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Al Bertini The Repeat Thread Gimmick "The work with thread"
characteristics of the gimmick, which consists of an invisible thread dispenser in a pen
1. The Material
2. Fixation points and sensors
3. Knots
4. The Dress
5. The lighting
1987 Repeat Thread Gimmick 5
Al Bertini Using the Gimmick
  • Pulling out the thread for use
  • Using the repeat quality
1987 Repeat Thread Gimmick 10
Al Bertini The floating finger ring borrowed ring clings to pen, moves up and down, then floats into spectator's hand
1987 Repeat Thread Gimmick 12
Al Bertini Der Geist apparently a ghost is trapped inside a folded handkerchief
2004 Original Al Bertini 3
Al Bertini Ringdurchbruch coin travels to pocket, changes to key and finger ring penetrates key, key/coin gaff
2004 Original Al Bertini 5
Al Bertini Geldmetamorphose glued
2004 Original Al Bertini 7
Al Bertini Drei Münzen copper silver transposition, then third coin travels into spectators hand, watch is stolen during routine
2004 Original Al Bertini 8
Al Bertini Das Spiegelbild card from cut packet is remembered and divined, number of cards appear on mirror
2004 Original Al Bertini 9
Al Bertini Erdnüsse finger ring travels into sealed can of peanuts
2004 Original Al Bertini 11
Al Bertini Die Geburtsstunde prediction of hour, dial drawn on paper, freely named number
2004 Original Al Bertini 13
Al Bertini In Memoria three predictions written on paper with red pen, all are wrong and when opened again they are corrected with black ink by spirit
2004 Original Al Bertini 15