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Karl Fulves Go Directly to Jail card changes into "Go directly to jail" card, selection is now in case that has cut-outs to resemble a jail cell, two methods
Related to 1979 The Chronicles (Issue 14) 1204
Howard A. Adams, Bob Wagner Monopotestrio mindreading, coincidence and a prediction using a Monopoly game set
1981 OICUFESP (Issue 7 - Matheight Miracles) 16
Howard A. Adams Monopoly March finding two mentally selected cards with the aid of a Monopoly board
1982 OICUFESP (Issue 9) 13
Howard A. Adams Rip N March variation of Monopoly March, five cards torn in halves, matching card is found
1982 OICUFESP (Issue 9) 15
Karl Fulves Go Directly chink-a-chink with monopoly houses that change into hotel, posed as problem
1988 Interlocutor (Issue 49) 217
Karl Fulves One-Minute Monopoly 4x4 square, see also Sam Schwarz idea on page 113 to lengthen the procedure
2001 Hex Squared 110