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Edward Marlo Combining Riffle Shuffles & Faros for stacking cards, examples are ten hands and seven (!) hands
1958 The Faro Shuffle 31
Steve Beam Super Stack - The One Second Poker Stack
  • The Work
  • Status Report
  • Synopsis of the Cull and Set-Up
  • Overhand Shuffle - Four Hand Stack
  • The Riffle Shuffle
  • Synopsis of the Riffle Shuffles
Inspired byRelated to 1983 Super Stack — The One Second Poker Stack 2
Edward Marlo The Roman Shuffle Stack
1988 Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 103
Edward Marlo Roman Shuffle Plus Short Cards
1988 Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 104
Joseph K. Schmidt Riffle Stacking from the Bottom credit information
1998 The Looking Glass (Issue 4) 168
David Malek Malek Riffle Stack Refinement top card is not stacked in last shuffle
2001 Rebel without a Pause 50
Benjamin Earl Quick Little Stack two cards, pseudo mates
2010 Gambit (Issue 2) 21
Lance Caffrey Method #9: Hybrid Stacking combination of Hindu and Riffle Shuffle
2013 The Asian Hustle — Secrets of the Hindu Shuffle 96