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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Thomas Hierling Sprechen Sie Blindenschrift? two pieces of paper, holes punched in both one hole travels from one paper to other paper held by spectator, Bud Dietrich credited with plot
Related toVariations 1987 New Wave Close-Up 46
Michael Weber The Cap in the Bottle cap penetrates bottle
Variations 1991 Life Savers 106
Ravi Pazhur Axel Hecklau
1991 Hardcore 10
Axel Hecklau Spin the card! card spins between fingers, pin on thumbtip
1991 Hardcore 11
Roberto Giobbi The Lucky Coin spectator locates a chosen card with a coin, selection is predicted on back of coin
Related toVariations 1995 Card College — Volume 1 241
Axel Hecklau Einleitung
2004 "Effektiv" 5
Axel Hecklau Theoretische Betrachtungen thoughts on magic
2004 "Effektiv" 5
Axel Hecklau Checkliste questions to ask when creating magic
2004 "Effektiv" 16
Axel Hecklau Haben Sie mal 'ne Karte? printing of a business card
2004 "Effektiv" 18
Axel Hecklau Die Macht des Feuers matchbox on hand slowly moves until it stands on edge
2004 "Effektiv" 20
Axel Hecklau Ausgelöffelt spoon changes to fork, in mouth
Also published here 2004 "Effektiv" 22
Axel Hecklau "Effektiv" lochen hole travels from one piece of paper to another, black art
Inspired by 2004 "Effektiv" 25
Axel Hecklau Schneller Geld machen 100-dollar bill switch handling
2004 "Effektiv" 30
Axel Hecklau War die Mafia schneller? cut and restored bill, with cutter knife
2004 "Effektiv" 34
Axel Hecklau Der 5-Euro Flip bill transformation, to other bill
2004 "Effektiv" 39
Axel Hecklau Wild Sign cards are signed by performer, faces of cards vanish and only signatures remain
2004 "Effektiv" 42
Axel Hecklau Das A-H-Selzerschneiden different methods
2004 "Effektiv" 47
Axel Hecklau Auf das Wesentliche reduziert - (K)ein Selzerschneiden
Inspired by
  • Rudolf Braunmüller & Terry Seabrooke's "Achten Sie auf Ihre Füsse"
2004 "Effektiv" 52
Axel Hecklau Einleitung
2008 "Details" 4
Axel Hecklau Cola-Cap unbend cap in bottle
Inspired by 2008 "Details" 6
Axel Hecklau One Coin coin vanish and reproduction
2008 "Details" 14
Axel Hecklau Setzen Sie sich bitte! four different spectators select a card, four Aces
2008 "Details" 17
Axel Hecklau Das Prisma (eine Schalfärbung) with silk scarf and special gimmick
2008 "Details" 20
Axel Hecklau Der Center Tear divination of a famous person, structure and handling of center tear
2008 "Details" 24
Axel Hecklau Out of this world - Xtrem
2008 "Details" 37
Axel Hecklau Ein Becher Just a Cup precursor
2008 "Details" 40
Axel Hecklau Spoonaround
2011 Spoonaround 3
Axel Hecklau The three different routines overview
2011 Spoonaround 4
Axel Hecklau The mouth transformation spoon changes to fork, in mouth
Also published here 2011 Spoonaround 5
Axel Hecklau The pure transformation spoon transforms inside an envelope
2011 Spoonaround 9
Lorenz Schär, Axel Hecklau Through and Through with "Revelation" spoon inside an envelope is pierced with a knife and then transforms into fork
2011 Spoonaround 11
Axel Hecklau Ausgelöffelt
2011 Spoonaround 15
Axel Hecklau Die drei Routinen overview
2011 Spoonaround 16
Axel Hecklau Die Verwandlung im Mund spoon changes to fork, in mouth
2011 Spoonaround 17
Axel Hecklau Die pure Verwandlung spoon transforms inside an envelope
2011 Spoonaround 21
Lorenz Schär, Axel Hecklau Die Durchdringung mit Erklärung spoon inside an envelope is pierced with a knife and then transforms into fork
2011 Spoonaround 23
Axel Hecklau Herzlich willkommen
2013 Evolution 5
Axel Hecklau Die Schicksalsentscheidung cards are eliminated and on remains, prediction on paper transforms into selection
2013 Evolution 6
Axel Hecklau Der Dog-Ear-Switch tearing sheet off a note pad, switching page
2013 Evolution 10
Axel Hecklau Der verdeckte "Dog-Ear-Switch" tearing sheet off a note pad, switching page , first folded in half
2013 Evolution 14
Axel Hecklau Die Universalweste design for secret waistcoat, to store props
2013 Evolution 18
Axel Hecklau Der Spezialhalter magnet holder for playing cards etc., in conjunction with Die Universalweste
2013 Evolution 20
Axel Hecklau Karte unter Schachtel
Inspired by 2013 Evolution 22
Axel Hecklau Die Papierrose folding a rose from paper napkin / tissue paper
2013 Evolution 24
Axel Hecklau Seil durch Handgelenk rope penetrates wrist
2013 Evolution 28
Axel Hecklau Auftrittsorganisation per PDF organization of business (shows, contacts etc), using PDF
2013 Evolution 30