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Unknown, Robert Heller Method No. 1. Packet of Duplicate Cards Concealed on the Table Duplicates of Forced Cards Rise, several variations and presentational ideas:
  • With an Assistant and without
  • By Fanning the Deck
  • Pip Change
  • Addressing the Queen
  • Card Rises Reversed then Turns Around
  • The Blank Card Gag
  • The Broomstick Rise (by Robert Heller)
  • With a Silk in the Glass
Greater Magic 377
Unknown The Porous Broomstick rope through broomstick
Greater Magic 850
Laurie Ireland Card and Whiskbroom cards thrown into air and card caught with a whiskbroom
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1940) 3
Jack Bateman Floating Witch's Broom dancing cane, with broom
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1969-70) 19
Martin Gardner Brush Gag apparently brushing spectator's jacket
Related to
  • Whisk Broom Nr.2 in Martin Gardner's "Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic" p.570
Thanks to Pepys... 27
Karrell Fox The Great, "Broom-Schtick" Illusion gag, brushing off dust from spectator's jacket
Another Book 315
Unknown Whisk Away No. 77, two spectators, one touched on back with whisk broom other reacts
Self-Working Table Magic 95
Robert Gysel The Suspended Wand, Cane or Broom No. 6, gimmick
101 Psychic Tests 3