Written by Roberto Giobbi
Work of Roberto Giobbi
32 pages (Stapled), published by Magic Communication
Illustrated with drawings by Barbara Giobbi-Ebnöther
Language: German
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Roberto Giobbi Die Karte in der Zitrone deck changes into lemon underneath handkerchief, selection inside lemon
Also published here 3
Roberto Giobbi Einige Kartentechniken für Salon und Bühne
Roberto Giobbi Vorzeigen von Karten displaying cards on stage
Roberto Giobbi Kartenkontrollen card controls for stage
Roberto Giobbi Kontrolle mit Seitlichem Mischen
Also published here 11
Roberto Giobbi Kontrolle mit Abdribbeln und Spalt
Roberto Giobbi Schein-Mehrfachkontrolle riffle forcing same spot repeatedly
Roberto Giobbi Forciermethoden for stage
Roberto Giobbi Forcieren des armen Mannes more or less giving force card to spectator
  • Klassisches Forcieren des armen Mannes
Also published here 15
Roberto Giobbi Spielaustausch
  • Erste Methode
  • Zweite Methode
  • Dritte Methode
Roberto Giobbi Das verschwundene Kartenspiel with handkerchief
Roberto Giobbi Die geflüsterte Vorhersage spectator names a card that has been touched by another spectator from a group of four cards, performer whispers card to him previously
Inspired by 20
Roberto Giobbi Die Struktur der Zauberkunst
  • Die magische Pyramide
  • Das System
  • Der intellektuelle und der emotionale Effekt
  • Der magische Eisberg
Also published here 24
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