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Title Subtitle Year
Cartas Certificadas 1989
Transit Cups and Balls or the Trick with the fru... Don't Say It! 1989

Title Subtitle Year
Thirty Card Mysteries 1919/1920
Ten New Miscellaneous Tricks The Ten New Tricks Series — Number Three 1920
Ten New Sleight of Hand Card Tricks The Ten New Tricks Series — Number Two 1920

Title Subtitle Year
Bennett's Best 1975
On Your Feet A Book of Magic 1978
Bennett's Fourth Book 1981

Watch This One!
A Collection of Choice Magical Effects with Small Objects

Ein Magisches Journal

Don England's T.K.O.'s
Technical Knock Outs

The Jerx
Volume One

Dynamic Mysteries
Practical High-Impact Effects

Title Subtitle Year
Ideas 1982
Side Effects 1984
Mind Melds A Precognitive Hexameron 1984
Eyeless in Gaza The Blindman's Bluff — A Complete Mental Act without Sight 1984
Magic By Gosh The Life and Times of Albert Goshman 1985
Seabrooke's Book Around the World With a Baking Tin 1986
Lecture Notes Collection [untitled] 1987