Written by Thomas Fraps, Helge Thun, Jörg Willich

Work of Various

28 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joachim Mezger.
Language: English

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Unknown Seven-Close-Up - Das Seminar der Fertigen Finger
Pit Hartling Der Dreh card turns over while deck is in case, repeated with another card
Variations 4
Unknown Leaving Card Behind
Rainer Pfeiffer Der Oedipus Komplex screw-nut and rope routine
Dan Garrett Ring & String Move
Jörg Willich Dumm Gelaufen bandage travels from finger to finger and vanishes
Jörg Alexander Weber Brandzeichen II card chosen and returned to deck, first letter of spectator's name written on paper and burned, letter burned into selection and letter appears on arm when ashes rubbed on arm
Inspired by 13
Manuel Muerte Zeit ist Geld four coins counted into spectator's hand, one is magically removed, instead of traveling back it travels under spectator's watch
Inspired by
  • "Watch the coin" (Mark Sicher, Try it...you'll like it, 1990)
Related to
Helge Thun TesaBill bill signed and corner torn off, it becomes blank paper, bill now in tape dispenser, signature pulled off (letraline)
Thomas Fraps Das Börsenloch coin appears on purse, then penetrates purse twice, travels back into purse