. 8) 12
John Carney Neato, Okito!! coin through box, box disappears and reappears, transforms into small bottle
1979 Conjuror's Journal 5
David Acer Coke Induced Coke bottle placed in paper bag, bottlecap changes into Coors, bottle then changes to Coors bottle
2004 Random Acts of Magic 201
David Kaye Vanishing Coke Baba Coke bottle shrinks, then transforms into baby milk bottle
2005 Seriously Silly 86