9 entries in Coin / Effect Themes / Penetration / Balloon
Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Franklin V. Taylor Blow Up marked coin penetrates inflated balloon
1942 The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 3) 11
Eugene Gloye Hydro Seal glass with water is sealed with rubber, inside glass on rubber are three coins, one is selected and penetrates rubber / dental dam
1965 The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 394) 402
Stephen Tucker New Improved Balloon Penetration coin penetrates balloon
1981 Spell-Binder (Vol. 1 No. 5) 75
Peter W. Tappan Coin Through Balloon coin put on uninflated balloon, when balloon is blown up coin penetrates it
1984 Fork Full of Appetizers — Book 2 109
Jay Sankey Change Under Pressure coin into balloon
1986 Sankey Panky 94
Neil Smith Quicksilver coin penetrates into balloon, can be handed out
1992 Profile (Issue 6) 6
Michel Huot Signed Quarter in Balloon
  • Part I: The Penetration
  • Part II: The De-Penetration
Variations 2003 Seven By Michel Huot 29
David Acer The Bump De-Penetration alternative phase for the coin in balloon using aerial shuttle pass
Inspired by 2003 Seven By Michel Huot 35
Luis Piedrahita ¡Ah!, ¡Traviesa Moneda que atraviesas la goma! ideas and routines fo coin penetrating balloon / condom
2011 El Manuscrito (Vol. 4 No. 18) 536