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Philip T. Goldstein The Mockingbird missing card divined, part of the "Birds of Prey" locations
Philip T. Goldstein Astrologame game with zodiac cards and printed rules, signs revealed
Inspired by 3
Philip T. Goldstein Nymble three spectators write their names on billets and change them around, performer knows who has what name
Unknown Magnetic Shim Marking
Philip T. Goldstein Universal Speller card chosen by spelling any word
Philip T. Goldstein, Len Belcher NeoGeo designs formed with puzzle/domino type cards divined, inspired by Len Belcher's "Geomino Trick" (Abra #924)
Philip T. Goldstein, Toni Koynini Throw Rug card revealed via red-black pattern in layout of 7x7 cards on table, inspired by Toni Koynini's "Karpet" (Magic Wand, March 1953)
Philip T. Goldstein Inspectrum thought-of colors divined
Related to 10
Philip T. Goldstein Numper word from list divined, progressive anagram credit information
Related to 12
Philip T. Goldstein Dynamix word or design cards are divined, "self-correcting set-up", new approach
Inspired by 14