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Orville Wayne Meyer Remote Control Improved odd-backed unknown card signed on back is chosen from face
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 112
Fred Lessor Brown-1 two cards show up at the same time during deal of two halves simultaneously, faro
Epilogue (Issue 7) 54
Fred Lessor Multiple of 2 Aces find two selections in two sandwiches, faro
Epilogue (Issue 8) 59
Fred Lessor Nice Recovery four Aces vanish in sandwiches, reappear in deck via spelling
Variations Epilogue (Issue 9) 67
Fred Lessor Open & Shut Prediction
Epilogue (Issue 10) 79
Fred Lessor Flipover Switch Mexican Turnover as tabled spread is flipped over with a card
Related to Epilogue (Issue 10) 80
Karl Fulves Optical Aces card vanishes from sandwich under hat, travels into sandwich in deck
Related toVariations The Book of Numbers 15
Fred Lessor Simple Optics selection travels from underneath hat into deck between aces, simplified handling
Inspired byVariations Epilogue (Issue 13) 101
Francis Haxton Nice Recovery - 2 four aces vanish in sandwiches, reappear in deck via spelling, stand-up handling
Inspired by Epilogue (Issue 16) 149
Jerry K. Hartman More or Less(or) Optical Card placed between black Aces under close up pad travels to between red Aces in the deck
Inspired by Means & Ends 45
Fred Lessor Switch Back two cards change place, one transforms into selection
Epilogue (Issue 19) 178
Fred Lessor, Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Delight Variation
Epilogue (Issue 19) 178
Karl Fulves Heavy Mexican mexican turnover as table spread is turned over
Related to The Commercial Magic of J.C. Wagner 50
Roger Crosthwaite Sandwich Sequence card appears between tabled red Queens, then to black Queens and back, Visitor
  • Phase One: The Trap
  • Phase Two: The Escape
  • Phase Three: The Return
Inspired by Roger's Thesaurus 94
Fred Lessor Card Not In Wallet card chosen freely from face-up deck, joker in wallet has same back as chosen card, rest is rainbow deck
Inspired by Latter Day Secrets (Issue 6) 191
Tom Gagnon Devilish Switch ribbon spread deck gathered with another card which is switched in the process
Related toVariations Gagnon Unfiltered 404