8 entries in Mental Magic / Principles / Misreading
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Bob Somerfeld Threediction triple prediction on blank cards, number, name and city
Related to Mind Reader's Digest 9
Tony Corinda (14) The Prophesy card is selected and predicted in a letter
Variations Predictions 119
Edward G. Brown The Name of a Card is Written name of cards written on paper, force, different methods
The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown 191
Al Mann The Tesseract three predictions are handed out to different spectator, three spectator select a number, city and word, predictions match
Related to The Tesseract 3
Al Mann The Knight's Gambit named chess figure is predicted, red circle in a chess book around figure, with a letter
The Knight's Gambit 1
Al Mann Into the Fourth Dimension three predictions are given to members of the audience and a number is constructed as in the "Transcendental Phone Test"
Phantom Voices 4
Al Mann The Day of the Jackal three predictions are given to members of the audience, person is called an names a piece of furniture, a word and a city
Phantom Voices 5
John Morgan The "Birthday" Book birthday book, shuffled deck one card freely selected
L.I.N.T. - Pocket Stuff for Close-Up Magicians 83