Written by Alexander de Cova

Work of Alexander de Cova

21 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by BAT Magic
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Alexander de Cova.
Language: German

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Alexander de Cova Master Silk Routine
Inspired byVariations 1
Alexander de Cova The Psychodelic Winning Game two handlings, peek deck, miscalling or billet switch with index
Al Mann The Temple Switch
Related to 7
Alexander de Cova Peanuts peanut jar, spectator estimates number of peanuts and is correct
Inspired by
  • "Jelly Beans" (Jim Steinmeyer)
Alexander de Cova Secret Deck Switch with table and silk, stand-up
Alexander de Cova Heinz Ketchup?! bottle vanish, with switch of real for latex Nielsen bottle
Alexander de Cova Double Action Pull System
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Alexander de Cova, Dick Zimmerman Perfect Silk Vanish from milk bottle
Inspired byAlso published here 16
Alexander de Cova Mein Lieblings-Zaubertisch construction of magic table