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Gary Kurtz The Longitudinal Palm Vanish And Transfer false transfer sequence, transfer from TLP to classic
Variations Prinzipien in der Praxis 14
Ben Hart A Shot in the Dark in a dark room a spectator lights the only fresh match from a matchbox of burnt matches
The Darkest Corners 9
Ben Hart Melocation signed tissue (actually white silk) transposes with stone of peach
The Darkest Corners 21
Ben Hart Incubation random object chosen from billets, it's an egg and the paper transforms slowly into an egg which is cracked
  • Where It Came From
  • Clean-up and Care of Egg Skins
  • The No-thread Handling
The Darkest Corners 53
Ben Hart, Neil Kelso To Video... Or Not To Video working with video projection
The Darkest Corners 93
Ben Hart Nuts spectator selected via thrown walnut, inside is paper with memory of that spectator written on it
The Darkest Corners 97
Ben Hart On Pocket Writing
  • A Note on Pocket Writing
The Darkest Corners 103
Ben Hart On Walnut Loading
The Darkest Corners 105
Ben Hart How to make a natural "Egg on Fan" skin
The Darkest Corners 63
Ben Hart Glitterbomb Russian roulette with envelope of glitter
The Darkest Corners 118
Ben Hart, Neil Kelso Magic on the Radio
The Darkest Corners 130
Ben Hart Coins Across the Airwaves script for coins across over the radio, makes it seem better
The Darkest Corners 133
Ben Hart Cards Rising Through the Airwaves script for performing rising card on the radio
The Darkest Corners 142
Ben Hart A Gift from Venus venus flytrap plant closes on demand
The Darkest Corners 149
Ben Hart Card in Balloon
The Darkest Corners 161
Ben Hart Roots name written down by spectator, initials appear on spectator's hand when soil/dirt is rubbed onto it
Inspired by
  • "Bare" (The Other Brothers, marketed 2017)
The Darkest Corners 170
Ben Hart Pen Through Note Ideas
The Darkest Corners 181
Ben Hart Hart to Hofzinser card appears rolled-up in spectator's finger ring which is held by spectator behind back, credit information
The Darkest Corners 183
Ben Hart LTP Card Vanish false transfer
Inspired byRelated to The Darkest Corners 210
Ben Hart Corner Switch while apparently matching corner to reappeared card, Joshua Jay?
The Darkest Corners 222
Ben Hart Ben Hart's Handy Teleportation item vanishes apparently from spectator's hand
Related to The Darkest Corners 227
Ben Hart One Last Thought on Multiple Realities
The Darkest Corners 230
Ben Hart The Human Lottery Machine four-digit number chosen, four balls with those digits are regurgitated by performer
The Darkest Corners 232
Ben Hart Add-A-Number Pad
The Darkest Corners 234
Ben Hart, Neil Kelso Fake News claiming effects in subsequent letters to the booker after leaving impossible objects behind
Related to
  • Bending Wine Glass (Ted Lesley, Paramiracles)
The Darkest Corners 255
Ben Hart The Boy Who Cried Diamonds diamond stones produced from eyes
The Darkest Corners 258
Ben Hart Written in Your Blood needle through arm, blood drops onto cloth, it is used to divine a word chosen from a book
The Darkest Corners 260
Ben Hart The Matrix Rings
  • The Staging: Onstage or Amongst the Audience?
The Darkest Corners 264
Ben Hart Advertising Banner newspaper strip cut, phrase there appears tied to the back of a real fly, Albert Spackman's "Clip Line"
The Darkest Corners 282
Ben Hart How To Make a Fly Trap catching a fly
The Darkest Corners 290
Ben Hart A Word in Amber newspaper strip cut, phrase there appears inside amber necklace, Albert Spackman's "Clip Line"
The Darkest Corners 292
Ben Hart The Fragility of Life eggs cracked one by one, last one cracks the bowl itself as it is out of steel, plague story presentation, PATEO
Inspired by
  • "Soul Survivor" (Robert E. Neale, Life, Death & Other Card Tricks)
The Darkest Corners 295
Ben Hart Closing Thoughts
The Darkest Corners 302