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S. W. Erdnase Hold Outs information and opinion
Related to 1902 The Expert at the Card Table 14
Crocker Xkwizit! two hinged cards in deck to keep cards together while shuffled freely
Related toVariations 1940 The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 117) 689
Bob Ostin Adding a Stack to the Pack holder for pocket, to steal cards
1968 Fingertip Fantasies 56
Edward Wase Production of Three Cards production of cards that come from sleeve with thread pull
1992 The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 6) 8
Tommy Wonder, Crocker Xkwizit - Card Hold-Out in Deck to keep some gaffed cards together in deck
Related to 1996 The Books of Wonder — Volume 1 127
Ellis Stanyon Got 'Em All Beat No. 23, two selected cards fairly shuffled back by spectator, yet found behind back, two cards hinged together, selections put between them
Related toVariations 1999 Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks 169
Wolfgang Moser Trickkarten "hold out" the "trouser-leg-servante" as a hold-out for gaffed cards
2011 Kreationen 33
Steve Forte holdout devices
2020 Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 2 541
Steve Forte cold-deck machine
2020 Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 2 565