Written by Jerry Mentzer
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76 pages (Paperback), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings
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Jerry Mentzer Comments Regarding Self Working Card Tricks
Jerry Mentzer Think Stop Standard key card location, spectator thinks "stop" and magician stops on their selection
Glenn G. Gravatt Mental Vision Divine four cards, standard key card location using pencil dot instead
Unknown Behind the Back Key Key card location, deck held behind back during selection process
Unknown Two Selections Just a standard key card location with pencil dots, to reveal two cards
Al Baker Out On Location Card chosen and lost freely. Magician asks for value of card, then card is successfully located. Multiple key card type of trick.
Randy Tanner Elimination Prediction Deck dealt into four piles, one chosen, some more dealing and choosing until one card remains, predicted
Also published here 12
Unknown Another Lie Detector Key card location, but presented as lie detector. Spectator lies when they see their card, magician knows.
Jerry Mentzer Two Keys Two key cards peeked, deck can be riffle shuffled and one of the key cards can still be used. A bit of fishing possibly needed. Can be used as a force of one of two cards using a bit of equivoque.
Theodore Annemann The Magic Thrust Face up card stabbed in the deck by spectator behind their back, stabbed next to selection
Also published here 23
Lu Brent U Find Your Card Like Magic Thrust, but with some subtleties. Top card is not used, second card is reversed and stabbed in deck by spectator, next to selection.
Related toAlso published here 24
Jerry Mentzer It Takes A Year Card chosen and lost. Magicians deals the deck, reciting the months of the year, the days of the week and the four seasons of the year. Card is found at the end of the deal, plus four Aces.
Dai Vernon The Five Card Mental Force
Also published here 26
Unknown Get Thee Behind Me, Satan Seems identical to U Find Your Card
Related toAlso published here 27
Unknown A Moving Revelation Row of ten cards, magician can tell how many cards have been moved from one end to another
Also published here 28
Moe Seidenstein Move A Card Card location using one way back
Unknown Basic Hummer Baby Hummer, four cards flipped face up and down, end with selection being the only one reversed.
Related toAlso published here 37
Persi Diaconis Beyond Hummer Variation on Basic Hummer
Also published here 39
Tom Craven Hummer - Odd Back Basic Hummer, but selected card is reversed and also odd-backed
Also published here 41
Tom Craven Hummer Clean-up Clean-up for Baby Hummer (1 2 3 4 turnover)
Also published here 44
Doug Canning Canning's Baby Hummer Baby Hummer using six cards
Also published here 45
Jerry Mentzer Spectator Finds Your Card Magician chooses a card, spectator deals to find two cards that divines value and suit of selected card, uses double-deal force
Ted Gillam Pairs Stay Stack. Spectator stops on pairs of cards that match.
Also published here 54
Unknown Master Poker Deal Jonah Card ten card poker deal, three phases.
Nick Trost High Card Poker Deal Spectator shuffles deck, deal, you win. Uses Gilbreath principle.
Also published here 60
Charles T. Jordan Improved Marvelous Prediction Odd/even system for divided deck, spectator riffle shuffles, set-up in front of spectators by openly dealing into some heaps
Also published here 62
Stewart James Miraskill Miraskill
Also published here 63
John Murray Four-Way Coincidence Spectator finds the three mates to a card placed aside by magician as a prediction, impromptu
Also published here 69
Michael Boden Deck Memorization Out of This World with the performer dealing as a memory stunt, g=Gilbreath
Also published here 72
Jerry Mentzer Notes on the Gilbreath Principle Tips on Gilbreath, how to avoid the problem of spectators cutting to matching colors before the shuffle, tips from Gus Southall / Gene Finell
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