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Al Baker Gee!! deck vanish, with handkerchief, unload in pocket
Variations 1935 The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Al Baker's Second Book) 103
Russell T. Wise The Card That Isn't! wrong tabled card shows up again, see also Fechter's "I've Got A Surprise For You!"
1935 The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 6) 23
Russell T. Wise The Card That Isn't wrong tabled card shows up again, see also Fechter's "I've Got A Surprise For You!"
1943 Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks 50
C. Steffenson Sherlock Holmes' Card Trick fingerprint appears on selection
1946 The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 107) 432
Gene Finnell Red and Black Challenge red-black separation after riffle shuffle with location combo, gilbreath
1969 Epilogue (Issue 5) 37
Brother John Hamman Chinese Miracle location of two cards and their four-of-a-kind via spelling, rest of deck sorted into four-of-a-kind groups, impromptu, see also p. 684
Related toAlso published here Summer 1972 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 7 No. 7th Folio) 543
Roy Walton Isolator card selected, cards dealt in two piles by spectator, colors separated except selection, faro
Variations 1973 Epilogue (Issue 19) 175
David Berglas Jokers Wild three selections, three jokers turn into selections one by one, sample card turns out to be third selection
1976 The David Berglas File No. 1 41
Karl Fulves EliminAces spectator finds four Aces
1977 Packet Switches (Part Four) 208
Gene Maze Had To Be see "EliminAces"
1977 Packet Switches (Part Four) 216
J. C. Pages, Jean Faré Delayed Jump Two selections transpose in process of locating them (ending similar to Devilish Miracle)
Related to 1977 Card Tricks, French Style 16
Stephen Minch The Robin Hood Caper three cards are selected and spectator throw Aces in the deck, first spectator is close to his selection, second throws card next to his selection and third pierces his selection
Related to 1982 The Robin Hood Caper 2
Richard Vollmer Earthly Powers selected card and four Aces are found, antifaro "programming"
Related toVariations June 1988 Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 11 No. 6) 1503
Brother John Hamman The Chinese Miracle location of two cards, rest of deck sorted into four-of-a-kind groups, impromptu
Also published here 1989 The Secrets of Brother John Hamman 68
Johnny "J.J." Johnston J. J's Verschwindendes Spiel while finding two selections, pocket ditch
Inspired by 1990 Laid Back in Graz 1990 20
Unknown 赤と黒のミステーク (Red and Black Mistake) Spectator selects and loses black card, performer removes four red cards for them to choose one from, the red card changes into their black card
1993 Larry Jennings's Card Technique 91
Karl Norman Spring Fever performer springs the cards, spectator says stop at the selected card (which is to only face up card in the deck)
1995 40 Years at the Forks 16
Larry Jennings Red/Black Shuffle Revelation red/black kicker
Inspired by
  • a trick of Milt Kort's
1997 Jennings '67 113
Nick Trost Significator Five-Spot Face up Five, five cards down is selection, produce four Aces
1997 The Card Magic of Nick Trost 134
Nick Trost Double Revelation with Cards and Dice Pair of dice to locate card, and prediction of numbers on dice
Inspired by
  • "Dice Will Tell" (Oscar Weigle Jr., The Dragon, December 1940)
  • "Dice Will Tell" (Oscar Weigle Jr., Scarne on Card Tricks, 1950)
1997 The Card Magic of Nick Trost 139
Peter Duffie, Alan Alan We Can Work It Out Two cards selected and lost, thirteen cards of the suit matching the first spectator's card is placed in pocket. Card is extracted from pocket, but revealed to be second spectator's card. Deck then turns blank except first spectator's card.
Inspired by
  • "Paleface Cards" (Horace Bennett, marketed by REPRO Magic, 1970s)
1997 Effortless Card Magic 35
James Swain Diving Rod four of a kind
1999 21st Century Card Magic 43
Andrew Wimhurst Dirty Harry location of mates in pocket which turn out to be selections
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 1999 Low Down Dirty Tricks 13
Andrew Wimhurst Suit Revelation producing full suit
Variations 1999 Low Down Dirty Tricks 18
Jerry Mentzer It Takes A Year Card chosen and lost. Magicians deals the deck, reciting the months of the year, the days of the week and the four seasons of the year. Card is found at the end of the deal, plus four Aces.
1999 Cunning Card Miracles 25
Andrew Wimhurst Dirty Harry location of mates in pocket which turn out to be selections
Also published here 2001 Jiggery Pokery 13
Unknown Revelment
2007 Bruce Cervon's Castle Notebooks — Volume 1 24
Paul Gordon "Power"ful selected card and four Aces are found, antifaro "programming"
Inspired byVariations 2007 Best of Friends — Volume III 102
Harry Lorayne What Are The Odds? (A Tantalizer Treatise) with full deck or half deck, Aces or Royal Flush on dealt packets as kicker, faro
Inspired by 2011 Special Effects 4
Tony Cabral Suit Pocket selection travels to pocket, full suit is also taken from pocket
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Card to Pocket with Kicker" (Jack McMillen ebook, p. 144)
2012 The Brown Shoes Lecture Notes 11
Tony Cabral Call Your Bluff performer finds Ace of Spades among four cards, Ace changes into selection, other three change into mates
Related to 2012 The Brown Shoes Lecture Notes 27
Lewis Jones Point Blank Magician locates a mentally selected card using a blank-both-sides deck of cards.
Related to 2015 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 9 71
Harapan Ong, Takanobu Ishida The Famous Eight-Card Mystery Self-working trick, card is cut to and remembered, packet is shuffled and dealt, ends with finding card and also the four Eights
2017 Wabi-Sabi 22
Larry Jennings Flush-ing the Relatively Unknown Location spectator selects a card with ten-twenty force, performer names its position, cuts to it and finds a Royal Flush along the way
2020 Mr. Jennings Takes It Easy 455