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Mark Sicher, Steve Cohen Quart(er)z Watch
Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 13 No. 4) 1765
Manuel Muerte Zeit ist Geld four coins counted into spectator's hand, one is magically removed, instead of traveling back it travels under spectator's watch
Inspired by
  • "Watch the coin" (Mark Sicher, Try it...you'll like it, 1990)
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7 Close-Up 18
Reed McClintock Timing three coins appear, vanish, reappear at body, vanish, appear on table, vanish, reappear under three spectators' watches
Inspired by
  • Jim Pace, Tricks From My Lecture Video
  • John Cornelius, Creative Magic Video
Knuckle Busters Vol. 1 8
Joaquín Matas Una Continuación para las Monedas coin under watch to follow previous routine
A Fuego Lento — Volumen II 163