12 entries in Animal / Spider
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Unknown Die dressierte Spinne fly stuck to bottom of paper spider, spider moves around, gag, also with other paper figures
Feb. 1895 Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 1 No. 2) 28
Geoff Ray Close-Up Quickly coin transforms into spider, gag
Nov. 1976 Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 3) 329
Stephen Minch Cups and Flies balls change into plastic flies one by one, plastic spider final load and bug aerosol can
1977 Creations of a Magical Madman 53
Pat Conway The ???? in Wallet gag production of rubber spider from wallet
Feb. 1982 Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 2) 986
Meir Yedid Killer Spiders - The Arouser uses for wind-up toys or toy spiders, toy spider jumps out of close-up mat)
1983 Off the Wall 3
Meir Yedid The Other Side Of Time chop cup routine with spaceship patter, toy spider finale
1983 Off the Wall 4
Meir Yedid Misdirection Coin Vanish toy spider jumps across table as misdirection, gag
1983 Off the Wall 5
Meir Yedid The Intruder toy spider in a friend's bed, practical joke
1983 Off the Wall 5
Meir Yedid Roach Motel Eruption toy spider in roach motel, practical joke
1983 Off the Wall 5
Meir Yedid Coffee Treat toy spider under coffee cup, practical joke
1983 Off the Wall 6
Meir Yedid Disco Disaster dropping bunch of wound-up toy spiders in disco, practical joke
1983 Off the Wall 6
Wayne Dobson Webmaster routine for "spider on back of spectator's hand"
Inspired by
  • "The Web" (Jim Pace)
2003 Dobson's Choice 2 12